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  1. I saw on Twitter that her best friend Jedidiah Jenkins likes some of these posts. Also, her website is down (for some people at least, actually works for me): https://adele.com Bonus: if you scroll all the way down it says 2021 Sony copyright. So…
  2. I remember when I first found this website back in 2013 (though I didn’t even create an account until lately). In the years after I had to learn what a conservatorship is, why is Britney in one… Now it seems like everyone in my life knows about the situation and supports Britney (even my aunt!!!). My point is that it’s been such a long way, yet somehow all of this feels like it happened yesterday. And I guess I’m trying to say - thank you for always being there for every fan, and for always being there for Britney. I’m proud of you and proud of all of us. @Jordan Miller #FreeBritney
  3. I also don’t really understand how the question he was asked is related to his ***uality. It’s not like they said “are you trying to **** Taylor swift’s bf?” Sounds like a reach to me
  4. Guys hum maybe it’s not my fight but can we please leave him alone? As a straight (“feminine”?) man I can tell you I’ve been called “gay” as an insult many times before. Not that I ever cared honestly but I can tell you that having to convince everyone around you that your ***uality is what you say it is, isn’t very fun. Also, if everybody keeps harassing him he won’t be able to realize anything regarding his ***uality in the future (if there’s even something to realize…). Let the internet be a neutral environment so he can live his own life and write his own story.
  5. From my knowledge these things are usually paid off. She has a lot of Britney’s money so I’m sure the good publicity was worth the price. *I may be wrong don’t sue me Vivian congrats
  6. To this day I’m paying my Apple Music debts on the 26th of every month, because I made the subscription especially for glory’s release on August 26th 2016
  7. Wow. I can’t believe Jamie agreed to appear in the video!!!
  8. Hey so idk what I can add after so many people but the least I could do is share a bit of my insight So, the thing I want to address is connecting virginity with loneliness. Try to Erase that thought!!!! I used to think being a virgin meant I’m lonely as well. Now I’m in a relationship and in hindsight I think this concept of “virginity = loneliness” was one of the main reasons I was feeling miserable for a long time, and it definitely held me back from growing as a person. I have come to realize that having a relationship is great, but so is so much else in life! There are many other aspects and people in your life who care about you just as much as a partner would. Also, I believe having s** shouldn’t be a goal! It’s probably hard for you to see that right now but I promise you the world stays EXACTLY the same before and after you have s**. And I believe that when you look back after you’ll lose your virginity, you will see that as well. What helped me was really getting to know myself and knowing the things I look for in a relationship. I was sure I had it all figured out but after some rough years of frustration about this matter I found out that the thing I always need most - is me. And that could be right for you too! As for the bi***uality - I have nothing to share. In this ever-lasting journey of getting to know myself I know I want to experiment at some point yet I don’t know how, or when. I tell myself that when it’s right - it’ll just happen. But maybe I’ll think differently in some time. These we’re my two pennies, hope I made you feel a little more hopeful. Sending love
  10. Also the song she’s releasing is called “I Can See the Future”. It’s already out where I live and kinda boring but it’s good music. I’m excited to see what she plans next
  11. I just saw she deleted this… I wonder why. not me being traumatized from all the Pretty Girls mess back in 2015
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