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  1. She is glowing. Bordem looks good on ya, Brit! Keep up the happiness and good vibes. All the love.
  2. OMG! Britney posted this video! But Britney didn’t post that video! But Britney posted this video because she wants to tell us something! But Britney didn’t post that because her team controls everything! At least be consistent with one conspiracy theory.
  3. Oh, I didn’t read through this thread to see others were mentioning this weird turn to financial talk or that the use of the forum for such talk was contentious. I RARELY post, and I have been visiting breatheheavy since the 2000s. If I, a long time breatheheavy fan, find it annoying enough to post about that might be a pulse on how others feel (or at least a decent number of us).
  4. The recent use of this board for “investing” advice and “financial” banter is an odd turn... While people are quick to offer up advice, I’m not certain this is a group of in-the-know, seasoned advisors... 😂
  5. I totally see it. It’s sad to see her like this. We’ve seen her like this before. I just don’t buy into her posts being edited to look bizarre as part of some big conspiracy or that some double has been hired by her handlers to make her look bad or she is being forced to act this way. I am also annoyed that people want her social media managers to protect her from bad publicity by refusing to post her self-curated content. This is Britney now and this is clearly the image she wants to put into the world. That said, Britney should not be in a conservator ship and should not have her civil liberties taken from her. I totally think she’s been abused and pushed to the brink, and her social media content should not be used against her. But, I also think people need to accept this is what has come of her to no fault of her own and let her be. (As for the matted hair and streaky makeup, Britney’s never been keen on fixing herself up on her own to look 👌🏻. She has always been a bit disheveled when not put together by a team and we love her despite of it or maybe even for it).
  6. People, this is Britney Spears. No one is editing them to make her look silly. She dances like this. Literally, you are watching her dance like this. She has danced like this for years. It’s been DECADES since her moves were tight and well executed. She twirls and spins and flips her hair and taps her thigh or ground or hip or wherever and rolls on the floor and does weird *** **** with her arms like she is an interpretive dancer. It’s unfortunate that it’s reached this point. I have LOVED her since I was a kid. But I’m tired of deluding myself into someday thinking she will return to her former potential. But this is, indeed, Britney. Stop making up weird excuses. She simply dances weird now.
  7. It’s gone too far. It’s not discriminatory to have a gender. It’s just not. It’s discriminatory to have zero representation or disparage or mistreat someone because of their gender identity. Also, by the way, being male or female matters. That’s why we fight and defend the rights for people to identify their own gender. Gender matters. Don’t erase it.
  8. I’ve been a Britney fan so long that I remember when Jordan used to laugh like this in his video messages to BreatheHeavy fans a la 2010 or so. or, when BreatheHeavy used to have to blur out Britney’s images because Britney’s handlers were threatening to sue him. And, “Move!” in a British accent. And, “Elvis has left the building.”
  9. You Need to Calm Down -TS This is likely unpopular, but it would have been a great commentary for Britney and shown her love for LGBTQ fans and actual female empowerment, which would be great given the attention paid to the misogyny she’s faced her entire career.
  10. People get all excited about Gaga stanning Britney. But remember how awkward and rude she was presenting Britney with her Vanguard Award? She loomed the entire time Britney gave her acceptance speech. And she tried kissing Britney to steal the show and catch her off guard. I always felt like she was trying to embarrass/belittle Britney by making her uncomfortable during a lifetime achievement award.
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