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  1. I thought Scam “promoting” the BSB demo was the lowest they would go in this Glory re-release “era”, but no. Loucifer’s little btch keeps going. The Spears family is a bunch of ungrateful hillbillies.
  2. Welcome to Team Boycott I think it’s really important the owner of such a huge Britney community is vocally against the brand. It’s a good video. I do wonder however, why do you think streaming is more acceptable than buying? Is it because the profit is higher or am I missing something? Because to me, even one cent for Team Cship is too much.
  3. Very well said. Those of us that have actually been here in 2007 know what’s up. Few fans seem to remember why Britney went crazy with that umbrella... She was photographed for HOURS, locked outside when Lynne and Kevin are with the kids inside, publicity humiliated as they don’t let her in. That’s how the “mama bear” allows the cheating and using ex husband to make a better case against her. That alone shows how vile she always has been. Who knew she’d get even worse as a mom. It’s so tragic even Lindsay’s parents knew better than to let Lucifer in, while Britney’s dumb hillbilly parents just needed to hear a few quotes from the Bible to be brainwashed. BTW I didn’t even know she called the cship a dream. What the actual ****.
  4. YES. I’m so tired of Lynne’s pathetic leaks to the media trying to make it seem like she’s a good mom. It’s all for show. She’s a part of it. She didn’t lift a finger until freebritney went viral. 12 years of this ****.
  5. Seriously? You’re waiting for the financial audit? Let’s be real. Even if Loucifer and Colon both come out and admit under oath that they stole 600 million from Britney, Flop Penny will just schedule a follow up hearing to 2028.
  6. He also tested positive for SCAM and OPPORTUNIST. Sadly, unlike COVID, those are impossible to recover from. At least he’s got Team Con to get him through the symptoms.
  7. Lou Taylor is quickly becoming a household name. My username was way ahead of its time.
  8. That pink hat is coming! No, but seriously, that’s amazing. Shocked someone dared to stand up to her... and very cleverly so.
  9. Britney is actually articulate when she writes. Whatever impersonation they’re trying to do is parhetic. But hey. Some fall for it.
  10. This. As if the latest court “developments” aren’t frustrating enough here, we also have to witness the fans’ ridiculous streaming campaigns and chart tracking. The abuse is right here in front of us, yet too many fans still fall for desperate money grabs like Swimming In The Demos and the fake “collaboration” with the band that Britney probably doesn’t even remember ever existed.
  11. Oh. Didn’t know that. Well. at least he gave her enough freedom to feel comfortable with the lyrics.
  12. What about Guy Sigsworth? Over To You Now, Everytime, Someday.
  13. Hmmmm... Team Con’s abuse is the reason for these objectively weird posts/pictures, so YEAH funding those monsters by streaming her music (when you can clearly listen to it illegally) IS much worse than pointing out the pictures are off. Hardly “attacking her looks”.
  14. I know you mean well, but let’s not blame the victim. None of us can even begin to understand the abuse she’s gone through. I think she’s a huge ******* hero for not killing herself. She’s hanging on and that’s not something we should take for granted. I wish she’d say something too, but she probably has good reasons to be scared.
  15. Yeah, “Kingham” was complicit for 12 years. It takes a monster to steal someone’s life and fortune like that. If he could live with himself for 12 years, I don’t believe he suddenly woke up a new man. He’s just playing a new angle IMO. Maybe I’d think differently if he filed a petition to remove the cship altogether, but he didn’t. They’re all crooked. I think sadly Britney is just doomed. The only thing that could possibly help is to apply more and more pressure. DO NOT SUPPORT THE BRAND. Go back to making #freebritney a thing. It seemed like they managed to distract the fanbase pretty well with this stupid rerelease.
  16. DEADDDD @ SWIMMING ON THE STAR THAT is how you shade a Myah Marie’d, recycled mess of a cashgrab song nobody asked for.
  17. I wonder if it would help if Jamie croaked soon. We’d still be stuck with Penny who is either the dumbest and slowest judge ever or simply corrupt.
  18. Great. So they have the media, while Britney has Flop Penny and flop fans that still support the brand for the cHarTz & NuMbAz.
  19. And yet some people here continue to support the brand and buy half baked demos and re-releases. This is disgusting. I never trusted Ingham. Nothing ever happens in this “court battle” and they drag it on and on. Sadly some fans are easy to buy and lost sight of Britney the person. We NEED to be united against this violation of basic human rights. Showing them they can still make some money off her might lead to her death, whether she takes her own life or they decide to kill her. Enough is enough. Charts and sales mean ****.
  20. I guess she does have a point. I mean, what father DOESN’T get millions to control his 39 year old daughter? Totally your average father-daughter relationship, unconditional love and support.
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