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  1. I’m definitely a fan of her personally and i love some of her music, but I feel like a lot of her music isn’t good. She does have some great songs though. I feel like everything since 7 rings isn’t so good.
  2. My biggest issue with any opposition toward LGBT stuff is it’s either 1. Communicated disrespectfully 2. Oppression 3. Rooted in ignorance i hope we get to a point where opposers will at least look into the LGBT side before casting such judgment. that being said, I can understand concern about children transitioning young. I just wish those idiots brought the same energy to conversion therapy camps.
  3. I feel like people in other marginalized communities who speak out against marginalized communities should take a step back and think about if what they say would be offensive to their community. somehow it’s only ok to completely rag on the lgbt community still but anytime someone misspeaks about race or religion its over. Imagine if someone said to her “white rights movement”? this is as insane as that. Maybe even more considering lgbt people are just being allowed to simply live their lives.
  4. Love her so much!! I do hope that is not the album cover though.
  5. I would care more about these concerns if people brought the same energy to conversion therapy camps. How about we end conversion therapy camps since they’re denounced by psychologists and make a deal to allow transition after 18?
  6. She has no iconic performances. None of the posted are iconic. Not saying they’re bad but she doesn’t have a Madonna kiss type iconic performance and that’s fact. I think bc she’s not a great live performer compared to her peers and she’s not particularly “out there” or controversial. she has edge but never pushed the envelope. Imo
  7. Ok Candace Owens. Most men are masculine, that doesn’t mean more feminine men can’t exist and contribute to society as well. And be visible. Also men who are more modern (with human decency), don’t necessarily have to be “weak”. Most would be able to be strong as well. also at this point technology and intelligence is more valuable in war then the traditional “strong man” you are speaking of
  8. 49% of millennials do not believe in your god. 40% of millennials are unaffiliated. This is an ongoing pattern so Gen Z is likely going to have a higher percentage of unaffiliated people. time for religion to evolve just as it has in the past since it’s losing followers. We’ve outsmarted it at this point. At least for religious text to be taken literally. I hope one day people understand that.
  9. I believe actors should be able to play characters that aren’t them. Although I do think it’s good to cast characters from minority groups. I still think it doesn’t have to be 100% necessary. I think this is stupid although I do think it’s a positive to cast people from minority groups. i feel like people always go to the extreme.
  10. I think it’s cool now to be more subdued. But yes I agree
  11. I’m a gay man - if my husband strongly wanted me to, I would.
  12. She was the most controversial, criticized public figure in my memory. Almost like if Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift during reputation’s media coverage was combined. also she was criticized heavily for things that no one would blink an eye at now
  13. It’s important that we grow and learn to respect each other. Specifically marginalized groups. So I don’t think cancel culture stems from a bad place. However, people should be able to educate themselves and come back to the conversation with knowing a new perspective. for lgbt people, I think it’s been a good thing because it has (thankfully) quieted the hatred a little. Even then we have a far way to go. I just remember the overwhelming amount of hatred gay people got when I was a little gay boy. i do think canceling Lana del rey for comparing herself to artists to prove a point, when 4/5 are black, is when we start taking it way too far. it’s mostly about intent and it’s situational
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