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  1. I can't stand how much I adore them omg They never let up, and I love it so much 😭😭 When they went quiet between Sweet Melody and Confetti, I knew they were up to a LOT, and they weren't exaggerating when they promised us lots of treats in 2021. How can anyone not Stan
  2. He's very supportive of it, as he's a Britney fan too. Britney for me was Lady Gaga for him. The other day I recorded him in the car singing "Work *****" 😂 He only makes jokes about my stannage of Little Mix (which is fine, cuz I in return tease him how Gaga recorded Chromatica 2 years prior to release, dropped it and forgot about it since she couldn't tour 😬), even though he's since downloaded a few of their songs to his phone.
  3. Honestly, I wasn't interested in ANYTHING Jesy-related.. But if this is what sis is bringing?!!??? Guuuuuurrrrll, yasssss
  4. SAME. Honestly when I think of 2016-ney, I always think of this look. Everything was on point to be from hair to body. A SERVE
  5. I just wanted to say you have exceptional taste for the "Rebuilt" love😭
  6. I see what you did there, and I love it because I do it too 😂😭 But agreed. Demetria needs to take some time for Demetria's self. The voice note was a cute response but I'm tired seeing Demi's name for things not related to Demi's talent. Sending good vibes that way
  7. Yassss queen!! I'm so proud of her. I love how she's making her own path, while firmly maintaining her place as one third of the largest girl group in the world
  8. I remember buying Prerogative on a whim as it was advertised as uni5ex. Upon first impression, I thought it was hella feminine but I gave no sh!ts because I was gonna use that bottle I paid for. To my delight, it dies down beautifully and has been the fragrance I get the most compliments on at work. My female coworkers LOVE it, and it's the only one my s/O likes on me as he's not a fan of fragrances in general. Def a winner. It's always funny when asked what it is and I say "Godney"
  9. Upwards of 2017 its been Britney as my favorite, with Little Mix being second, but in that time, they've risen to first and I've never yearned for a backup fav. They truly never leave us waiting too long, and when there is a break, you know it won't be long and they're coming hard. If I had to choose, I'd say Dua atm because she's keeping us full and satisfied
  10. Rise, Confetti, RISE!! Imagine if they end the Era with another #1😭
  11. Sh--... Demetria is INSUFFERABLE. Isn't it interesting how this one is radio silent when there's isn't a recently released or soon to be released project to promote, but when there is, Demetria's face is everywhere.. But not.. Performing? I'm not gonna be clocked for "misgendering" anyone, but Demi proves Demi to be a stunt queen so "Demi/Demetria" it is. I always get "give me attention", which is a shame for such a talented individual
  12. It's such a great time to be a Little Mix stan😭😭 They keep us fed. An acoustic performance and two music videos in three weeks, not including a second version of one of those videos. I love them so much 😭
  13. I'm usually very respectful of people's life decisions and identity.. But Demetria needs to stop her shi+. It just feels like stunt after stunt and it's exhausting. We dont need to know your business. Keep it, please. She always has something to come out with during her album promotion.
  14. Demetria.. Girl.. The album is out, the documentary BEEN out, You can stop now. I'd be more inclined to be on her side if she hasn't basically told us that what she's doing is exactly what she's done in the past, and we know what happened.. Because she tells us every other year. I'm empathic, I'm compassionate, but I'm...so sick of her. She can smoke w33d and drink in moderation but calls out a frozen yogurt company for offering sugar free Desserts. Ugh!
  15. Anybody remember the controversy over the promo artwork? I remember being my 13 year old self, thinking she was so gorgeous and maybe they just slimmed her down.. Now I look at it 13 years later and it looks like they used MS Paint to paste her face on someone else's head.
  16. Ugh, they're so STUNNING. I'm ready to be slayed to bits
  17. First time poster here! But all my *** wants to know: 1. What happened between TSC and GMA 2011. 2. Why was the original Private Show commercial released with a different outfit from the teaser 3. Who put those POM wigs on her head and why was it allowed 4. Why does she seem genuinely convinced she sings live, when there have been videos of her performing MATM at POM 2.0, and she'll stop lipping when she gets behind one of the walls 5. Why did they use that same Femme Fatale promo photo for everything. Y'all know the photo! **Not a mystery, but just an acknowledgment of how STUNNING she was in 2016. The entire year. Jesus.
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