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  1. The delusion and self righteousness is really quite sickening. I think we can blame Lou and her gay bashing prayer circle for her sanctimonious moral superiority complex. At this point I wouldn’t be mad at all if Britney drops her Spears name.
  2. Going to go out on a limb and be wildly speculative for a change. Maybe the Speargharis are actually chill with the NYT documentaries hence his willingness to have anything to do with them. Having said that he’s probably grateful for any and all publicity (not hating on Sam don’t @ me)
  3. Sorry - dangerous narrative. People don’t join a community about their favourite artist because they only care about the work, but because they are passionate enough to care about the person as well. I struggle to believe there is even a small minority of users here that actively want Britney to still be in a conservatorship. Being skeptical of past events also doesn’t mean that people are against #FreeBritney. Struggling to see the purpose of this thread. Free thinking is important and people can have an opinion but to tar everyone with the brush of being complicit in the conservatorship is odd. You ok hun? TL;DR this thread title is a mess
  4. Judge Brenda Penny ordered Jamie Spears, who has controlled his daughter’s estate and other aspects of her personal life for 13 years, suspended as conservator effective on Wednesday. “The current situation is not tenable,” Penny said at a courthouse hearing, adding that the current arrangement reflected a “toxic environment”.
  5. Hollywood is fake af. Does this really surprise us? It’s disappointing yes but celebs are so self obsessed and the second they catch a whiff of vulnerability or the possibility of an artists diminishing ‘relevance’ they jump ship and move on to the next celeb they can leech off. Jokes on them though, Britney is an absolute icon and the world is watching. Her legendary status will still be as powerful as ever long after their 15 minutes of fame are over.
  6. Kind of living for this. Not that she needs a man to be happy - but she’s been isolated for so long it’s so nice to see her enjoying the small things in life.
  7. Let’s be real here. Netflix has the biggest global reach to the GP so of course there’s going to be a smear campaign of negative reviews. But we also have to remember that the media likes to copy each other. If the general vibe is negative they’ll follow the crowd.
  8. Agree with the comments. It wasn't groundbreaking. BUT it also wasn't a documentary for people who were close to the movement. This, to me, served as a fairly good introduction for those who are maybe mildly interested but don't have the greatest idea of exactly what's happened to Britney. It brought awareness to the masses, worldwide, and featured a lot of her court testimony. So - imo it will bring more people into the fold - and pile on the pressure even more to terminate swiftly and enact justice.
  9. I don’t think it’s very constructive right now to still be dragging Sam through the mud. We will never know everything what matters to me is that he seems to make Britney incredibly happy. And for quite some time now he has been a brilliant advocate for her and supporter of #FreeBritney. We will never know what his motives were at the beginning of their relationship but I have no doubt that he cares for Britney now and wants what is best for her.
  10. This was a tough watch. I’m so glad they mentioned Lou Taylor by name. They by no means went in hard and are likely being threatened left, right and centre - but even naming her is good exposure. Let the people dig further. So much to process still but overall none of it surprising just extremely uncomfortable to hear.
  11. She couldn’t have been less interested. She’s as fake as her face at this point.
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