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  1. Where did I personally attack any of the users? Also, are you really siding with this kind of behavior as a moderator? @Jordan Miller
  2. @Jordan Miller Please take care of this. This user adds nothing to the conversation other than 12 year old type of “insults”.
  3. Yeah, people are acting like he made the ultimate sacrifice and died for her sins or whatever. He still has a lot to gain by staying with her. If he has a child with her, he’s set for life, just like K Fed and his loser wife. Also, the tide seems to be turning. Where was he before the documentary? Making up lies about her hospital stay.
  4. Cool, but can we please stop acting like she’s dead and shift focus towards IMROVING HER CURRENT SITUATION AND CALLING OUT CSHIP ABUSE?
  5. Haters? I’m here for Britney, not Sam. Us “haters” also raise legitimate points, based purely on facts, no speculation. I get the need to be optimistic about anything at this point, but still. We’re presenting facts.
  6. It’s one thing not to expose them out of fear, but to actually lie about things like spending Valentine’s Day with her while she was hospitalized against her will? To call her a hero for getting help when he knows the truth? Also, he obviously knows what works on IG. Why wouldn’t he advise her against some of those videos because of her situation? Why would he “message” her on social media (for everyone to see) not to burn down the house again, when it doesn’t help her case to appear stable and people were already laughing about it anyway? Of course I want to believe you’re right, but a lot still doesn’t add up to me.
  7. Such a shame she wasn’t featured in the documentary. If DIANE SAWYER and Amy Silverwhoore were roasted, just imagine what Loucifer could’ve endured.
  8. Not to ruin the party because I DO love when things get tough for Jamie and I even enjoyed this video... But let’s say Sam’s a good, genuine guy. Why did he play along with her team and lie that she checked herself into a mental facility?
  9. I knew you’d think the same way cause I literally agree with ALL of your posts on EVERY thread. Lol. I didn’t even know about some of those things. Not sure why people rush to “exonerate” the Sams (both Ingham and Ashgari)... Their hands are dirty too. Not hearsay, not rumours, pure facts. I want to believe they will both help Britney, but I’m trying to wrap my head around the shadiness in the past too.
  10. Damn... I almost wanna say **** yeah go Sam, but Britney’s world is so shady and crazy that I’m not rushing to trust him just yet. I mean, he DID lie that she checked herself into a psych ward when she was admitted against her will. He can’t be completely innocent... That said, it IS good news and surprising. I hope he watches his back.
  11. Hmm.. Going against Trump was not exactly risky. It’s the Hollywood thing to. Speaking up against real evil in Hollywood to actually HELP another human being... THAT takes guts. Sarah Michelle Parker, Cher, Miley, Rose, THEY are brave.
  12. That’s why I am not supportive of vague comments like Khloe Kardashian’s “praying for Britney! So sad!”. Britney’s life has been tragic for years, if we also take away her success and just treat her like a victim and a puppet, of course it’s not something she’ll enjoy. I don’t think it’s a great feeling that everyone feels sorry for you. That’s why we need less “poor Britney” and more “FREE Britney”.
  13. I’m glad the criticism is getting to her. I’m glad she got hers. She’s obviously a very miserable person if she’s pathetic enough to react this way.
  14. This woman is amazing. God bless her. Not sure I understand what’s happening here, though? Can someone explain? Do we have something real to be optimistic about? I am too traumatized by Flop Penny to get truly optimistic about anything.
  15. Wow! Just gained a ton of respect for her. I had no idea she was so informed.
  16. Yeah, this. **** everyone talking on her “behalf”. P.S DUMB tabloids and Mr Colon, it’s beyond transparent what you’re doing with all the attention to the Justin part of the documentary. Please do not fall to their trap and keep it about the cship abuse.
  17. Eh, not impressed. There isn’t even a freebritney hashtag, so what exactly is “so so sad”? Britney’s downfall or the ABUSIVE CSHIP she’s in? Feeling sorry for Britney is NOT the point. The point is to help her fight. Next.
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