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  1. Good for him for donating to that suicide prevention organization. 100K is a lot of money.
  2. A rich white girl said a racial slur and mocked a language and somehow she’s the victim of ‘cancel culture’. It’s ridiculous and stupid to you because you’re not affected. Nobody’s trying to cancel her. We just want her to address the issue and apologize. Us POC have been letting **** like this slide for too long. People have their right to feel offended and upset. Sorry you may not like it but society has come to the point where people won’t get away with racism anymore. I don’t care if she was fourteen. Even a child knows they need to apologize when they make a mistake or hurt somebody. She needs to do better. Point blank period. And how does this have anything to do with Olivia Rodrigo?
  3. Nobody’s really been cancelled what does it even mean. All she needs is to be held accountable and apologize. Just because she was a teenager doesn’t mean she can get away with being racist. No one here’s trying to cancel her. But I want and need a proper apology from this young lady.
  4. She didn’t r@pe or murder anyone but she casually threw around a slur that traumatized millions people with Asian descent and mocked a language in a way that many racist people used to terrorize Asian people. You are no one to discredit our feelings and trauma. Yes she was a teenager when she did that but she was a rich white teenager. All she needs to do is check her privilege and apologize to anyone that’s been offended and hurt by her actions. Before that’s been done I am entitled to believe she’s not a very kind person.
  5. I’ve seen this argument so many times in this thread: You need to forgive her for being racist as a teenager because I was racist as a teenager. I find this arguments to be ridiculous. Being a teen doesn’t exempt you from such behaviors because teenagers are old enough to distinguish what’s good and what’s evil. The truth is quite simple: she was not a very kind person. Actions have consequences and she needs to be held accountable. Good for you for becoming better but we don’t have any evidence that she has evolved as a person since then. She could be just a stupid teenager or she could have just showed her true color.
  6. Yet we haven’t seen any effort from this bright young girl to address the situation or apologize.
  7. Wow I felt disgusted not only by what she did and also by all the people defending her here. Would you keep the same energy if she said a slur that offends your race?
  8. I miss when Britney danced like Janet. Especially the Britney & In the Zone eras.
  9. Somebody start a gofundme so home girl can get different back drops and proper lighting
  10. Wow the comments on here are very different from the ones on Instagram. Ppl on Instagram said this designer is indeed very racist towards black people. Of course it doesn’t give Chrissy any right to bully him but if the allegations are true he can cry me a river.
  11. A meme said his mustache looks like two capybaras kissing and I can’t unsee it after that..
  12. I used to find him cute but I’ve outgrown these pretty boys not mention he looks swollen now. Internalized homophobia is really a turn off too
  13. Didn’t she also make remarks about guys who wear vans having small dïcks. Is that supposed to be a bad thing hmm Billie? I thought you’re against body shaming I can appreciate her talent but I always get mean girl vibes from her. I guess only time will tell what’s gonna happen to this edgy pick me girl
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