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  1. What a subtle shade. I love how she keeps up like an actual fan.
  2. It pisses me off to even watch this ****, maybe I’ll watch it later. I hope she really looked as pathetic as some of you are claiming. It’s beyond disturbing that Britney’s personal issues are discussed publicly on national TV by her own father’s lawyer. They keep reaching new lows. I don’t really trust Sam, but you know what, at this point I’m glad he’s in her life right now. At least she has someone by her side during this madness. #FREEBRITNEY
  3. If THIS doesn’t open Judge Penny’s eyes then I don’t know what will at this point. Didn’t they want the cases to be sealed, you know, to spare Britney’s soul? Why go on national TV to discuss such personal matters?
  4. What kind of joke is this? This is supposed to be a serious medical situation. Why does the press and public opinion matter when they’re allegedly just trying to save Britney’s life?
  5. Her talent finally getting some FreeBritney love too Amazing performance.
  6. Yep. Of course we need some focus on Loucifer, but also INGHAM. I highly doubt he’s a changed man, it’s time for more pressure. Setting Jamie as the fall guy is the easy way out. They ALL need to pay and Britney deserves to be free.
  7. If anything it makes me angry when people get excited about obvious money grabs from Team Con. Free Britney should be the ONLY thing we focus on. We woke up way too late. She is literally a prisoner, every second of her life they’re wasting right now is precious.
  8. Thanks for the recommendation. I watched it and found it really depressing. The theme made it impossible to actually enjoy any part of the movie. Every time she referred to herself as a “lioness” or whatever, I kept wondering if Loucifer sees herself the same way. Disgusting *****. I know that we all know Britney’s story and how disgusting it is, but watching it play out the way it did in the movie is very hard to watch. It’s a scary world we live in. It’s infuriating to accept this **** keeps happening. It’s infuriating to think how many losers have already become rich thanks to the abuse. Britney is a ******* hero.
  9. Lol. That’s a surprisingly good remix and I FOR ONE am glad that it’s not a real song. The last thing I want from Britney right now is music. Is this what the meltdown here about? People are just upset it isn’t actually a new song? If anything, I’d say now that Britney is getting some good and important FreeBritney coverage, it may not be the best time to emphasize that “out there” Instagram video. But it’s obvious it wasn’t gonna be a new song (“Satisfying”? After that video?”). And I’m glad it isn’t.
  10. I am loving this kind of press, but I wish he hadn’t mentioned Janet, kind of cheapens it. His connection to Britney is much more relevant. Talking about both at the same time kind of seems like damage control. Imagine if he did more than just talk and actually fought for her after all these years.
  11. She’s so despicable I never even know what to say about her. And then you guys describe everything so well, post after post. At this point I love JL threads.
  12. No. I have no expectations at this point. Last time really did it for me. Real progress will be a pleasant surprise.
  13. I would love for someone to make a new documentary, this time focusing on the likes of Loucifer, Vivian and even Ingham. Now THAT would really take us to another level.
  14. I can’t keep up with all the new rumours. Hope this **** isn’t true.
  15. Stuff like this makes me wonder if the Illuminati **** is real. Like, it doesn’t even have to be called Illuminati, but everyone is only vocal when it suits their agenda. Are they afraid to speak up against Loucifer or what...
  16. Your English is great and you made your point very well. I don’t know why some people here choose to be immature. I’m pretty sure we all (minus the Loucifer accounts) just want what’s best for Britney.
  17. Yep. I really doubt Britney is currently anxious to release new music and perform. I’d take her own son’s words (when he went live) over TMZ.
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