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  1. No is not ok. And the comparison I made is not even right as white people was never treated like black ppl were. Here a link that speaks about ******. It refers to doing it for halloween, but you can read the bit of history behind it. https://www.vox.com/2014/10/29/7089591/why-is-******-offensive-halloween-costume
  2. She is only after the money. Like everything she does has got a money purpose behind. I do not like her at all.
  3. If a white person from Italy, changes her/his skin colour to look Irish, would that be ok?
  4. You dont like Alien? I mean, this remix is everything.
  5. Unfinished, or finished by Will-i-was, which is pretty much the same.
  6. I absolutely love this song, and as @babyimmafreak90 said, IWSLY is also an amazing song from her first album. But also I will be there, and Email my heart, like the way of singing was epic, I wish she did more like this. Tbh my least favourite is Soda Pop.
  7. Britney meeting Kevin Federline. She was on top of the world, and sadly, on top of her carrer. Not saying that her carrer is over, because it is not, but can't help questioning it.
  8. I agree with you! The tour is rescheduled but it wont be the chromatica tour no more, pretty sure there will be another album on the way, no way she can make chromatica last that long on stand by. They should have cancelled the tour.
  9. Wow Great thread, in my honest opinion and comparing it to the original cover i'd say that BJ is the best, I love it! The from order of posting, Glory, i mean there is no replacement for the new glory cover hehe. FF font feels quite faded with the background, maybe some pop of colour (or a gold tone) would help. Circus, I agree with @LetsRoll the sparkle is epic and works better, but I still adore that screen shoot. ITZ I love it, my second favourite, the fierceness of that moment! OIDIA does not work for me just because the font it is well placed at a standing 3/4 body (as it is the original one) but with that closer frame, i don't see it. BOMT is my least favourite, and with the great work with the other ones i am sure you could do way better, may I challenge you? In any case, thanks a lot for sharing your art work :D
  10. I will check my inbox for a message from @Jordan Miller hehe
  11. Love this topic, getting to know each other more! So I do paintings (you can check my instagram @the_miky ) (when I was younger I drew a birthday card for Britney that appeared on the central poster of her Stages DVD-book and I also made it onto the Piece of Me alternative single cover) and I work as a head of visual merchandisers for Ted Baker stores in France, Holland and Belgium. Any other VMs in the room?
  12. I have to say the grammy awards, and actually one of the only times (if not the only one) where she rocked curly hair! Love it
  13. I wonder who is she gonna copy this time, I mean, get inspiration from.
  14. What a clear way to play the victim, and bringing race into it. Her not success has nothing to do with her being black. And if she was the creative she claims she is, why "molding" her creations to be liked? That's where she turn wrong.
  15. I mean, isn't this how music industry works? They air what they want to be later on bought. Madonna has complain about ageism and how she will not be played on the radios due her age (because she IS still making hits) Music industry is too much about image rather than sound (sadly) but she is still one of the highest grossing singers when touring. The ****** went too political (which I adore) but people can't handle artists having that kind of opinion.
  16. I admire how optimistic you are, totally. But no. This was Britney at an ok performance.
  17. Sincerely, I find the album quite one key... quite boring... feels a style very tired already.. A pity because i loved her last two albums a lot.
  18. That actually makes sense. Everyone, grab your ****, or else will be thrown away on Monday before the photographer arrives. LOL
  19. To be honest, this is completely difficult to guess. We are assuming the negative impact of a non toxic. What if thanks to not having toxic, she would have not been one of the most followed celebrities, and would have avoided marrying Kevin, or the whole 2007? The record company reacts to sales and drive their direction based on it, so if we would not have had toxic, they would have created another music in the style they know it sells for Britney.
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