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  1. Oh yeah, attorney of the century - so gifted as a psychiatrist that he can evaluate someones mental state and capacity within 15 minutes, yet he can’t even complete and file a basic legal form properly after months. Sadly Brenda is most likely complicit as no one with a functioning brain would just gloss over so much evil, BUT that doesn’t mean we need to turn down the pressure. That’s the only thing that could help.. that and appointing Lisa as her attorney. Sam deserves to feel the heat. We got to Loucifer, time to go after that loser.
  2. Yes! He pretty much got away with it, even the media talks as if he’s “her attorney” and he could file for termination whenever she wants to. We seriously need to spread everywhere what a crook he is, he’s probably even worse than Jamie. Scam Income is as bad as Loucifer.
  3. “You’re SO DAMN STRONG... I wish I was as strong as you”? !? **** OFF, CASSIE!
  4. As long as he doesn’t say stuff against FreeBritney, he can share his harmless fantasies all he wants.
  5. Highly doubt it, but still this woman is amazing. God bless her. Also, what’s happening on Wednesday?
  6. Sam Ingham is a POS. Framing Britney Spears was a step in the right direction, but a REAL documentary is long overdue - one that puts all the monsters on blast: Loucifer, Scam Income, Vivian, Goetz, all of them.
  7. Very Black Mirror. What he said was wrong but I still think she could’ve been a little nicer, he was obviously not well... it seems too humiliating to me. Saying he must’ve been too focused on his hardships to train his voice... not very nice when he’s having a breakdown. X Factor was a mistake IMO.
  8. I don’t know what to say anymore. Sadly it feels like it might get even darker soon. They’ll never leave her alone.
  9. So Britney speaks directly to TMZ now. “Kingham” doesn’t know how to file a basic form properly. What other bull**** will they try to feed us next? Seriously, **** THEM.
  10. The sad truth is that it’s actually possible. Actually it’s MORE likely than not that Lou and/or Cassie and their minions post here. Look at all the trouble they’re going through paying off pathetic sources like TMZ and faking posts by Britney. No way they would just read Exhale and lurk - the con’s biggest enemy. They’d most definitely post here to try and change the narrative. It could be literally anyone. For all you know I could be Loucifer too.
  11. Yep. She made a video telling us she couldn’t attend The Flop, I mean, The Zone, because she broke her foot or whatever. Later we found out through court documents she literally refused to go and cost Team Con a million. Her Instagram means ****, videos mean nothing.
  12. I clicked the link by accident. Please remove the link - the last thing TMZ deserves is more clicks. **** them. So transparent and pathetic. Sadly the GP is dumb - we need to find new ways to spread the word that it’s not her posting... or SOMETHING. We need to do whatever we can before FreeBritney loses even more steam. The devil works hard and Team Con works harder. Unfortunately not even Lynne or Sam have shown clear objection to the existence of the cship, only to Jamie’s power... which shows no one else will fight this for her. Any ideas?
  13. That sounds good. Something needs to be done. If we’re just gonna stay passive like we have been since 2008, then absolutely nothing will happen. If “Britney” rejects FreeBritney press on Instagram and disses the documentary, there will be no pressure left on the judge. Let’s plan something big like that. If this fanbase can get random unreleased songs to hit #1, let’s focus on our efforts on much more important stuff. The public needs to know that Britney’s Instagram isn’t legit. Sam Ingham needs to be put at the front - he escaped the flames but he’s just as bad if not worse than Jamie.
  14. As long as she isn’t free, I really hope not. She’ll probably never be free, so I actually hope she’s done.
  15. This is just sad. No ending in sight. “She” just criticized the documentary too, so others will now hesitate to show support again. This is so frustrating. Sam Ingham is the worst. We need to find a way to roast him. It’s no wonder the media finally started to pay attention to free Britney - they only did it to make Jamie the scapegoat. Everyone else keeps collecting paychecks.
  16. I think you underestimate how important appearances are. Image is everything. You’re giving the world we live in way too much credit. If Britney’s breakdown wasn’t so well documented, she never would have been put under a cship. I’m also not sure she would’ve lost custody of her children as easily... or that freaking AMBULANCES and COPS would take her out of her house because of the kid situation. Britney’s situation is unique and you can’t compare it to other “out there” celebrities or Britney of the past. I get your point - the stigma is truly unfair, but just because it’s unfair doesn’t mean she shouldn’t adjust her behavior. Her first priority should be getting free. P.s all you guys saying Britney has always been quirky and weird... seriously, have you even been fans from the start? Britney was always goofy but NEVER ever “weird” or unware. Even on Chaotic she was still normal and fun. Like I said she has every right to be different now and it’s unfair that something as silly as Instagram can be used against her... but her dad IS using it as a weapon. It IS a weapon. That won’t change just because it’s unfair. The world won’t change for her; she’s the one that needs to put up a good fight if she wants her freedom back.
  17. Amen to that. I will never judge Britney for being “eccentric” (that’s a nice way to put it) but let’s not pretend she’s this ordinary girl with an ordinary life that’s just doing her own thing. She’s like a caged animal. 13 YEARS of her life have been stolen from her. None of us are judging her for being “out there”, we criticize those AROUND her that don’t live under the same restrictions and therefore KNOW what’s “normal” to post and don’t help her out. Her freedom is at stake, it’s not like we’re just worried her next album will sell less. Appearances MATTER if she wants to live like a normal, functioning adult. Once she has her freedom back, she can fart and queef on Instagram for all I care.
  18. Yeah it’s mostly just cringe at this point. Whatever good momentum she had going, she’s (or should I say “she”) is blowing it. It’s really sad no one’s telling her this **** can’t possibly help her cship case. It’s like her main concern is to have a different conservator and NOT actual freedom. It’s disturbing even Sam only called Jamie out but not the actual conservatorship... Also, Jodi and Scam Income are bffs and the ***** was even recommended by Jamie, so yeah, hard to be optimistic at this point.
  19. This. The narrative is so transparent. It’s like they all suddenly turned on Jamie and want another conservator just so she can work and be their cash cow again. That’s why Sam hardly won me over when he called Jamie a ****. How about talking about FREEDOM?
  20. This is great, but please whatever they do - let it apply retroactively. Obviously Britney’s case brought this monstrosity the attention it deserves, but she’s still here and she’s still alive - they have to help her as well. What worries me the most is that I’m not sure how much they have brainwashed her and damaged her confidence. I really hope she’s still fighting to be free and won’t just settle for a different conservator that allows her to get married and have kids. I wonder what would she decide if she was presented with the option to start from scratch with an attorney of her choosing to become free OR stay with Ingham and have an immediate option to have a baby and get married. Let’s pray it’d be the former.
  21. “It seems that [Jamie) got a lot of his own mental health issues he needs to tend to”
  22. Hmm.. Miley deserves any positive shoutout Britney can give her. Not that I really believe Britney posted that. Classic Cassie, in my opinion, thinking she’s clever. “Let’s make it more believable by putting some Free Britney supporters... But not ALL of them, we can’t really make that kind of statement, let’s keep it vague and add, like, Noah Cyrus, and some other random girl...”
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