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  1. Since there’s quite likely a Stockholm’s Syndrome situation going on, I’m not sure what would be the best thing to do right now. I wonder if her mind is clear enough to understand she needs to earn her freedom back, and not just change the conservator so she can get pregnant or married or whatever. Maybe speaking up can wait.
  2. Spotted by who exactly? Cassie? Lynne trying to win over Britney’s fanbase after all the criticism she got... And right after Britney just happens to mention her lovely mom on IG. Try harder.
  3. How about we focus on Scam Income? I think that would be wiser. He managed to escape the flames while pretending to do virtually nothing. I think Scam and Loucifer are the most evil of the bunch.
  4. At this point I wonder if she even knows she can file for termination. Could he even help her out with that? I’m not sure cause he isn’t family... It’s tragic we can’t even be sure Lynne would tell her she can do it. I don’t know what scares me more. The thought no one is telling her that or the thought they’ve made her believe she needs the cship for life.
  5. The only Sam we should be targeting is Ingham for sure. I happen to wish the other Sam would surprise us somehow and do something effective (it’s not like we can count on Britney’s poor excuse for a “family” to help her) but the real villain is Ingham and it’s time he’s exposed. He’s the worst cause he somehow got away from the flames by literally doing nothing and just buying more and more time as he collects paychecks.
  6. Please let’s do that. This stuff is seriously pissing me off. It’s so scary no one in Britney’s environment is fighting for her freedom. What about her boyfriend? Does he care about her actual freedom or just the freedom to have his babies like it’s The Handmaid’s Tale?
  7. Guys, how can we put Ingham on blast? We need to get as much media attention as we can. The documentary was cute and a good effort, but it’s time someone actually calls out Lou and Ingham.
  8. Say what you will about Jamie, if someone must control her life then family is still better than total greedy shady strangers like Scam. Of course she needs to be completely free, but her family seems less likely to actually go through with killing her or something, they’d just gladly leech off of her.
  9. “You guys, don’t worry just yet. You are reading it wrong. Sam knows what he’s doing. She’s in good hands. From a legal standpoint it’s actually smarter to file for a permanent conservatorship first when you actually want to terminate it”.
  10. It’s called Stockholm’s Syndrome. Also, don’t forget “Britney” doesn’t file ****. Her “attorney” (aka Vivian’s bestie, aka worthless loser that likes to postpone and collect paychecks while avoiding the scrutiny her father gets even though he’s no better) does NOT represent her. He’s the one who helped put her in this mess. Complete monster. I’ve recently laid off Sam (her boyfriend) because I think this poor woman deserves whatever piece of positivity she can find and she’d be completely alone without him... But if he’s even a remotely decent human being, it’s time he does something. Calling out her father is not enough. Delivering a meaningful message (other than “we wantz babiez and Jamie iz a diq”) or at least guiding her to post more “stable” stuff on IG. He’s not socially awkward or a prisoner for 13 years, he knows what works and what doesn’t, no excuse why he can’t at the very least guide her against the “quirky” (to put it nicely) posts. TIME TO ROAST SCAM INCOME AND PUT HIM ON THE SPOT. He has dodged a bullet by doing virtually NOTHING. He’s no better than Jamie, Vivian or Loucifer.
  11. I agree. It’s really sad that not even her own “mother” would advise her against these posts. We all know that if she recorded a well spoken message where she spoke eloquently against the conservatorship, it would never EVER be approved by her team. The fact that THIS is approved proves how evil they are. Sorry, I just don’t think she “knows what she’s doing” or “just doesn’t give a ****” with these videos. Her main goal should be getting out of the cship and videos like this can only hurt her case. She’s gotten such good press with the documentary, this kind of stuff will only shut it down. Let’s be real, the GP is not sophisticated enough to think “ok, she’s understandably off but deserves to be free and grow”. They’ll just be like “Hmm. So there IS a reason for the cship”. Seriously, it’s sad not a single person by her side would guide her.
  12. Ha. Vivian is sure quick to talk about Ingham as if he’s some sort of a friend for Britney that would totally do what’s in her best interest. He’s the ****er that put her in the cship in the first place and declared she wasn’t fit enough to hire her own attorney.
  13. Ingham played a huge part in getting Britney under the conservatorship to begin with. He stayed silent for 12 years. He’s more than complicit and someone like that simply CANNOT be a good person or a changed man. The only thing that changed here is the media attention surrounding the situation, that is why he seemingly started to “advocate” for Britney... But not entirely, of course, he seems be taking his time and stalling, it looks like he’s more interested in appearances (just like mama Lynne) than actually freeing Britney’s poor soul. Making Colon the scapegoat while he keeps collecting paychecks is hardly enough. **** Ingham. We should NOT let him off the hook so easily, he needs to feel the heat just like the rest of these monsters.
  14. This. I think we should all stay just as focused on Sam Ingham as we are on Loucifer, Colon and Vivian. He’s also a huge part of this. He seems to enjoy taking his time as well and getting paid. He’s also evil but somehow he actually succeeded to escape most of the heat since he supposedly went against Jamie...
  15. Lol. I’m sure destroying Lindsay Lohan is one of Britney’s main priorities right now.
  16. The thought that Britney is only fed up with her dad now because she wants to get married and have a baby is pretty scary. I hope she knows that she deserves to be a FREE woman regardless of marriage and kids. FreeBritney is not about removing Jamie, it’s about being independent. I wish she would just be free and build herself up alone to recover from all the trauma before even considering something like that. ANYONE would need some work on themselves first after this abuse.
  17. Seriously that’s such a dumb excuse. Also, that part about Lynne in the end... HI LYNNE. Worried about bad press again?
  18. I understand the concerned comments because these videos are not exactly Primeney, but let’s NOT play into their hands and spread negativity.
  19. DAMN! This is getting surreal. Such a step up from having to hear cship “news” from TMZ.
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