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  1. Yes!!! One of the best albums of 2020! Better than Chromatica or Future Nostalgia imho.
  2. Color me skeptical The caption seems to conflict with her lawyer’s statement that she is aware of and appreciates the advocacy. I’m waiting until we hear her speak to the court. Brit - if it is you, put it in a video. We want what you want, we just need to know it’s you.
  3. Definitely not the be all end all, but I do like to see what the critics think. It’s less about the rating/scores though and more about what they write. Sometimes a critic who writes well has convinced me to take a second look at something I’ve written off. I’ve also discovered so many new great artists/albums through https://acclaimedmusic.net who compiles critics’ lists from around the world to create the “most recommended songs and albums of all time.” That said, the system is definitely flawed. There are always albums and artists that are under-appreciated in their time, and I fully believe Britney is a prime example whose legacy will only grow with time. The system (like the industry itself) is also very s**ist, as you can see by the inclusion of so few women in the all time top lists. Women also tend to pigeon-holed, and critics only seem to respond to “deeply personal” and emotional pieces by women, not giving them the space to do something just weird and innovative like Sgt. Pepper. I do think that is starting to change, which is why we’ve seen Blackout start to get its due. All in all... it’s complicated
  4. Are there any clips of her in Ruthless?! I feel like I've seen some used as B-roll in old TV specials, but I've never seen anything crop up online. I'd love to see (off) Broadway Britney! Too bad off-Broadway shows are excluded from the Tonys, otherwise I'm sure Brit would have swept them all!
  5. West Side Story The Wizard of Oz The Sound of Music Chicago The Lion King The Little Mermaid Singin’ in the Rain
  6. This is so hopeful. Am I being naive, or might this be an impetus for Sam to speed things up, knowing that his days might be numbered as her lawyer?
  7. I mean, if that’s what she and the fans want, then she should obviously go for it! But I think there’s a tendency for some revisionist history when an artist’s fandom does these campaigns. On one hand, there are definitely songs/albums that are overlooked or deserve reevaluation. I still find ARTPOP messy and overwhelming. Not everything that doesn’t click is “ahead of its time” (sorry Bionic!). I think this one is just for the die-hards. But more power to Gaga! If she gives us a 2.0, I hope she proves me wrong!
  8. Can we all just agree that we can have these conversations without using terms like “bimbo?” No woman deserves that.
  9. As an American, the US music market is an admittedly tricky one to break into, even for American artists. It’s a very diverse landscape with some homegrown genres that are huge here but don’t have the same global impact (e.g. country). Girl groups have definitely had their moments in the US (and were arguably invented here) with the heyday being the trailblazing Supremes, Ronettes, Shirelles, and Shangri-Las. There was a resurgence in the 90s (TLC, En Vogue, Destiny’s Child) and there have also been a lot of all female bands since the 70s (the Go-Go’s, the Bangles, HAIM). I think it’s mostly the genre rather than the fact that they’re girl groups. My boyfriend is a big fan of Little Mix and Sugababes, but there is something distinctly British about both groups that I can’t put my finger on, but I’m not surprised they haven’t made it big here. It’s the same reason I don’t think Kylie Minogue (save a couple songs that were huge here), Robbie Williams, Westlife, or George Michael (after Wham, Faith, and Freedom, all of which were huge here) never really resonated. They certainly have followings for sure, but don’t make the same chart or radio impact. It is worth noting that a lot of overseas acts that have broken big here have marketed some material specifically for the US market. Duran Duran broke through after remixing and re-releasing their Rio album, Ace of Base reworked their “Happy Nation” album into “The Sign” (which subsequently also took off internationally), and even the Beatles had an entirely different discography here. Hell, even Britney has marketed her music differently for US and international markets (Born to Make You Happy vs. FTBOMBH and Overprotected/remix). My guess is we’ll intermittently have some groups break through with some powerhouse singles that find homes in the US radio (e.g. the Spice Girls), but until Europop becomes more mainstream here, it’s going to be tough. And it’s got a lot of other super popular genres to compete with! All that said, I will always stan this masterpiece from the OG Sugababes lineup. But I don’t think this was that big anywhere
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