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  1. Sorry but…what do you guys think will be the point of the documentary? Like there is already framing britney and if they dont further investigate Jamie and especially Lou and the F***ed up system behind it, I dont see a point in this. I would rather wait a few years till Brit is free so she can make her own documentary and speak for herself.
  2. I think the first song was Gimme More with that amazing extended intro right?
  3. Its always so funny to me how critics describe music. “this song best demonstrates the lubricious darkness of the album, Danja’s demonic chanting and deranged synths coalescing with Spears’ come-to-bed vocals intosomething monstrous and thrilling.“ Like loool I would never use such words
  4. Im pretty sure they will stop airing them in the next couple of years
  5. I hope they not only investigate Jamie but also Lou I hope that Britney and Rosengart have her under the radar as well.
  6. Okay so I love almost every type of EDM, but this album doesn‘t do it for me. The remixes sound so random and forgettable (except Sine From Above, that is one heck of a crazy song lool). I’ll stick to the original Chromatica. And is it me or does something sound totally off in the Babylon House Labs Version? The vocals sound so disconnected from the music…and I hate to say it but there are fanmade versions out there that are better I wanted to like this but its a no for me
  7. I love how crazy that cover looks. Reminds me of some acid techno cd‘s from the early 00s loool
  8. First and foremost, yes I love the video, it`s one of her best, most creative and experimental videos she has ever done. I love the paint breakdown sequence, such an odd but cool thing to see, it totally made the video for me, not only because it looks good it's because she finally did something that had some meaning and symbolism. The whole video was so fresh and different and not as shallow as her other videos to me and I actually liked that she didn't danced till the last chorous But I have to agree with most of you, she indeed looked and probably was heavily medicated and bored sadly... and the dancing at the end really wasn't her best
  9. The video gives me Love You Like a Love Song vibes but the song really isn‘t groundbreaking
  10. I actually had her in mind and wanted to use that gif but I was too lazy to search for it
  11. I indeed get tired seeing straight couples on the streets, but not because they are straight, it‘s because they remind me of my loneliness
  12. Its interessting to see other peoples viewpoints. FF totally flopped in the german-speaking area in europe. The GP has no idea about that era here, thats why I voted for Circus. Fun Fact: Circus, S&S and It Should be Easy were all used as intro songs for Germanys Next Topmodel in 2009, 2013 and 2014
  13. I mean she is one of the best, that‘s for sure, you can‘t pick just one. There isn‘t a thing Gaga can‘t do. She has the whole package. Her vocals are always on fleek, she can pull off jazz, musical, rock, pop, R&B. Even when she dances she sounds amazing. Her diversity in music is something I appreciate very much because its something very rare these days with pop artists.
  14. I try to drink water as much as possible, but because I still live with my parents and they only drink sodas, I have to fight that temptation every day when I open the fridge
  15. I dont see it as much of a diss or shade. I think that she prefered Will Smith and Beyonce because they are more R&B-type of artists and not pop/country like Gaga/Cooper, so she thought that they would bring a new and interessting twist to the original. I haven’t watched the original but I guess the new one didnt bring anything new to the table, thats why she thinks that way.
  16. Its so hard to say something because we never really saw her doing her own thing for a longer period of time. I have no idea what she really wants or wanted to do the whole time, since most of her career is/was so calculated
  17. Yes. I love South Park and still watch it from time to time on mtv. Im glad that after all these centuries it still exists
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