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  1. Exactly. I bet you this is not her. I mean, if this is her, shes not being coherent which I doubt! I repeat, theres no way this woman that yesterday felt ashamed and had the courage to say she was bullied, ganged up on, SAID SHE WAS TRAUMATIZED, IN DENIAL, and admitted the shtstorm her whole family did to her would be like “its ok to tell lies, it even helped in the end hahaha, see?, i was ashamed of what happened to me (as if she shes saying she deserved it)”. Cmon this is 1+1 logic here.
  2. Idk how to check this but i guess mine were deleted too. btw i just recalled; she said: im not going to keep it a secret hush hush to benefit them! there no WAY. Shes going to be “ahaha im sorry i didnt talk earlier, ah cuz of my pride, ahahaha fairy tales” this is bullsh!
  3. Whenever im feeling nostalgic i search for exhale on waybackmachine.com around 2007/08. i still remember the layout and designs. i think around 2009/10 it had the black theme w that awful (😰) photoshoot from womanizer/circus where britneys using a black dress w a awful wig. My girls been thru so much..
  4. Tbh this makes sense. but still im not buying this sht! I don’t believe this is her.
  5. Sadly, this aged well. We were all right! No conspiracy, no speculation or delusion. Unfortunately her life looks like an American Crime Story episode, dare I say whole season.
  6. Comatose patient? who said that? sam ingham? the ***? britney you need to replace him asap. this is nonsense. this is getting weirder and weirder everyday. its absurd, its inhumane. im so angry! i cried so much yesterday, and today too. but now im getting mad and angry like no one ever cared? no one ever dared to ask WHERES/WHO SIGNED THE GODDAM MEDICAL REPORT OR SOMETHING? i know its sealed but cmon, a comatose patient? you must be kidding me.
  7. To be honest, all of her songs that had this “im being controlled” feel i knew that she was trying to say something. The only song i never liked was Work *****, and now i know why.
  8. Well said. Exactly. New care plan? Shes done with it. Its been 13years, if they really were interested in her well being, there would be no conservatorship at this point, even less a care plan. The thing is, the system is lengthy and slow ok, but dont act like your gonna fool the entire world with this care plan bullshT! She made serious accusations, she could be in danger, and they are going to prepare a new care plan? the ones who abused her? make it make sense AGAIN.
  9. Exactly. I understand judge cant terminate without Britneys request, but something has to be done. I havent heard a single "lets investigate this, ill put you under protection of xyz, etc etc" mention, all i heard was "we are happy to make a new care plan" blah bla. F off. Britney dont fall for that bsht!
  11. Lol i was going to point that out, but i someone did before. great taste, this is one of my favorites songs of that album.
  12. Ill give my 2 cents again (since i already posted before). Guys, this is her legacy. I understand both sides, but lets boycott what SHE boycotted. The Zone! She denied the appearance, and has desired to not work at this time. So, anything NEW from "her", isn't coming from HER. I'm sorry for those who like to collect her perfumes, but these 10000 fantasy versions puts me OFF big time. Im sure she doesnt even know about those. Unlike Prerogative, where she was very involved. About the Vinyls, I'm dont think any fan whos buying it is wrong. I would, if those vinyls had new songs, or even a new album, CUZ SHE SAID SHE WISHES TO NOT PERFOM/WORK, meaning, new stuff. Idk.. this is what i think.
  13. I dont think is wrong or indefensible. But I wouldn't buy it. Thats just my opinion... I stopped collecting her albums after Circus. I'm not saying im boycotting since then, im just saying im not that kind of fan anymore. I listen to her music, watch videos... thats all.
  14. I cant choose. Break the Ice is one of my favorite songs, if not my favorite (from time to time), it didnt age, still sounds fresh to me. Gimme More is iconic, still fresh, still banger. I would vote for POM, but also, great, very sarcastic, love that. I know Radar wasnt a single until Circus, but i would choose Radar. I love the song, but its annoying sometimes, also I think the robotic voice is too much. So if i could pick, would be Radar, plus the video is awful, so another reason hahah.
  15. Break the Ice. I dont understand why this wasnt a #1 hit. This is one of he best singles, songs, best lyrics, beat. I love BTI!
  16. Exactly. I loved the video. I like the song.. but i think the instrumental is better than the finished song. I dont like the lyrics at all, and i do think Myahs voice is predominant. I really don't care about WB, or BJ at all.
  17. This one is hard. I would say 1 Blackout & In The Zone - I can't choose, but I tend to love Blackout more. 2 Circus (yes, i love Circus, the first time i followed a Britney era ♥) 3 Britney 4 Glory (idk, maybe i would place it w Britney, at 3rd spot, but for now, i listen to Britney more) 5 Femme Fatale (because of the era, i really didnt enjoy this era, i was harsh on britney, but now i understand she wasnt ok) 6 Oops 7 Britney Jean 8 BOMT (just cause its the one I listen less to)
  18. I cant read all of this right now. but, i heard of Jewel after (around 2010 pre FF) there were rumors Jewel was working for (songwriting??) Britney, or that B album would sound like Jewels music (am i crazy, or someone also remember that??? ). So I quickly downloaded her most recent album and I was shocked. I really loved Sweet and Wild. I still listen to it.. i even got the deluxe with the acoustic versions. my favorite song of hers is Again and Again. I love this song so much!!
  19. My words. someone said on a different topic: Did she needed an intervention? Yes. does that mean a conservatorship? No. i dont think saying she was fine, or just acting like a normal 26(27?) yo is helping either. Lets not be delusional. This is also her family fault, for neglecting her, so when she needed help, they just decided to control her even more.
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