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  1. Interesting, because the title 'Shock Your Mind' was the rumored name of the THIRD album back then, it was even in a local Britney Fan Club's newsletter (along with the mention of the alleged first single, 'She'll Never Be Me'.) I'd make more sense if these infos were about the 'Britney' album, calling that 'Me...' As I remember (my memory is like a goldfish's, tho) there were not many rumors about the second CD, because that came so fast after the debut album, she was rather talking a lot about the third, and fans had many kind of ideas and rumors circulating. So this is odd.
  2. I have DID, this is how incredibly rare and VERY intense it is. Of course everything is just speculation, we don't know the truth.
  3. Alters don't "pop up" randomly, have to be triggered, and yes, DID designes itself to remain hidden, so Britney can easily have it. DID is totally different from how people imagine it. Or it can be OSDD "only". Everything is possible. I still think she has DID, even Jon Eardley himself wrote that Kevin and Kaplan insisted to the "multiple personalities" theory (so it was talked about), and Lance (who I despise, but maybe wasn't lying about this) claimed there was a time where she didn't even recognize people she knew, this is why it seemed like dementia. That's dissociation and/or a new alter who was still confused. IF Britney has DID, then she is suffering from childhood trauma and C-PTSD.
  4. I think she's apologizing for this, because it's still her smaller 'crime'. This was more rude: "This is not the first time Rihanna has done something like this. Back in 2020 she went to a mosque wearing tight clothes and a so called hijab and posed there inappropriately and posted the pictures looking at Muslim women wearing hijab and saying "***** stole my look".
  5. Psychosis itself is more a symptom than an illness (it means patients are losing connection with reality), but many things can cause it, even physical problems like tumors or metabolic disorders etc (that's "secondary psychosis" then). It's like when you have a headache, but you don't know why. Not the headache the problem, you can deal with that with painkillers, but something must cause it. Bipolar, schizophrenia or BPD can be a source. This is what professionals do, they're trying to find out what is wrong, this is why many people don't have a diagnosis yet, or they're misdiagnosed, because they don't show all the symptoms that are needed for those diagnoses. Mania as a symptom is usually connected to bipolar, but not only to that. So it's not crystal clear and it takes time. We only know what she lets us, that she is suffering from PTSD and is on antipsychotic medication (two different things), so the latter can be anything, even an undiagnosed physical problem that's causing a chemical imbalance in her brain. Very unfortunate to say things and advices about these situations randomly - which was my original complain in this thread. I'm not a professional, tho, this is just what I was learned because I also have problems, so the best is if you'll read more about these things by yourselves if you're interested.
  6. In reality there are two kinds of mental illnesses/disorders: 1 - trauma based (like PTSD, C-PTSD, DID-OSDD etc) and 2 - a chemical imbalance in the brain (bipolar, schizophrenia etc). So her r*** would cause PTSD, yes, but not this imbalance she needs the meds for. She has, at least, two totally different problems, and she doesn't talk about her PTSD symptoms, she talks about that event and her medication sometimes, but those are not connected! What does it say then? This is why I say she's not good at being an advocate for mental health, because if you know a little about these things, then you understand that she's reaching a lot. PTSD symptoms also won't disappear with just loving yourself, that's a complex problem when your brain dissociates and it doesn't store those traumatic events like memories, so it always shows them to you over and over again. (She even mentioned dissociating in this interview, but then left it hanging there for no reason.) That needs a special therapy (conversation based), not meds for a chemical imbalance obviously... So how she talks about her problems is a mess. She probably wants good, but she's not good at it.
  7. I experienced this personally and others also have, when somebody who called herself an advocate/survivor/sufferer only told half-truths, because she wanted to "end the stigma", so it can be dangerous and bad for your own mental health. Loving yourself is an important part of the healing, but unfortunately it won't solve the problem - a chemical imbalance in your brain. It has nothing to do with your self-esteem tbh. Imagine a young, struggling individual who reads this and thinking: "oh Lady Gaga got better because she learned how to love herself as a beloved, celebrated, multimillionaire superstar... good for her, while I'm a mess and alone" (meanwhile, in reality, she took her meds as everybody else should in a situation like this, and if she talks about this instead, that can save lives). it's constantly discussed in many different platforms, because this kind of advocacy sometimes does more damage than good. This is why it should be done by professionals instead, but of course everybody has the right to talk about their own feelings and stories, and nobody can say: shut it just because that person doesn't do the best job at it. Being brave and outspoken is nice, but being good at advocating is a totally different topic.
  8. This is the problem in a nutshell. She's open... here and there... and sometimes she just talks about loving herself, and when some people only read this interview, they can feel bad. It's like speaking about the importance of chemotherapy for cancer treatment, and in an other interview you only talk about the power of self-acceptance and loving yourself as the cure. If somebody's advocating for mental health, it is very very very important to be consistent and thoughtful all the time. No skips, no half-truths, because you don't know which interview they will read at the end.
  9. No, it doesn't work like this. The point is that these meds treat her problems as well because she has some kind of chemical imbalance in her brain (this can be temporary or constant). It doesn't have to be for a specific diagnosis if she doesn't have other symptoms for those. It's really great that she's talking about her mental issues and even medication, but it doesn't help a lot if she skips mentioning her antipsychotic drug in other interviews, rather suggests it was like a choice and it's only about "self-acceptance" and "loving herself". It's very superficial to say, and just half of the truth, she needed her meds too. For me it's all or nothing: the whole truth or stay quiet, otherwise it can hurt other people.
  10. https://nypost.com/2020/08/11/lady-gaga-on-antipsychotic-meds-i-cant-always-control-my-brain/ "“I can’t always control things that my brain does — and I have to take medication to stop the process that occurs,” Gaga, whose given name is Stefani Germanotta, said in describing her psychological turmoil. She told Lowe that the track “911” discusses her medication, olanzapine, a drug primarily used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia."
  11. Sorry to say this but I find these kind of interviews very superficial. She's on antipsychotic in reality, these thoughts are not choices, rather a chemical imbalance in her brain. So people who are struggling and reading this think "she's so strong and brave, while I can't get over it"... she couldn't by herself either, she needs her meds.
  12. I'm following this woman on twitter since she started to spill the tea, but I was convinced that this account was fake. This conservationship is much more darker than we thought, it seems. 5 bullets in her car in 2016? Is she in fear of her and her family members' lives? She sounded like an attention seeker with the usual cryptic messages and now BAM. She is real and went against them on court, such a brave woman! We should listen to her from now on. She writes a lot of interesting things about the system and their strategy in general. "Conservatorship of the Estate and Conservatorship of the Person are not necessarily mutually inclusive. The two are not always dependent on each other. One can exist without the other. Why temporary Conservatorship of the PERSON for 12 years without proper adjudication? Why? Abuse of Due Process: Using temporary, ex parte emergency hearings in lieu of statutorily required noticed hearings and then continue and continue and continue these emergency hearings until the public or the subject or the world can't tell 'what is what' anymore."
  13. I understand this, yet I'm not sure what "bad" means. If "bad" means no more court decisions until then as punishment, that's the best for them.
  14. After a while, maybe, I'm not sure anymore. What if they pay for Ingham and then stop doing it 1 or 2 weeks before the 10th of November again? Then that's the same yet new situation...
  15. So it means no more court decisions until they pay? So they remain the conservators and can't be replaced until then? They will NEVER pay then...
  16. I'd like to show you guys a video, I like this woman's YouTube channel, because she talks about things that are still considered as taboo. I'm not saying Britney has schizophrenia or anything related, the point is to show how psychosis works and what can happen when you're in that state, that the patient is extremely paranoid, scared, desperate, "just wants to be alone", "not herself" at all, is fighting with her loved ones, professionals and/or the cops, and you can see they're capable and completely fine just a couple of weeks later. Plus, she always mentions that she's afraid of the anti-psychotic meds because those can make you "tic" after a while. There's another video wherein she is talking about the electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) as well to cure her depression, and how that process works. (There are rumors about Britney also got it.) It's very interesting, helps you to understand these mental issues and their consequences, and maybe Britney had something like this back in the day, even depressed people can be delusional and in psychosis without the right treatment. My Experience with My Recent Hospitalization for Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder
  17. I believe that's clear by now that she wasn't well back then, but that doesn't mean anything, especially in 2020. I know a lot of people who have done serious things and mistakes in psychosis, you can get out of it in a couple of weeks with meds, and then of course you still need some time to recover, and I think Britney hasn't got the opportunity to focus on her mental health, she had to work like crazy, this is why it took years to pull herself together. It's not her fault. But now she wants us to know the whole truth, the ugly truth as well, because those are the past. Team CON doesn't want us to know, because keeping things in secret is beneficial for them, they can talk in cryptic messages all the time suggesting she's so mentally ill. And btw, I wouldn't trust this guy, especially not after he started to kiss Jamie Lynn's ***. He's more like Lance and his husband, they all have the same agenda, because Juno reaches out to them. Of course all of this is only a theory from me, I'm not stating facts.
  18. Youtube is not the most reliable source for understanding DID, but yes, you can live independent, you can be relatively stable, you can make your own decisions etc, it depends. But it is common that it hits you hard "at the beginning", so I can imagine this is what happened with her too: she was dissociating and/or struggling with amnesia/memory loss and different parts.
  19. It can happen with dissociative disorders. Once I asked my husband when I was dissociating that "since when do you live here??" Because I was in a state when I remembered him, but not as my life partner or spouse. When it "comes out" for the first time - I was 28 when I first had dissociative amnesia - then it is possible that it takes months to pull yourself together again, so you can be in this weird state because of amnesia walls between your different personalities. Your brain is desperately trying to keep things hidden from you, the main personality (host), so maybe Britney wasn't Britney in those times, and the other personality didn't remember some friends or relatives. Of course this is just a theory, but it makes sense for me, and I'm suspicious she has some kind of dissociative disorder, there are many signs of it.
  20. The point of the whole rant was defending Lance's words and Jamie Lynn's behavior, so he didn't mind throwing Britney under the bus for the cause. He mentioned Sam Lufti (as the paparazzo, I don't think he meant Adnan) and I suppose Fe (as "like a mother") to let us assume she was agreed on this and was also involved. They are in contact with JL at the moment, so it seems little sister is desperately trying to save face behind the curtains. So Lance was her neighbor and BEST FRIEND who was worried about her like everybody else in the industry, yet he didn't mind Britney to work like crazy 3 months later she had a "mental breakdown". And he knows everything because they were talking with her for an hour on a birthday party 2 years ago. And talking about your husband's former best friend's personal struggles in public is totally fine, because everybody has some issues...
  21. "Jls has nothing to do with any of the conservatorship! Even those news reports are wrong. Again u don’t actually know and yes she does in fact love her sister more than anything. U think Britney likes u speaking about her sister negatively???? Like really???" "No I said lance wouldn’t know the names of ppl Bc he’s not good with names and bc he doesn’t wake up worrying about this everyday. He has his own life and career to work for everyday with no help or handouts from anyone else. He’s been through the same situation himself." (He meant the Lou Pearlman case.) "No but it does. Damn I was with Britney on her birthday just two years ago. We spoke just the three of us by ourselves for an hour. You don’t know anything. Yes she’s struggling and yes her dad shouldn’t be in charge which is what she said to the court and the court reacted." "He said the court system Wouldn’t let them abuse her if she spoke out that she was being abused. Britney NEVER spoke out To the courts until this past month. And when she didn’t the court took what she said and are removing her father as conservator—aka the court system helped" "Well that’s how she acted with him. There was a point where he’d go over her house and she wouldn’t even know who he was at the front door. Her mind wasn’t what is was and he was so concerned for her as her best friend. That’s real life right there and not just a headline. So when yall attack him just know he experienced things with her and saw her when she wasn’t truly in a good healthy mental space. Quite the opposite. Im know she’s progressed so much since then and when we saw her 2 yrs ago she was great. But there’s history behind his comments." "Bc he was best friends with her when she went through a mental breakdown and she didn’t even know who he was standing in front of her. That’s real life. He was there to experience way more than that so when he speaks about her Mental health he’s speaking from his perspective. And yes, the way she acts on social media is different than how she used to act before she went through her own issues and so to him she is in fact behaving differently. He also said she seems happy at least and that maybe just how she is now at this point in life." "If ur best friend who u lived next door to all of a sudden didn’t know who u were and behaved like a completely different human being I’m sure you’d be concerned too. Granted this was back in 2008 but at the time she really did in fact need help. U want him to lie?" "Yes there are many reasons that caused it but that’s not my business to state and yes her mental state was a actual factor. To suggest he didn’t experience her going through blatant mental issues in 2008 is just wrong. No should she still be controlled to such an extent? Probably not, no—but to say the whole thing was baseless from the beginning is just not true especially to those who know her. So many of her friends were so scared back them by her behavior and luckily she’s moved passed that" "But it’s a fact that she wasn’t in her right mind. Whether that be for other mental illnesses or drug use or whatever it may be. The fact remains she wasn’t able to fully function back then and I’m sure there were many factors that led to that." "U don’t just forget who your best friends are one day and continue to behave that way for MONTHS if there’s Not an underlying issue. The court wouldn’t have made a conservatorship and taken primary custody away from her for no reason. It’s lasted way too long but not initially. So your saying lance and a number of other celebrities who knew Britney well are all lying that she had a complete mental break?? Why would lance ever make that up to hurt his friend?? I mean come on. I’m not saying she’s till like that and neither is lance. U think she was in her right mind when she let a sleepy paparazzo move into her home and control her every move Back then?? That wasn’t normal and she was in need of help then. Lance saw this all first hand and saw how her mind was quickly devolving then. Again—I never said she had dementia. She behaved like she had dementia but obviously it wasn’t. But she WASNT in her right mind. You’re allowed to acknowledge she had issues back then and still support her today? Ignoring her past and pretending it never happened isn’t helpful." "Again u don’t know who he’s talking about and if u did u would actually totally support this person. It’s not a family member or a person even involved in the conservatorship but a person who’s been a second mother to hair her whole life.... And if this person was truly worried about Britney they would have told lance and other immediately. Again, ur just assuming things with no actual real information. Lance doesn’t speak to her family apart form jls. Period. And jls has nothing to do w the conservatisrhip." "No he didn’t. That’s just stupid. And she didn’t remember him when she was having a breakdown. She didn’t know who her own family members were. But sure just pretend that never happened. Whatever y’all just wanna hear what u wanna hear and ignore the pat. That’s fine. Bye."
  22. Not yet, they are still there. Go to the "tweets and replies" section on his profile. He's arguing with fans for hours now, he said goodbye like 5 times since then.
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