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  1. Unfortunately you are wrong. I’m an Israeli citizen who doesn’t agree with the government’s decision to evacuate sheikh jarakh. Yet, the Muslims living in Israel are causing literal chaos, just as much as the Jews. BOTH sides are attacking innocent people in the streets of our cities, planting fear in the heart of the more moderate majority in Israel. That is without taking into account the war on Hammas, the terror organization that has control over the people of Gaza. The Israeli army has no choice but to attack Hammas in response to the 2000+ (!!!!!!!) rockets shot in just 3 days. Prior to every attack, the government warns the civilians to evacuate the area, but Hammas is purposely using innocent women and children as victims, so they win the public attention. The situation in Gaza is very complicated, I know many innocent people are harmed, and trust me - I’m as sad about them just the same as I am sad about every Jewish (or any human) killed in the bloodshed. But the media is portraying the situation very one-sidedly. I have to stay in my home and won’t leave unless I have to, because I am afraid to be murdered in the streets. So I advise everyone this - you can be critical of the Israeli policy, which definitely is very flawed. But I ask you to try and imagine having your life in constant danger without the government taking into some action as a response. I think most people here can not even imagine what its like living in fear for your life, and currently - both Jewish and Palestinian children live with this fear. I will no longer respond to this thread because I can only assume the death threats I will recieve after this, but I ask everyone commenting to please just pray and wish for peace. For every Palestinian or Israeli person, and for every citizen of the world. *written with the blessing of many of my Arab friends who agree with the fact that in this situation, no one is right; every side is very wrong.
  2. Imagine promoting health and helping diabetic people feel equal and validated then have to deal with someone who appears to be a health-phobic?????
  3. I’m a huge fan of his and love the song, but with that being said it’s very much like him to troll everyone into streaming the song Plus, he just wrote “stream as hard as you can today cus it may be down tomorrow” like... Also the so-called notifications from Apple Music look very edited. Its part of what I like about him tho! Always taking it way too far
  4. So let me get this straight, can’t anybody speak respectfully of the dead because they weren’t perfect when they were alive? Racism is no thing to accept, ever, but so is celebrating anyone’s death.
  5. The royal family has just announced the death of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's husband, at the age of 99. Rest in peace. https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/News/britains-prince-philip-dies-age-99/story?id=53949231
  6. So I love iggy but Brazil is kinda too loud for me the instrumental sounds like a monkey being killed. However it’s a banger so I think it’ll grow on me. Also Sip It goes harddd I wish she gets a hit with this era for an actual comeback
  7. This is such a serve for me but I can’t help imagining... what if Britney would’ve done some **** adlibs for the bridge in the video version?? How awesome would that be?
  8. I hate seeing all this negativity towards her... I think she knows best what she needs. Plus, she can do whatever she wants. She’s Katy Perry and no one can take that away from her.
  9. I have room for only one Gasoline song in my life https://youtu.be/wetUNl-C3II
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