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  1. i agree with this so much. i commented the other day, how she is trauma bonded with him. they've never had a "Normal" relationship and there will be some issues creeping up behind them for sure...its not my life, but if i was in her place i'd fully heal and find to myself first instead of jumping in a marriage or strong commitment...hes clever with the timing though...almost like she couldnt have said no because she would be alone in her final months to freedom..
  2. ngl in the pic above she looks a bit mentally deranged...and who wears red trousers?
  3. THIS. we need to manifest this. lets hope for the best! everyone involved should pay and rest in hell for what they've done to her
  4. everyone who knows a bit of psychology knows shes trauma bonded to him...who knows how life will feel like without the c-ship. obviously amazing but it might change their relationship dynamic... im just protective and mean no harm, i want her to be happy and live her life authentically...<3
  5. maybe she watches her old performances on youtube, she is turing 40 after all, so maybe on top of all the freedom and life transition challenges, she's just genreally reflecting on life and her youth...<3 shes such a doll in this pic
  6. where can i buy that dress for myself? really like it. but you gotta wear it minus the tights
  7. but isnt sony the umbrella label for rca? i work for universal btw!
  8. how can she look like that at 19? i looked horrible at 19. but ok i didnt have the financial funds that she had and could afford a top glam team :D but she always looked older than her actual age, didnt she?
  9. absolutely devastating. im sorry for your loss. im sending you so much love <3
  10. i have a poster from her frankfurt show 2.11.2000 in my living room. got it from ebay :D
  11. read an article with producer Rami Yacoub just yesterday: https://www.musicradar.com/news/pop-super-producer-rami-yacoub-max-martin-said-this-is-the-magic-it-was-pretty-amazing One last thing. You produced It’s Gonna Be Me for NSync. Can you settle this one for us? Why does Justin Timberlake sing ‘Me’ as ‘May’? “When we do vocals we want to over-pronounce everything because we want everything to be super clear, right? So it wasn’t just the word ‘me’. If you listen to the song, in the chorus [sings] ‘I don’t wanna loooose it again’… We had him over pronounce ‘lose’… If you listen carefully… Like ‘my looonliness is killing me’… It’s all very over pronounced. So the ‘me’ thing became really hooky, and became really different… and annoying. But Clive Calder walks in, who was the head of Zomba [records] and very involved with all the projects, and he was like ‘I want more may!’ Justin was ‘you want more?’ It’s good to have some memes! Like ‘May’ and ‘Oops’. It’s kinda fun.”
  12. youve got a great taste ;) was just lsistening to Stupid Girl today! how i miss alternative 90s
  13. omg dont say that. thats horrible. i really hope Rosengart stepped up her security and is wary!
  14. 25 years who could that be? maybe Justin or Big Rob, lol im reaching....
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