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  1. You must be living under a rock. Nothing is more iconically relevant than having a shoe line empire.
  2. You all know that this probably in lieu of a 1 lump settlement. This seems fair given their net worth - he will end up getting about 26 million from the divorce in total. Britney had to pay K-fed a lump sum PLUS a high monthly child support. AND they held less of a networth at the time.
  3. I find it suspect that she would be able to have access to her Instagram given that she is under a conservatorship. It would be a brilliantly vile move by her team BUT they could easily access all of her personal photos and videos and make her look unstable. She’s is 1 topless photo away from getting banned on Instagram which will be amo for team con. these posts that we are cheering on could very easily be her team manipulating the public. Something is not adding up….. stay on alert fandom!
  4. Can someone create a topic and bullet point items of what to put in the complaint - for them to take it seriously? This would be very helpful. thank you!
  5. Does anyone else remember the interview they did together during x-factor? The host asked Simon what his favorite part of Britney Spears was and he replies "her breasts". I remember thinking at the time of how disrespectful that was - but he has never been called out for it...
  6. My gawd - this could have been a hit - alongside: toxic, work *****, gimme more, etc. Just some work on the production. The fact that you can hear her throughout the song
  7. If there were ever a case against circumcision - Matthew Camp would be the prime example. I feel so bad for the guy. This is terrible too, but it's material and insurance will pay for it. I am glad he made it out alive. Hopefully justice is served. The HRC should reach out and help put pressure on the local jurisdiction.
  8. NEWSFLASH - Twitter is not "Everybody". No one in the real world is "upset". Yes, Shawn should have been corrected - but it is not the end of the world. They/Them is hard to use - would twitter prefer he use the word "it".
  9. Just saying... Wentworth Miller denied his ***uality for years in multiple interviews for his career. It drove him into depression. Something is off with Shawn. He turns too sour with this subject and it seems like it's really pricking something. (no pun intended).
  10. I like the song - not so much the video. Not sure why they feel like they have to strip to get people to watch a video. They should take notes from Blackpink.
  11. We need to have this renamed. "SARS" is also short for COVID-19. People are going to be confused and not understand what she is talking about.
  12. I don't understand that argument. Why would she not shout that in public... The papz would love the drama and the news would pickup on it. I think it is her posting them...
  13. Do you think she is purposefully posting these “artistic” videos in a bid to devalue her brand? Thus, deflating the leaches money supply? I bet they told her for years to do x, y, & z and you’ll get your freedom. Now it seems like she has a F- it mentality. If she is working with an attorney and she wants her freedom - there is NO way someone would advise her to have such a messy feed. The optics aren’t great.
  14. Anyone else find it odd that no one else came forward about ****** assault allegations? There is a difference between someone just being an ***hole vs predator.
  15. And the biggest "***" sells flop has to go to Willa Ford...
  16. This is being blown up. The headlines are very misleading. This is common to have when someone is unmarried. In the event, Britney were to pass. Jamie would be in charge of making sure Britney's wishes in her trust are fulfilled. That is all.
  17. OMG - Her voice sounds so normal in the background! Not her usual Instagram voice she has been doing.
  18. what is her new skin care routine??? Whatever it is, it's magic! For the amount she tans/smokes - she is so lucky!
  19. Sounds/looks like something off of the Disney Channel or song to an animated movie. It's a shame she hasn't found her style yet...
  20. And I am sure if she were a man, he would describe her as "powerful, leader, knows what he wants" etc.
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