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  1. Thanks so much for that answer! I do appreciate it! Im up to speed now
  2. Erm.. can anyone summarise who she is please? Thanks
  3. No, it is not for sure that this is the case of Britney. Someone said she can not sign contracts, therefore I am suing the logic and "under age" law..
  4. She did not sign the contract, therefore she is only attached to it while she is under the conservatorship. Same as for underage, their parents can sign contracts for them and are valid till they are not longer minors. So getting rid of the conservatorship could mean she is no longer bounded to the contract. Jamie Spears can finish singing the other albums lol
  5. Who are you to confirm what struggles affect how one person or another? Judging mental health I see.
  6. She is basically easy to trigger. Considering the unfair critic she receives and the pression she is under, no wonder this happens. Again, this is the same it was happening to Britney back in the day, but Demi has less issues with confronting people (everyone is different, but she has got the guts!) Many people are like this, but her "quick answers" have more repercusion than others. And well, at least she is still humble and did apologize, so good on her!
  7. Good luck to her music label to request "contractual responsibilities" to a person in a conservatorship. The other day the exhalers were discussing about how many albums there are left to fulfill the contrat, and since Glory was the only one released, it is likely that there are several more to finish the deal. 8highly doubt that the Oops Vinyl or the Glory re issue count as ones. What is intriguing is that she has not released an album from 2016 for which if there were contractual time frame, she would have missed it already, dont you think?
  8. As long as she does not want to record with another label, she is fine not doing any more music. Contracts do not force them making albums, but making them with the label if they want to do one.
  9. I think this is an issue of impatience. We are gaining representation in all domains, little by little. As many have said before, this is about who is the best actor to play the role, yes, but not only. If you are making a movie, and you can chose a well known straight guy than a not so well known gay guy, they would probably go for the first option, because the world is about the money. But if you are against straight ppl playing gay roles, then you are either against gay ppl playing straight roles, or you are an hypocrite.
  10. Of course she is part of this. Her part: "cashing up the coins without being physically part of it"
  11. She is a one fierce person, who by doing what she loves the most, she changed a whole generation and had an impact to the whole world. Thanks to her bravery and passion, she made it easier for all the rest who came after her. We are in a world where there are #1 for everyone who proves worth it, and definitely, there is a massive place for Britney, her work and her passion.
  12. I guess that's why they keep on selling them like bread rolls ;)
  13. Very visual! Ans the "Rain on ME" is it cos of the pink light? Can't stop laughing at the face of one of the nakey dancers..
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