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  1. I don’t think I understand what you’re trying to tell me because I’m super dumb! God bless! ❤️
  2. Oof. Prepare to be attacked. No one is allowed to question Sam on BH anymore. 🙏
  3. Honey, I’m not oblivious to that thought. I just found your flippant response weird. It’s absolutely gross to think of Team Con lurking and infiltrating one of Britney’s biggest fan sites where many, many discussions are had. But it would be a great place for them to take notes. Do some market research ;) Get some narratives out there. I wasn’t born yesterday though… and know that’s a HUGE possibility ❤️
  4. Girl what? Why wouldn’t it matter if Team Con is lurking and infiltrating this forum? Am I in the twilight zone right now?
  5. Trust your gut instincts you guys and don’t allow yourself to be gaslit by others re: Britney and her situation. We’ve seen plenty of pictures of Britney laughing, smiling and posing with Robin over the years. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t being monitored and controlled by her. We know that they infiltrated the movement and probably still are. She’s been surrounded by controlling leeches for 13+ years. Every move and action monitored. iCloud hacked. Phone hacked. Isolated. Abused. They have pulled every dirty trick in the book. Stay vigilant about those around her. Not trusting anyone in her inner circle until she’s free of this nightmare cship and it has nothing to do with her intelligence. Britney is strong, smart and so inspiring. But she’s also been stuck in an abusive, oppressive, prison like cship for 13+ years!!!
  6. Orchestrated!!! So the mental facility exit photo op was set up (duh) So what does that mean re: Sam 🤔 he said all the bfs had contracts…. were heavily vetted. Hmmmmm. Also let’s not forget that it wasn’t only Maxi coming for and trying to discredit these documentaries.
  7. Wow at all that monitoring on her phone. The surveillance. iCloud hacking. Not sure why the IG topic is considered such a conspiracy then…
  8. “but Britney would hate these documentaries!!!” so glad the key players are finally getting called out. I’m so sorry Britney has had to go through this. Those monsters.
  9. Hope you kept that same energy when this forum allowed numerous negative topics about Britney’s clothes, hair, make up, plastic surgery, weight among other things. The threads where she was criticized and ridiculed endlessly about her performances. Appearance. The list goes on. Let’s hope Britney never saw any of those threads or what those fans had said about her. If she did, I think she’d be more pissed about that, than people being concerned about her partners motives.
  10. A lot of these filmmakers would never be able to get a hold of Britney even if they tried, endlessly. Huge red flag. Hence the need for exposing the cship in the first place.
  11. Exactly. We are supposed to believe captions, stories from “insiders” and proven liars re: Britney’s “feelings” on these docs. Meanwhile she has spoken time and time again about not wanting this to be kept secret, wanting her abusers to pay, wrote and leaked letters hoping the press would pick it up. Something tells me Britney would welcome these docs that shed light on the cship and abuse, but I could totally be wrong on that.
  12. This documentary really seemed to hit a nerve with Sam/Maxi/Bobby. I wonder why??
  13. Not sure why the same energy wasn’t given towards all the countless blue check marks and influencers (but I can take a guess….) who have made super rude and incentive comments about Britney throughout this whole thing. Maxis comments and actions were totally over the top, disgusting and unnecessary. Let’s hope Sam asks his BFF to apologize to Octavia.
  14. Was it ever really about just the pictures themselves though? Maybe for some but it’s them being posted over and over again, and then coupled with articles about “how concerned her fans are” and the timing of it all: right as a smear campaign is happening against Britney. Lots of articles using those pictures of Britney in the housekeeper/dog incident too. Double whammy! The court has taken away her constitutional rights for 13+ years for NO reason, so I wouldn’t put it past the court to use anything they can to keep this sham going. So Team Con DOES try to use her Ig against her in court? Not surprised.
  15. Hell yeah. Obvious PR smear campaign against Britney. Hope the media keeps the same energy with reporting this development.
  16. He’s a celebrity attorney who has attended rallies and is quite passionate about the movement. He also breaks down legal docs, etc on Twitter/YouTube. This is good because he’s fighting to have the audio program reinstated, arguing that shutting it down infringes on the public’s constitutional rights, among other things. Basically this is a good step for gaining more transparency in the case so they can’t shut the public out like they have in the past.
  17. If Christopher is still here, thank you!!!!!! Hopefully it’s approved so things stay more transparent. They’ve been getting away with so much by sealing, redacting and closing everything in the past.
  18. I can’t imagine having all these creeps constantly invading your personal space. As someone who suffers from anxiety, it would intensify mine to always have handlers watching and controlling everything you do.
  19. Hollywood is disgusting. I’m sure there is so much we don’t even know yet, about Britney and Keshas cases. So many predatory men abusing their power and putting money first.
  20. This. You’re always speaking the truth. These stories are so obviously set up by Team Con. We know by now TMZ + Team Con are on the same team and we ain’t falling for it.
  21. Well I’ll be damned! What a rare coincidence that Britney’s account is promoting more crowdsurf clients …
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