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  1. I wish her well. It's really sad and terrifying to live an existence where you feel you are never good enough. It comes from a dark place, yall. Wish her happiness within her self and strength to fight those demons in her head that make her feel she needs to go through all this.
  2. UGH serving "i just murdered my billionaire 98 year old husband" teas
  3. "I've never heard anyone outside of pop forums and stan twitter mention this term" Well sis that's because pop forums are the exact place where you would expect people to talk about music in specific terms. Main pop girl is just a way to categorize a female pop singer/s that has passed a certain threshold in terms of sales, success, influence over the industry ,Iconic-ness ,etc.. The gp may not casually use the term MPG but they intrinsically understand there's a difference between a Beyonce and a Kelly Rowland. We're just putting a label on it. Everyone literally understands MPG , no matter the words they use to identify it. You sound pressed cause your fave is a not main. it's okay sis
  4. I love it that he calls her that. So cute. He's also got a huge dong and I never not think about Britney taking all that in the bedroom.
  5. He can wear whatever he wants. it's not hurting anybody. although durags are definitely racialized by bigots. A white man like justin wears a durag and it's a fashion statement. A black man does it and he's perceived as a thug by the same bigots. Just sayin' Just, wear what you want. It's your right....but other people might talk. That's the world we live in.
  6. Love her. I see her doing a visual album though? Just so the era doesn't feel so dragged out, you know?
  7. Said it before and I'll say it again, artists who talk too much or obsesses about awards are tacky af and self absorbed. STOP talking about all the accolades and recognition you think you deserve. You let OTHER people do those things FOR you on your behalf Get over it already this is so desperate.
  8. She was only 16/17 at the time and clearly wore some kind of fake bust or padding and not a single ADULT on her team said a damn thing about it and they let her go on stage looking like that showing nips like that on a children's tv network...honestly it kind of sends me to think about lol but if I'm being honest, I do think this was irresponsible ,low key creepy and the fault of the adults in charge, NOT Brit. She was only a kid at the time tbh.
  9. From what I've read there is still no developed HIV vaccine and HIV research is most likely still years away from a cure. Nice to know there have been breakthrough first steps and discoveries. Science is honestly so amazing. People are amazing. Our minds and what they can potentially accomplish is astounding. We live in a world where HIV is no longer a death sentence, where modern drugs and technologies can literally save and improve our lives. It's kind of of trippy and awe-inspiring to think about tbh The power of the human brain's ingenuity and our collective effort to make the world a better place! Shout out to all the scientists, doctors, engineers, chemist, physicists ,ect.
  10. I'm rarely at a loss for words.... there's a lot to unpack here LMAO Like LAYERS
  12. No offense to anyone who likes this, but IMO this is a tragic and embarrassing song for a woman so accomplished and mature. This is something for Addison Rae to "sing", not an icon like Gwen. WTF
  13. My god I love Britney Spears. What is the point of stanning literally anybody else?
  14. OLIVES?! But sis you said in 1999 that you didn't like olives so what is the truth?! What has changed, brit?! We love a character arc moment!
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