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  1. That picture is so vile, I can’t even laugh about it. It’s like looking Satan straight in the eyes.
  2. WOW. THANK YOU, Samantha Stark! We really need to flood this woman with support.
  3. We should ALL keep that in mind before we rush to comment about her “awkward” pictures or videos. She’s literally a prisoner in ways none of us can understand. I just hope she gets the freedom and respect she deserves ASAP.
  4. They’re all ******* monsters. Everyone acts SO over sensitive about everything, yet when it comes to Britney it’s even fair game to call her children mistakes. WTF? The smallest #metoo rumor makes people all serious and political, yet straight up bullying someone is okay. It makes me sick that MTV literally set it all up. They wanted her to embarrass herself and then to get made fun of on the very same stage by a loser like Sarah Silverman. This world disgusts me. I hope someday soon Britney is free and everyone who wronged her will pay. She should never have collaborated with them again. But what does her ******* team care, anyway? They let Perez Hilton open her tour.
  5. Wow, I remember that and back then it was almost the norm. Was that Rihanna laughing about the hairless ******* comment?
  6. She’s such an amazing person. Let’s hope the universe rewards her soon. I doubt it and I even hate to check up on her at this point, but we can hope.
  7. Did they save this for now to distract the GP before the documentary?
  8. Anyone else just find Exhale depressing at this point? I come here only for Britney and the “news” are ALWAYS depressing.
  9. I want to believe this, but then I remember Penny’s obsession with postponing things and acting dumb.
  10. As much as I want her to be free, it’s scary to think so many vultures like him and Sam Lutfi are also waiting for the same thing.
  11. I would say that times have changed, but I don’t think it’s necessarily true in Britney’s case. There’s always been a double standard when it comes to Britney. Adele was loved and respected FOR having a “plus” figure. Britney was criticized in 2007 for being “fat” even though her body looked great. Everyone’s so dramatic about #metoo and so sensitive about women’s rights, yet no one really gives a **** a famous woman like Britney has NO rights. The cship is way more ***ist and abusive than MANY #metoo scandals.
  12. Well, isn’t it a very convenient time for LFB to point the finger at someone else.
  13. I agree. I am also thinking to take a serious break here. There’s really not much to look forward to at this point. The court dates used to be exciting, but at this point we all know that even if Jamie snapped and got up during one of those hearings and strangled Flop Penny until she was blue in the face, she’d just take a 5 minute break and come back to schedule another hearing for 2026.
  14. Sorry, Jordan. Nothing even remotely respectful to say about that *****. I’ll leave it at that. That about covers it. Britney has the most disgusting and ungrateful family I’ve ever seen in my life. They’re SO delusional to think they’re worth **** without her. KARMA please.
  15. That’s insane and yet so obviously true. Also, they’re pro-Lynne, if anyone needed more proof she was a terrible excuse for a mother. As for Meaner03, for some reason I just believe his account was hacked or stolen somehow. If I recall correctly, wasn’t he the first or one of the first to expose Scam Ingham?
  16. I must say Flop Penny’s obsession with postponing things is the biggest buzzkill. I don’t wanna give up on FreeBritney, I think we all failed miserably 12 years ago and it’s tragic to sit back and look the other way. That being said, it’s just become depressing to check up on Britney and the cship. I hope for a good outcome, but there doesn’t even seem to be a SINGLE trustworthy person in her life.
  17. Meaner DID disappear for a long time. I’m starting to wonder if they had the original Meaner “taken care of” and then used his whistle blower reputation to spread their new propaganda on IG.
  18. Oh, there’s a very long list of things that are way more important than her IG posts. “Kingham” shippers want to put those things in the past because of what he’s supposedly doing NOW. So, speaking of what’s going on right now, I think even something seemingly insignificant like her IG account is VERY telling. Fair or not, her IG account doesn’t give the message someone in her situation should be sending. The sped up videos are often old and edited to appear even more frantic and manic than they are. So it can only be one of two things. One, Team Con is posting these videos to make her look crazy, and Shady Ingham doesn’t do anything about it, like restricting their control or at least exposing their game. Or two - she’s misguided and thinks these videos are normal. Understandable given the hell shes been through. It’s less understandable her so called lawyer and legal consultant wouldn’t guide her that those videos don’t send the message she needs to be sending. If she was surrounded by good and decent people (like a real mother, a real boyfriend or a real lawyer) she would know better than to play into their hands like that.
  19. THEY started “Kingham”? Yeah, they’re cancelled. I know we want to be positive and believe that EVIL MAN suddenly woke up a better man just because we’ve been dying for some progress, but he’s shady as **** and always has been. If he had her best interest at heart, he would do something about her IG posts. But no, he’s perfectly fine with everyone thinking she’s batshhit crazy. He’s just working in favor of a new handler, NOT her freedom.
  20. Aren’t they also the ones that suddenly “approved” of Shady Ingham, despite his VERY TROUBLING part in the cship?
  21. Definitely. I am not giving HIM any credit, it’s just the situation that’s so tragic. It’s sad that it’s that fake “boyfriend” or nothing.
  22. That Gimme More laugh. Sam is a narcissistic leech, but sometimes I wonder if that paid boyfriend helps keep her alive. They have made her depend solely on him, which is tragic, but without him in her life she’d literally be completely alone.
  23. What kind of cruel punishment is it to have your piece of **** ex raise YOUR kids with YOUR money with ANOTHER loser like his ***** of a wife? Britney’s life is so cruel. Plus they seem to think the world of their POS dad, twists the knife even harder.
  24. You’ve earned it! Your videos are great and I applaud that you have the balls to speak your mind and even for that Curb Your Conservatorship video. Most of us are vocal about the cship, but none of us have actually been approached with legal letters and pink hats (yet). So I really don’t take it for granted that you still have the courage to speak up. As for the streaming thing, I worry that the streaming numbers might send the wrong message. It’s perfectly possible to listen “illegally” without supporting them, so I’m not sure I understand why it’s icky? Actually curious, not cynical. Also, all these “small” profits add up when millions stream multiple times. Streaming seems more icky to me. As a fan since 1998, it just feels like such a violation of her basic rights. I can’t stream with a clear conscience.
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