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  1. What's really Crazy it's that the only real problem it's that She has a lot of money.. if She were poor as **** nobody would have taken away her freedom
  2. like it's completly different how she used to creat random coreography.. think of the video of Little me and the videos she's posting now
  3. I think about Baby boy.. it has a minimal production that somewhat remembers me the sound of Billie Eilish
  4. I think It would be Better for her to make her own Netflix documentarti, She could have the possibility to say what she wants to say without pressure and anxiety, She could have control and make cute, and It would be something worldwild and it would also remain there as a permanent document of her thoughts and of her esperience.
  5. I disagree , I think that there are only few of us that act as bullies.. the majority of us Is simply using his voice with good intentions
  6. I would like to see Mona Lisa (demo version) and Rebellion going viral!!! My Dream Is that She performs these 2 songs at vmas.. but I know She needs ti live her Life, so I would be happy also to see the world appreciate these to jems that She wrote..
  7. She passed from " I'm happy for her, I'm happy She Is finally speaking, I've always said ti her ask for ending the conservatorship " to " she's crazy"... Really super coherent.. maybe she needs an evaluation for a conservatorship..let's call Lou
  8. Lovely Pink, she've always supported her since it was not fancy!!! She's a smart and king human being!!! Let's go girls bulidng those legos under the foot of team con!!!!
  9. I know It but it's also a topic or the topic of people who esperimenti with psychotropic drugs like LSD. But yeah, I'm probably overthinking
  10. Do you think it's still her posting those stories about the third eye??? I know there's nothing wrong but at the same time it's a strange topic, not uncommon in people with drug-addictions and/or mental diseases, and it's also strange the way she speak about it like "my third get closed once a year" like it was something very concrete and not simply a way of describing her spirituality. If I were in her position I wouldn't make post like this until I'm sure I'm free.
  11. I Always found strange their relationship.. She never seemed really passionate about him, like for example She clearly Is with Sam. I think She was forced in that relation by her team, of was a way to have control on her with "good manners"...also his drastic body change was so strange, like they tried ti transform him in the kind of man She could fall in love.. I don't what were his intentions , maybe he really loved her and would have help her to get out of the conservatorship after the marriage, but he seemed so complicit with team con so I don't know... However, the way they also managed and controlled and staged her love relationships it's only another kind of cruel abuse that thay perpetrate on her
  12. It's like being on stage 24/7, it's Crazy! I really don't know how She survived
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