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  1. Lmao she’s right it’s good for dry lips 👄 but so funny.. try tatcha Britney.. it changed my skin for the better.. what pores?!?
  2. She posts them because she has been forced to dance to other people’s choreographed routines for years and those movements make her feel endorphins and FEEL GOOD. That’s all.. anybody who judges so harshly is a simpleton who doesn’t understand the power of letting go and being.. if people don’t like it they could always unfollow and move on with life. Like Britney is doing
  3. I love Tinashe but she took away from the brilliance of the solo Britney track, I loved Britney's vocals during glory..
  4. I enjoyed her happy medium during feme fatale.. pre recorded, some playback and sometimes singing over the track.. but I’m sure that wasn’t her choice. She did amazing during her “illegal” live POM performances.. I would rather hear that vocal any-day. not sure why they used cd vocals from 1999 for the Pom show.. but the show I attended in CT .. Britney sang live.. (her mic was dimmed during most songs) the crowd was insane and I think it gave her confidence… but I could hear so many riffs and awesome live vocals I was impressed!
  5. yes Britney's lawyer would advise and direct her to take steps to be a safe individual. did britney enter the witness protection program? lol no.. I believe britney wants to have a career again someday soon.. she will still be herself just very safe, she'll be able to control her own life.
  6. I love Nicki but back when the remix was released all my friends thought Nicki was talking about Britney in the actual remix.. I tried to explain to them she was describing lil Kim.. they just weren’t having it
  7. I had the craziest afternoon nap dream.. In the dream “someday (you will understand)” was playing and Britney was rolling in a satin black sheet… and in my dream somebody had said out loud “why is her Instagram like this?” And I woke up, checked my phone and saw on Twitter that she deleted social media. such a strange day
  8. aww poor Bryan getting asked by a solo pap about his sis.. he just HAD to go buy a fast food burger that day..
  9. She rants and raves about everything else and “adores Britney so much” so I’m curious why she hasn’t made a video congratulating her… Lol bc she is pressed sitting at home mad about it
  10. Congratulations Britney, you deserve whatever the he’ll you want 🥳🤩
  11. I love it but you should have put a crowd of fans breaking the chains instead of Asam 🤣
  12. Don’t know what any of this means but does it protect Britney Spears or another human from being “put” in a “conservatorship” like an animal in a circus camp? Against their will, without being able to defend for themselves (pick their own lawyer, choose their representation?)
  13. Yes B. There is hope and love around you. God is real. You can do what you want artistically soon. If Britney wanted to go away forever after this and not be an artist anymore(and didn’t like public attention from fans and such) .. I’m pretty sure she would have her social media shut down, would be quiet atm. She seems to be yearning for performing. It’s Britney .. she will come back ! She realizes just how much people love her and feel hurt about her situation.. deeply. Time is uncovering everything slowly but surely and I can feel her liberation.
  14. Maybe she actually feels passionate about some of the songs that were stashed “in the vault” and now that Papa~Dont~Preach won’t have a control over her artistry .. we may get what Britney WANTS. She might just be in control with these songs she worked hard on. I’m confused how people think any of these songs = glory rejects. She was working before domination on music and rehearsals for a while… it’s music she wanted to be a part of. I’m grateful.. and if it doesn’t come to fruition I’m also grateful 🥲 bc Britney will be free soon. I hope she does what she feels passion for.
  15. didn’t CA totally reform their pap laws after Britney’s past (07)? All celebs have had a lot of freedom and control after that moment… Britney is in control
  16. It’s funny how everybody always talks about her lip sync “flub” during me myself and I.. but the performance is one of my favorites from her. I loved it! I loved that sequin boxing 🥊 cape she rocked, I loved the minimum back up dancers and the way she was slaying her floor choreography and really it was amazing to see live! Also the silhouette in the beginning and how she hit every move.. no fidgeting type fingers or movements.. she knows what she’s doing . !
  17. Makes them more $$ I was in a debacle in court that lasted 3 years. I had an amazing lawyer who ended up winning the case for me but it’s a tactic and money move. Also court takes time to process.. they are slow.. even with today’s tech. Makes you wonder.
  18. Saw a tweet on Twitter a while back said that iggy sent “day 3 in Miami” to Britney some how.. not sure how she could do that.. off her new album and kept the song for a long time until she released the album and never heard back from Britney. She doesn’t have her # so not sure how that worked.. but I’m happy they are friends. I would have wanted a better song for them anyways.
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