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  1. I cant believe she's doing that trampoline choreo live. I'm getting my ticket right tf now.
  2. I originally wasn't even going to comment because exhale comments about ANYTHING hiphop are consistently out of touch and not invested nor apart of the culture. But that Nas comment is serving good taste.
  3. Considering all the damnable information that's been dug up in spite of the legal protections Jamie had as conservator, I'm legit fascinated by the info that put him in a corner to the point that he was asking for an immediate termination. They should go ahead and send his cellmate a memo cause it's hard to believe this won't end without Jamie arrested.
  4. Somehow, I'm just as shocked that they separated as I was when it was announced they were together.
  5. I like it. This is probably the least polarizing Charli XCX song I've heard in a long time. But the downside is that I doubt this song will have the same staying power that some of her other songs had for me. None of this applies to the visual though, that was a serve
  6. "She cant talk right now"....not now, yesterday, or tomorrow sir😭😭😭. WHOMEVER in the news room thought to do this bs...you dead wrong for this sis🙃
  7. Clearly the best performer of the night was my girl "pitch correction software", because SHE really showed tf up tonight. ALL my other less relevant thoughts: Normani did well, but I wasn't blown away. The Janet homage was cute but performative bi***uality in 2021 is the furthest thing away from shocking. I ship Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow. Something about them together just seemed real cute to me. Nas X should work on his facial expressions though, because some of them were just too damn goofy looking for the **** concept he was trying to pull off. The Foo Fighters gave me war flashbacks of crying over one-sided crushes for white boys with tattoos and problems. The performance was great though. Speaking of which, MGK sings like he's doing a parody sketch of early 2000's pop punk. He should really fix that, or just go back to rapping cause wtf was that performance. Chloe ate. If you disagree, then let's just agree to disagree. Olivia Rodrigo has really grown on me over the year. I'm hoping she leans even more into her paramore influences because I personally love to see it. Doja turned that mic all the way off. I wanted "get into it(yuh)" and that's not what she gave so im disappointed tbh. Alicia Keys was flawless. Them kids did not know any Busta Rhymes songs, but he really represented for the old hiphop heads. Kim Petras needs more impactful songs, but she served decent performance and a SHARP windows peak. Camila and Shawn are boring but Mendes is still handsome I guess. Ed Sheeran was so boring he could've stayed home. Justin Bieber and The kid Laroi(?) gave the worst performance of the night. I mean between that auto tuned mic and the hoodie I wouldn't have even known it was JB if it hadn't been announced. I think that's everyone but if I missed something just know I made an effort to comment on every performance and if I forgot it was because the performance was that forgettable.
  8. I thoought I didn't remember, but, when I pressed play the ghost of gays past just possessed me to sing every word.
  9. I dont get how a comment could be so ignorant and yet here we all are, and Lisa still slayed...funny how that works?
  10. It's decent enough. I'm hoping in the future though Chloe leans more into her strengths (interesting melodic choices, lush harmonies, voCALS) and less into the trends.
  11. Its not. The problem is BP's producer Teddy, who probably hasn't had a new idea for a song since like 2011. I'm a little tired of the sound after being a kpop fan for so long quite frankly. I'm still rooting for Lisa's inevitable success, but if her music show performances dont hit the way I need them to right now then I'm sitting out for the era.
  12. I love that Matthew Rosengart won't take his foot off Jamie's neck. Like "The moment to leave was when I was HIRED mf, so you still going to jail ". 😭
  13. You are severely underestimating the power Adam Levine holds over suburban moms.
  14. This whole debacle really does have an identical pikachus slapping each other kind of vibe. They tried to make her look crazy and instead came out looking grossly incompetent...praise godney.
  15. He just had to be loud and WRONG as hell; so now I get to watch problematic exhalers complain about "reverse racism" for the rest of the day. *deep negro spiritual sigh*
  16. The good sis said herself all she ever wanted to do was release bops. I'm super hyped for this album.
  17. the Aaliyah sample is a little TOO on the nose for my tastes considering 'one in a million' is 25 years old and somehow remained the better song; otherwise this was amazing and I'm glad Normani came back so strong.
  18. In before "If I sAiD ThIS abOut BLACK TwInKs they wouLd cAll me RacIST"
  19. It really IS the same melody but I still think it's a little...far.... to request a songwriting credit. Better to safe then sorry I guess. I also just want to say that I've kind of been won over by Olivia over time specifically because her inspirations are so clear. Talor, Avril, Paramore, Lorde; Olivia Rodrigo's musical background just screams "good taste", and that's how SOUR ended up kind of being a whole bop to me in spite of feeling way to old to relate to her lyrics.
  20. I'm so excited for the day Brit finally wins her freedom so she can throw the whole team away.
  21. **** like this is why I can't do twitter. Like who cared about his opinion enough to literally argue with him for hours. Frankly, exhale is the only place where I could even entertain a story about what Lance Bass's husband has to say about...well...anything. Her "Best Friend" Lance Bass...
  22. Is he saying that he's ****ual because he's abstinent, or that being ****ual is good for him because he choose abstinence. If the former, he's got a little bit more figuring himself out to do cause....that's not QUITE how that works. But regardless, I think it's really brave of him to share his journey with his fans like that.
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