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  1. THIS.So tiring to hear others make the documentary all about them and many don't know the extent of Britney's case but want to add ignorant comments on how they didn't get mixed up "with drugs and that type of lifestyle." Like please don't comment on someone's life and struggles that you know nothing about.
  2. What I suspect from this is that Ingham is supposedly filing on Britney's behalf for Jodi to permanently be placed as sole conservator so that Britney will never be free from this conservatorship.And Asghari is just another hand in the cookie jar and Britney is too naive to see that.They are all just fighting over money that isn't theirs.
  3. THIS.I've noticed all these "new" songs being uploaded to youtube so they are prob on spotify.For sure they are making money off that, as well, and their partnership with that clothing line/perfumes.Marilyn has been dead for decades and the estate is still making money off her name.Not to be a negative Nancy but Britney fans are gullible to believe that this conservatorship is someday going to be over when there are so many corrupt individuals involved, not just Jamie and to believe Sam speaking out about Britney means he has her best interest at heart.He could have ulterior motives.The obstacles he mentioned could just be that Jamie will not allow Sam to marry or have children with Britney and there goes his meal ticket.As for Sam getting an easier meal ticket-A-listers can find better looking boy toys with brains to match.Sam comes off insipid and shallow.I want to believe she will be free but it doesn't look good.There are alot of unjust cases making the news lately.The lawsuit against Johnny Depp for example.
  4. I honestly thought it was no big deal, just a hair style.I still think it's no big deal.The media loves to blow everything out of proportion when it comes to Britney to keep up with their "crazy" narrative.Like the time she was photographed barefoot leaving court because her feet were prob. killing her being in heels all day.Also,when she couldn't remember what car she arrived in, which was perfectly logical, given that her bodyguards usually drive her around and paps were hounding her.The comment section was filled with statements about how Britney snapped and Britney is going off the rails again.
  5. 100% sounds like Britney.When she did that hair flip and talked about taking pictures in her backyard
  6. Offset's song clout came to mind in regard to that messy bottom.I remember when he went on a twitter rant just because Britney's twitter account unfollowed him or something to that effect.Every fanbase has crazy fans, not just the B-Army but when drama queens are involved, flamebaiting, for sure you can't point the finger at stans.
  7. They'll do anything for clout uh do anything for clout
  8. This reminds me of those cringy posts by birdbrain hoes on fb trying to come up with inspirational quotes to match a picture of them with their **** hanging out but slay that covid I guess
  9. Addiction is a serious thing, however Love brought up the hospital bit mover over to insinuate Madonna as being mainstream generic (a candy stripper or whatever) also said Madonna doesn't write her own songs so Madonna poking fun @ Love's addiction was just fair game.I love both a messy queen (Love) and a dramatic queen (Madonna).Pop culture really is entertainment at it's best, better than the music, performances.
  10. Not only is Madonna forever the queen of pop, she is the queen of shade and I live for it.I remember when she mooned Lady Gaga at an award show during their feud because that woman has no shame and Manson's take on things .
  11. What a load of horse****.They are really going to threaten to sue any one that speaks out against them huh? Hope they go flat broke racking up those lawyer fees .Sorry you had to be subjected to such pettiness @Jordan Miller.You really can't have freedom of expression anymore without administrative or legal action.Sad world we are living in.
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