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  1. She fell ALL THE WAY OFF. No one wants her, no one cares for her, everyone can see through her bizarre performative tendencies and lack of actual cultural awareness. Ugh - GO AWAY
  2. I rarely buy music but I had to buy this one… I’ve always stanned Iggy and the caption (on Instagram) was humble and sweet…. She really tries to make music that people would enjoy Society did her so bogus… just bc she was a white girl doing hip hop… no one bats an eye with post Malone, Eminem, jack harlow…. Unfair
  3. Ew you miserable old f*gs are such haters. She’s the moment, hate it or not. Everyone loves her, get over yourselves. She gets radio play, she gets views, the people love her. She’s better than her last era
  4. .... I am sorry but she really is looking very homely these days more so backyard hillbilly rather than glamour. Her music isn’t as good either, oh well good for her!
  5. My god.... she is so embarrassing..... everything she’s doing now in her career, along with the horrible haircut - is just a parody at this point. She’s going to be one of those people that gets upset that food businesses are offering dietary alternatives??? Is she unaware that being unhealthy is OUT and being healthy is in?? Leave social media miss girl....
  6. Britney definitely wrote it, I think we “think” we know what’s going on but - to Britney what if she truly doesn’t like this attention at all? I’m sure the documentary was embarrassing to her in some way especially if she isn’t speaking on the topic.
  7. I will admit lil nas is acting a little try-hard with his cardi b rendition of FKA twigs’ cellophane video. The video in itself wasn’t that creative, it’s what all the rap girls are doing. The visuals and the sk4nky shizznit. The Satan shoes was too much... now he’s associating the gay community with satanism? Isn’t our goal to prove we aren’t devil influenced degenerates? I applaud him for embracing his gayness, but smh at his execution. It’s too much... Candace has a point.
  8. Rare was a boring album... her singles between 2016 and 2019 were decent. I do love her Spanish music so far... “Selfish Love” has a lot of potential to being a big radio hit - I hope she gets a top 10 bc at this point I feel bad for the girl... she needs a new team to help rework her brand.
  9. I love this sort of digital distortion pop art but to say it’s Doja cat is... false. Just give credit to the artist and mention how they have an interview with doja in the magazine lol
  10. My god... this thread is filled with old heads and haters. Just listen to the damn album, or don’t. Give your insight not your fake moral judgment understand that newer and younger artists are allowed to pop up on the scene. Keep tweeting #justiceforbionic maybe it will actually happen ...
  11. Break the internet.... I love Ariana but this video was lame and a half.... so uninspired and quite frankly I think anything Megan is in - tends to be just the same old lazy **** of standing around, shakin @ZZ and changing into two outfits... nothing about ariana’s current videography has been anything close to breaking the internet. lmao Gaga is annoying
  12. Both boring artists to be quite honest. Don’t even know how they rose to fame
  13. This terribly facetuned/airbrushed cover art...
  14. Katy perry is over in terms of her own musical relevancy... she cannot manage to reclaim her fan base after the witness era. Smile was just not a good pop record, the production was extremely dated. She is now entering tv personality territory, which is good for her! remaining relevant with that rather than her ability to create hits. I have a theory it’s because she changed her image... from the black locks to the short blonde hair... really threw off her fans and the public..
  15. What are you trying to argue here though? It’s fair to compare the past (which is better) with the new... were you not defending artists with no charisma? I mean.. you were. Britney was an anomaly yes... but like she brought the star quality that many others after her were able to enrapture: Gaga for instance, even Ariana. but in recent years there hasn’t been anyone interesting at all.
  16. I think what’s immature is defending artists with no charisma lol. You keep quoting people who have extremely valid opinions, and you’re over here trying to defend lackluster stardom. I think it’s extremely valid to point out that today’s artists lack star power and charisma of yesterday’s pop repertoire and that’s just facts sweets.
  17. Well they should be. We applaud mediocre bland talent
  18. I always think this. The only pop girl currently that has anything is Dua, because of her aesthetics in terms of songs and music videos. Other than her, everyone is so d*mn borrinngg! Where’s the star power of Janet and Britney? Like these singers offer us bland personalities... yasss girl give us NOTHING
  19. I’m happy she’s mean because she doesn’t tolerate annoying stans flooding her comments... I kinda Stan it
  20. I think it’s more so he was sort of the boy next door cute guy when a lot of us were younger - now he’s grown and still ****.... lol
  21. Well whatever team she had for the revival era, she needs it again bc her newer **** is trash.... revival was her only good album
  22. The fact she served us so well in this shoot... compared to her terribly wigged out shoot for vogue (which was offensive) I’m so gagged at the gorgeousness of these looks UGH
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