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  1. Just an interesting find today..I was going through some old Britney magazine interviews online and I found she mentioned TriStar back in July 1999. She did a magazine interview for FHM magazine and this is an excerpt: I'm sharing this because I had no idea she had ever mentioned TriStar by name in the past, let alone as early as 1999. I was under the impression any talks of TriStar didn't become a thing until like 2004. Did anyone else know about this? I wonder if Britney and Lou had any early interactions at that point.
  2. In early 2005, Britney posted this hilarious letter to tabloids on her official website. I vaguely remember reading this on her website back in the day but completely forgot about it. I'm dead @ "Is it that you are 50 pounds overweight?" LMFAO the queen was not playing when she wrote this.
  3. Her writing style has drastically changed from Instagram against the personal website letters
  4. I still fail to understand how an abusive conservatorship was the solution to any of Britney's struggles.
  5. this is so cute. for how famous they were, they kept their relationship so private and this is a cute little insight into how much they really cared about each other.
  6. I think at the time of the documentary release, everyone was associating her tears and words with this idea of the comeback of a fallen pop star. I think it was mistaken as "I'm sad about how my life played out" and not "I'm sad that these people have control over my life." Even when she said she felt her life was too in control, the GP thought she needed structure and control and no one really knew how bad things were.
  7. they scrapped the 360 oops tour footage and used 360 footage from the dwad tour instead on Britney's dance beat
  8. I haven't seen any threads about this yet so I just wanted to share some cool information I recently discovered. In the year 2000, a company called Enroute filmed Britney's Oops Tour in 2000 using a 360 camera. If I'm not wrong, they filmed her show in Atlanta and possibly others as well to contribute towards the DVD's content. The DVD had the tentative title "Experience Britney." This is an article I found on ABC from 2001: Also, here's a press release video about the DVD: The DVD was eventually scrapped and seems like they instead filmed the Dream Within a Dream Tour rehearsals + footage at her University Park, PA show in 2001 instead and just included the 360 concert content on the 2002 video game "Britney's Dance Beat." I think it would have been really interesting to see the Oops Tour in 360 view and have an official concert DVD release from that tour since we never got one. I'm curious if anyone else already knew about this.
  9. i don’t blame her if she wants to stay off social media. even though i feel like instagram is truly the only thing she has to keep herself happy, it can be toxic and i’m sure after the news of the hearing not being pushed forward that she needs time for herself.
  10. how is this legal? after the recently heightened media attention? really?? i believe britney when she said the only reason this could be happening is because they want her dead. this is honest to god terrifying
  11. BOMT - The Beat Goes On OIDIA - What U See (Is What U Get) Britney - Bombastic Love ITZ - Breathe on Me Blackout - Why Should I Be Sad Circus - Unusual You Femme Fatale - Drop Dead Beautiful Britney Jean - Passenger Glory - Liar
  12. Last night at Miley's Lollapalooza set, she performed in front of a big video screen with "FREE BRITNEY" So happy to always see her standing up for the Free Britney movement. She's no longer signed with RCA and move to Columbia. I don't think Larry is her manager anymore either so that's always good news as well!
  13. everything britney released after circus is not good
  14. i just want to hear some input from other fellow britney fans about this. what is one thing about britney’s personality, mannerisms, career, legacy, or anything else that really makes you love and idolize her? for me, i’ve always loved the fact that britney has always been such an inclusive pop star in the industry. everyone loved and continues to love britney. you meet a britney fan from every background, race, ethnicity, etc. she connected so many people together and she never made anyone feel excluded from her circle. everyone could be a part of the britney experience! what are yours?
  15. also i hate contributing to this theory but if it’s britney writing this, i’m happy. if britney did not write that caption, i’m still happy because it still speaks on everything people know is going on. and it is positive!!!
  16. on a positive note, she looks so happy. and you can tell she is having fun dancing to this song! one thing i love about britney is that she is such a positive person and that radiates over to anyone who sees her dancing, smiling, laughing, acting silly with her boyfriend, etc. despite everything she has gone through / continues to go through. i love her so much 🥺
  17. I hope she can keep her relationship with sam completely private. whether they are married or not, it's no one's business
  18. the only song from itz that i skip every time but the single cover was cute. i like the photo they chose of her.
  19. i think it may have had something to do with production costs. when she was traveling with all the dancers, stage equipment, etc i’m sure they had to make some budget cuts as far as what props could be used or couldn’t. when she was specifically just in vegas, there weren’t moving fees so they could make it more elaborate. just my opinion!
  20. I've never seen this interview before? This is only a clip but this is by far the most bizarre thing I have probably ever seen in my entire life? Jamie Lynn is dressed as a grape and when she's asked who inspires her music, she said her mother and her business manager Lou. Didn't mention Britney once......has anyone seen this before or know the context? I'm so confused lmfao
  21. this is something i think og britney stans who were there since the early days could really relate to. i am 24 (almost 25) now and remember actually realizing how enormously impactful britney’s career was when i was maybe 4 or 5 and i found my sister’s britney (2001) cd. i remember following her career from there on. she was so lively and fun and being a fan of britney spears felt so natural. it was heartbreaking seeing 2007/2008 happen but i remember her going on the m+m’s tour and even in the scummy paparazzi videos, her personality was there. i remember when the circus era started after the conservatorship and we knew she was stuck from the for the record doc but her personality was still there but when femme fatale, britney jean & glory had become part of her career, i remember constantly trying to explain to others that it wasn’t the same britney i fell in love with but it was almost like no one got it? and i had this deep feeling light would be shed on how different britney was. she was a robot. she looked scared. she had no confidence. can anyone relate and do you ever remember no one else getting it? or people around you not having a deep enough understanding of britney and her situation to realize she just wasn’t the same human being? i’m curious to hear opinions on this.
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