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  1. National vaccine information center is widely known to be a fear-mongering anti-vaccine misinformation enterprise. I don’t know where the data in the screenshot comes from, but their website has no credibility because they either manufacture or cherry-pick data to feed their own anti-immunization mission.
  2. Justice for Cinderella! Not a bad list. Some unexpected deep cuts, which I appreciated! Could still use some re-sorting, but I love that critics are taking the time to showcase her discography these days
  3. I get that people think these should be higher (and I agree!) but this is a big deal! Critics have ignored and dismissed her for her whole career, and she’s FINALLY getting some recognition! Also, they update these lists regularly and it’s unusual that a song reaches its peak during its first entry. My guess is these both rise with time. Also, let’s not lose perspective. Even at their current positions, the fact that she has TWO songs in the top half of the 500 greatest songs of ALL TIME! That’s a big deal no matter how you slice it!
  4. I still wonder if she was snubbed solely because she didn’t show up that year and MTV was mad. I also hope there exists an alternate reality where she did show and performed Toxic with a Touch of My Hand intro. Live vocals on the intro, some sort of epic entrance (perhaps descending from above) - then when she finishes the first chorus, the music fades along with the lights, the violins kick in, the dancers storm the stage, and the rest is straight fire. Yes, I’ve thought way too much about this
  5. Ummm how about footage or even photos of her performances in Ruthless off-Broadway?! I found someone on Instagram who saw her fill in as the understudy and said they were disappointed Laura Bell Bundy wasn’t going on that night and they had to settle for “no name” Britney Spears I asked how she was, and he said “PHENOMENAL” But no photos or clips are known to exist
  6. I wonder if this is Mathew working behind the scenes. It seems like it came out of nowhere, but I’m wondering if Mathew wasn’t leaning hard on Jamie (e.g. maybe we’ll be more lenient on your financial crimes if you do the right thing now). Still waiting for the court docs before celebrating…
  7. I definitely don't disagree that the subject matter on BOMT is younger, but I don't think that means it's worse (at least imho). She was also 15 when she recorded the first tracks for the album, so it's built for her peers at the time and tough to compare to Christina's debut that came out when she was 18. From a pop song perspective, I guess I just feel like more of the BOMT songs have held up better than CA. Sonically, songs like "Love for All Season" feel much more dated/of-the-time to me. I also think they were right to excise some of Britney's early tracks for the official release (in the US at least - songs like Deep in My Heart a fun but soooo dated 90s house songs). Even though they feel younger in terms of content, I still think it's a solid pop effort. Both albums are, in fact. But from a historic standpoint, it's also hard to ignore that BOMT the single dropped in Oct. '98 and the album in Jan. '99, and both changed the trajectory of pop, influencing every pop release that came after. I think Christina's debut would have had a very different feel if Britney did not come out first (probably more like the sound and the look of My Reflection), which gives BOMT a leg up imho in terms of historical stature imho. But it's kinda cool to see how people's opinions differ. I actually think I listen to BOMT more than OIDIA because I think it's more consistent from start to finish (Oops is flawless in the first half, then the second half feels more like filler to me). But hey, they're all iconic. I just wish we could go back to 1999 and get the Britney/Xtina collabo we all deserved a la The Boy is Mine.
  8. I mean, to each their own. I did love the singles from Xtina’s debut, but let’s not forget that “What a Girl Want” and “Come on Over” were remixed for their radio releases and were very different (and much better) than the versions that were originally on the album. Now they pretend like those original mixes never existed so the version of the album that is currently available kinda rewrites history to make it more favorable. It would be like Britney replacing Crazy with the stop remix on the tracklist and erasing the original. I personally prefer BOMT. No single on Christina’s album comes close to the title track, and I’ll always love BTMYH, Sometimes, I Will Be There, and yes, even the original Crazy. But Christina did deliver some bops!
  9. Even if this were an accurate representation of her struggles, it's beyond problematic to imply that people living with addiction or mental health issues cannot live without a conservatorship. And beyond that, the more he claims Britney was/is in dire straits, the more irresponsible it was of him to force her to work in 2008 and beyond. Of the many incredibly frustrating aspects of this saga, perhaps the worst is how open and shut it appears: either Britney was in dire need of help and her father should be removed for forcing her to tour/record/make very public appearances, or she does not need the conservatorship and the whole thing should be dissolved.
  10. She looks absolutely stunning and the cinematography is top notch. But I don’t think it’s in my Britney top 10. I’ve never been a big fan of the choreography… the moves feel very disjointed. I would love to see what her early choreographers would have done with this song, like Kevin Tancharoen or Darrin Henson.
  11. Mostly this thread reminds me just how perfect Britney’s debut was. The song, the video, the look, the iconic three note intro… She ushered in a new era in pop music with one song. Crazy was the next best song on the album, but even that needed to be updated to better fit the mold she created. There’s a reason the Rolling Stone called it the greatest debut single of all time. Because it is.
  12. After Lady Marmalade, don’t we all owe it to her to be at least a little bit fighters? She wore that wig for us and it must have been so heavy
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