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  1. but maybe there are some magic tricks? or do you know how to find the uploader?
  2. Guys I found a link here on exhale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAzrvXOwvI8 of this golden edition do you know how to watch it? video is private
  3. demos but kinda mixed with final versions and actually all this remixed but in really cool way, you may think it's impossible but it was even better than blackout itself
  4. only released songs (with get back, everybody and outta this world) but in different order and different versions of course
  5. I found it too, and first I though it is this golden edition, but it is not, the gimme more was different, as well hot as ice and break the ice
  6. I'd seen the tracklist is the same as original, so it's definitely not, but I downloaded it, just to be sure, but unfortunately it's not this golden. I remember this golden probably had vocals from demos in Hot As Ice and Break The Ice
  7. Do you remember Blackout Golden Edition? It was on youtube few (4?) years ago but later was taken down. I remember it was GENIUS, even better than blackout which is the best album ever... I remember there were 2 (?) intros (one with Britney eating something and answering questions I hope I remember it right), different order of songs and megamix at the end... and the golden cover. I think it was even one long video, with transitions between songs. Please, I hope I'm not the one who remembers this. Maybe you have it downloaded? I need this. PS there are few videos on youtube that claim to be golden edition, but they are NOT, so don't link them EDIT: I found the tracklist of Golden Edition, if you have this album downloaded please share with us 1. Blackout Intro 2-Gimme More 3-FreakShow 4-Radar 5-Break the ice 6-Bu$h!t News (Interlude) 7-Piece of Me 8-Get Naked (I Got a Plan) 9-Heaven on Earth 10-Ooh Ooh Baby 11-Army's Call (Interlude) 12-Toy Soldier 13-Outta This World 14-Hot as Ice 15-Why Shold i be Sad 16-EveryBody 17-Getting Back (Interlude) 18-Get Back 19-Perfect Lover
  8. I agree. It’s not actually made by Britney. Now I prefer buying fanmade works (I know it’s illegal but at least doesn’t support her father) this one is The best Oops remixes cd https://www.ebay.com/itm/Britney-Spears-Oops-I-Did-It-Again-Remixes-and-B-sides-18-tracks-POSTER/392939974490?hash=item5b7d0c2f5a:g:2g8AAOSwvvhfXeVH
  9. I've seen lot of fanmades for 20th anniversary of Oops I Did It Again but this one really slays new booklet, the poster and photos from remixes and b-sides omg
  10. I need your help can somebody write down all answers and question here? Pretty please, I need it to translate and share with other fans who don't understand English well. Please I love you all <3
  11. So back to early 2015, I was 11, I saw a lot of her old music video (Lucky, Oops) and Scream&Shout on tv. Of course I'd known who Britney Spears is before, but I fell in LOVE with these songs, then I was watching Britney's old perfomances, I really didn't know eras, albums, I was just listening and watching and I was pretty upset that teenage magazines like BRAVO (I'm from Europe) don't write about her, because I really wanted to know what is she doing know (I didn't use Facebook or Instagram back then). So I went to go... gossip websites and read a lot of bull**** about Britney (but I felt so educated haha) I also remember listening to From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart for the first time when I discovered her more natural beautiful voice, I was so impressed by all this voice, her performances, her videos and of cource songs. I always felt so moved watching Baby One More Time video on YouTube cause I was feeling how important and iconic it is. Back then I didn't know about Vegas, I ignored Pretty Girls premiere, I was just so impressed by old Britney and what she used to be. In autumn 2015 I started following Britney's current life, buying her albums (Blackout was my first<3) and then I was really excited for Glory premiere. I have really beautiful memories from Glory era and BBMAs 2016 performance cause it was her first performance I was watching live and I throught that old Britney came back to us. I fell in love with the new Britney too, because she was and still is amazing. Sorry for my English, but I really wanted to share my story. It's also my first post here, but I've visited you for few years almost everyday.
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