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  1. Her and John Legend reminds me of those desperate couple always trying to be funny and cool. Never been fan of them both. And hate that song " All of you".
  2. Whaddya mean? It's a true bop, way ahead of its time. From the choreography to her vocals to the MV, it is what made Britney Spears that we all know and love today; a true pop legend. She has always taken risk with her lead singles. Sometimes it works. And sometimes it doesn't ( Make Me says hi). But without taking risk, you are just a boring singer. Nothing to offer. And that's why Britney is a legend.
  3. I absolutely love this song. So soothing staring at those background of repetitive waves and starry sky.
  4. This been living in my head rent free for a while now. Not that I am a big fan of it but can't get rid of it when ever I think of Eurovision
  5. I am on a fence about this. I love Rita Ora's few songs. Lonely Together is such a good song amongst others. Dua is riding the chart right now. Levitating is my favourite song these days, the remix one. Besides We Good and Fever. I really don't follow Bebe or Ava so not sure. But yes, Rita has few bops and Dua is a current pop IT girl.
  6. I don't know how to post the clip here but her VMAS 2007 is my current mood. Can't be arsed with life vibes. Like can't be bothered with anything.
  7. It is probably due to that recent Tik Tok challenge. But regardless, Gimme More is a classic.
  8. It is still on my playlist. That song was and is super fun.
  9. Am here for it. About You Now and Push The Button are still my jam!
  10. Has to be Toxic and Work ***** Overplayed. BOMT is a classic though. At work, I have introduced a new routine of playing BOMT whilst mopping the kitchen. So now that's our mopping song. Every. Single. Night. And the kids ( FOH staff who are 16-20 age range LOVES IT). But my Sous chef rolls her eyes ( she is in her 50s).
  11. What kind of app are you using? DELETE IT This sounds ridiculous. Don't go. They will probably chain you up in a dungeon. And have their way with you whenever they like. Yes. All 3 of them. Probably he will invite their friends around every weekend to do the same to you. Not telling from my experience though.
  12. Personally, I don't think her IG matters anymore. It is just very confusing. And if us, the devoted fans, feel this way, imagine how the GP feels? And that's the exact narrative the team CON are going for. There are many people on this topic saying they believe its her writing this. How could you? I mean with all the documentaries and media focus coming up on the whole situation, don't you think they can swerve the narrative the way they please for their own benefits? Because now this is being said on her Insta, the upcoming documentaries will think twice before airing it. In the end of the day, this Insta profile is her brand so if she is saying she is not happy with it, all the upcoming documentaries by various networks will be quite reluctant to be aired. And who loses and gains from it? Think hard.
  13. I just choked on my wine. Is this really her? Or team CON trying to discredit the recent BBC documentary? If one source is caught telling porkies, the whole documentary loses its credibility.
  14. Suspended to examine "economic impact". Nuff said. I am not from America so don't understand American laws but that phrase screamed out at me.
  15. I am halfway through. Not a big fan of the presenter. He is trying to be neutral, I guess, trying not to take any sides. But I have a feeling this documentary paints the fans as crazy lunatics.
  16. Just watched it. You were right. It is such a playful video too
  17. I was a teenager when Toxic came out and my teenager arse thought the laser scene had body double because they most certainly wouldn't allow Britney to do that with an ACTUAL lasers, would they! Yeah, nerdy naive myself back then thought the lasers were real
  18. Rain scene is the rainest of all rains! Rain On Me, I am looking at you
  19. I haven't. Never knew that. Will do it now and will report back!
  20. I never thought of Baby being a difficult choreography. Must pay attention. Also, just watched Toxic mv after you mentioned it and I don't think it has the best choreography. Serves visuals and aesthetics, yes.
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