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  1. Well I never said its not part of her and I agree many latin americans have lost core roots to their heritage but you recognize it too that she pops up with a full Spanish track when its cool. I'm glad she can pronounce but can she give a real Latin music bop well have to wait and see. I'm open to it though.
  2. Ay no mas! Porfavor Christina only came out as 1/2 Ecuadorian when JLO and Ricky Martin were popping she never claimed that side before. To say Latin Music is her roots is a big lie lol it feels pushed and un organic show me an interview with her speaking full spanish and I'll fall back.
  3. Bah I need to find this!!! Idk if its going to be the same info from a NYP article I read which oddly I have not heard a peep about that online.
  4. Why are you lying! Liar it should of been "LOVE ME DOWN" however I think Make Me wasn't a bad choice.
  5. Honestly I think she should of giving a sad club banger. Easy on me sounds like a cut from the last album. I said what I said. Maybe im not in my feels as much as then but its not giving me the same vibe or its just too expected. But if the GP is loving it then who cares.
  6. Is going Latin the new "I'm going Country" because it ain't working out anymore for me in Pop. Just saying I love latin music and some country bops but it just seems when Artists who didn't start in that lane go to a new one is because the need some new fans or a jumpstart to their career. She should push some old music out on us and do a few more shows like the one in BK and then drop some new music idk just saying.
  7. Hmmm the lyrics or maybe cause she said she was sick I would have to hear the final version to make a final call on the new song. It almost sounds like shes going to sing "living la vida loca" in the beginning. Overall it was a good platform for her to perform on and she looks cute. DGY is a bop and I do like this version. Sorry it grew on me and I actually play it lol. I don't think it was a hit to over shadow all the dark clouds her last era ended in but her team has been doing a good job to make us forget. I think shes going to be leaning very heavy on the latin sounds that are main hits. It's a good move and a card she can play. Wondering how GP view after everything has passed and came out?
  8. Idk why this guy specifically bothers me....He says her Mom admitted to the breast implants but when I looked up the article it said a family friend.... so that is a stretch. Maybe I am just a fan but honestly don't think she got much done. Filters and lip injects at most. This guy just basically says she had the works done and to me is just spreading false information so I reported it when I saw it on TikTok lol everyone should do the same.
  9. Maybe if her and her sister did one together...after watching the performances linked I don’t see her dancing like that anymore if that’s what you want to call it. She came off as bootleg Britney sorry. I still enjoy a few of her songs which I think she could probably sing really nicely still. Then you add her sister who has more hits? Not sure but the combo I think would draw a crowd.
  10. I’m glad he addressed it makes me feel less sus about the timing. I hope the best for them honestly she does seem happy with him and he does seem to treat her nice so for Britney I hope he’s the one 🤞🏼 She deserves it
  11. Ironic!? Idk but let’s be honest during the time when Britney has owned the stage at the Vmas her videos have always been on the losing side. Tell me why MTV? Don’t get me wrong I’m glad it’s getting recognition because the mix is a lot of fun but MTV should be praising Britney always. It’s a very Tiktok. Show IMO and I’m curious though there are a lot young pop divas and I’m here for it.
  12. Lol I know this song from Tiktok didn’t realize it was her! After hearing it full I do like it and I’ll play it but is it chart topping longevity hit? No I don’t hear it like that. Yea the production and visuals are A1 she looks **** and her voice is beautiful but s** more than anything carries the video. Give me an 8 count chero with a breakdown audio to match. I think they tried to give a baby boy breakdown dance scene moment at one point. But it gave more possessed which I guess goes with story line which I wish they would have developed more and gave more budget to showing she is this mysterious women who turns men into stone? Beyoncé provide them more money so it’s not all booties and humping the floor. Tina Knowles I saw you sliding through judging on the low. Overall I would give it 7/10 and say I’m excited to see it live though see how she brings it as a Solo act because she does carry her own in the video. So it should be a good show at the vmas.
  13. Idk this makes me feel happy she’s getting engaged but kinda sus the way he leaked it and denied it and with the timing. I know they been together awhile but I think it wouldn’t be bad if they still just remained engaged or just dating for a while after the cship ends. Just to see if any red flags come up post ccship and Britney hopefully can get good people around her to point them out even if she hasn’t noticed.
  14. Honestly it’s the audio for me like why is the audience stripped from the track and her mic low. It literally sounds like the album if you close your eyes you would think it could be the same. Could they not have mixed anything I just wanna know who was responsible and why? Did she not want to or is was this the team taking away her live voice? other than that as a fan it was amazing just to see her slay the chero and look like a Barbie and of course the music was great from this album. and the surf scene was cute af I lol
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