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  1. It’s simpler than that. I used the number I found on google but then did quick math for a flat billion for “even” easy numbers which definitely appears confusing. It makes a little more sense in the post. I caught it immediately but you can’t edit titles and chose not to respond initially but since half the comments are about this…
  2. WTF. I know there are a ton of conspiracies about her money. But seriously. 0.1% of ONE BILLION is ONE HUNDRED MILLION. 0.1%. Not to mention her music career. This makes no sense. I know there are cost, employees, manufacturing, etc. But you are telling me the face of the perfume doesn't even get a HALF OF A PERCENT. This is mind bending.
  3. Because now that she’s gonna check off the list of everything she was told NO about over the past 10 years the family is probably all freaking out behind the scenes wondering how they’re gonna be able to control her when the cship end and are probably all “here we go.” I’m loving it. Britney deserves anything she wants.
  4. Who in her fanbase except for a few dedicated collectors is the target market for this? What kind of business decision is this? It’s not like it’s going to hurt her brand but surely this isn’t lucrative? I just don’t understand. Despite the fact we want to boycott anyway, she has the worst team an international superstar could ever have. I mean truly. Conservatorship aside, has anyone on her caliber ever had such a useless team and label? Almost every business decision made in the past decade and a half has been a joke.
  5. Nobody that has ever encountered her in person could ever say something negative about her. Ever. And lol at Ed. It’s okay if someone is super passionate about Britney Spears guys. Most of the youngest generation on social media “don’t even get why Britney Spears is so popular”. It’s a hard fact but it’s something that every generation goes through with superstars. Then some, like Britney, will stick around a little longer than most, but there’s going to come a time in our lives where more people don’t know her than do lol.
  6. Can’t get married? Check. No manicures? Check. No hair product? Check. Everything she wasn’t allowed to do, she’s gonna ******* do it.
  7. Let this play out. It looks good to the judge if they think she’s still going to have a solid foundation re: ending the conservatorship.
  8. Many people were put out by Ida. It’s inappropriate and pathetic to shame her for this. This has nothing to do with Britney or conservatorship or any of that. Y’all must not have experienced hurricanes and what it’s like to not have access to gas, grocery, essential household items. No electricity with 100% humidity and blazing 90- 100 degree weather. For 2 days. 4 days. A week. TEN DAYS OR MORE. It’s awful.
  9. This not caught “at a bad angle” or “blinking your eyes” type thing. This is the face of a very, very sad woman. The face of complete emotional turmoil. Even tears can’t convey this level of sadness.
  10. This is your response to someone you feel has suffered trauma? Yikes. Two evils don’t make a good/right. We can fight for Britney and simultaneously be decent humans.
  11. It’s okay if you’re not wrong. I say this objectively, if Penny can’t see the ****storm coming and make a change this will go really bad for them and Rosengart will escalate this above the courts. It will surely add delays to Britney’s freedom, but they’re getting backed into corners. This conservatorship wont last another year.
  12. What does he say at the end? It sounds like “and go independent” but I don’t understand so maybe he said something else?
  13. It’s not like you said anything “that bad” or farfetched, but why are you even here. It was the last sentence for me.
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