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  1. I know this may be kinda controversial, but am I the only one who actually likes Tik Tik Boom? Also BJ did give us Work ***** which I personally feel is one of her signature songs (for the gays at least) but besides those 2 songs yeah nothing else from BJ.
  2. Yeah not trying to throw shade but I honestly want to know how? Their streams aren't that high. Go look at Spotify Charts. Their iTunes placement isn't top 10. If you go Hits Daily Double it shows their sales $$ being high (radio airplay/payola?) but their stream income is still lower than the songs above and below them. Is every time someone orders a BTS McDonald's meal counting towards sales or something, I just don't get it? Outside of their fan base I don't think the GP knows Butter. And before one of their crazed stans comes at me, I listen to Kpop. I listen to BTS, though not like I used to as I think they lost their "Kpop"ness when they went English.
  3. Yeah I agree, the way Britney said it was kinda confusing but I'm sure it was her nerves and I hope both Paris and Miley know that. Also not gonna lie before I started following the Free Britney stuff a few years ago I was never really into Paris, I guess no opinion of her, but she really has shown she is a good friend and always has been. Listening to her speak it's easy to judge her and build a false impression of her personality, but I think Paris has shown she does have a good heart especially for those that have a good heart back and don't try and use her. Happy to see Paris is still as vocal as ever! Has Miley said anything since the court hearing? I haven't seen anything... I hope she didn't take offense to what Britney said...
  4. Sounds like someone got his little feelings hurt and decided to counter with some personal jabs at someone he doesn't even know....
  5. I couldn't even finish watching this trash. I don't find him funny anyways, just an old man trying to look young a hip, but I think his jokes and overall demeanor were in poor taste. Sorry but this is a no. FREE BRITNEY
  6. I find Selena to be so generic with virtually 0 stage presence but OMG DO I LOVE HER! Her Rare Deluxe album is one of my all time favorite pop albums. KEEP SLAYING YOU VANILLA QUEEN!
  7. A. Totally forgot bc I dont spend that much of my life thinking about Demi. B. Im not so fragile that someone calling me by the wrong pronoun is going to be seen as some aggressive form of disrespect where I lose all emotional control and immediately hurl insults at others. But your first world problems are cute.
  8. If she can barely walk into a yogurt store without turning into a raging ******, how is she supposed to be surrounded by these issues on set daily and magically be ok? I don't like her one bit so I'm wishing for this project to fail, but even I see the risk this should have on her mental health if she really is so fragile.
  9. I'm loving this! I was really fearing that they were nearing the end with the departure and the bebe's. This makes me so happy, hoping we get at least one more album please!! Also love seeing The Saturdays mentioned on here. One of my original GG Stans. Ever since their "Work" video I've adored them. Super unproblematic and down to earth.
  10. OMG, I totally forgot about hers! And thats a shame because she was my favorite girl in the group! But in my defense I didn't really discover them until their Ten era so thats probably why. I still watch that tour on Youtube if I'm doing cardio at the gym. So damn good.
  11. Yes, she either got some new veneers plopped on those puppies or she just went HAM with the whitening! Or heck maybe its a filter messing up her teeth, but there is def something. No one can ever rock the veneers like Queen Hillary tho.
  12. This. Even thought I found Dynamite to be bland and generic, it was catchy. Butter is just garbage. Their fanbase is huge, no one can deny that. But Dynamite was able to get on the pop radio because it was generic and catchy enough to cross over to casual listeners. Personally I don't see Butter having the same success unless their fandom does nothing but request the song every second or their label pays for plays. (I prefer older BTS songs, so I don't hate BTS, I just hate their new mainstream sound).
  13. No No, anyone who has ever grown up with an actual pop legend agrees with you.
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