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  1. This would be a fun conversation if I was stoned, I'd probably agree. But ultimately...Judges have to be 100% impartial. That's their job. Nothing happens, unless a motion is brought to them. She will not *go out of her way* to help Britney because it's not her place, at the end of the day judge's remove all emotions...... doesn't mean it's right, but it's so. now, out of office she surely knows how corrupt these conservatorships are so... it's very telling of her character
  2. This was during the times when she had great audio people, and had hand signals to them to turn up her microphone when she wanted to go louder from her mic. you can tell, she looks off to the side and usually grabs the microphone. it's cute when she does it today but nothing changes..........
  3. THIS. At least back then they had the fan-base divided!!! Totally pre-recorded guys, she was dancing like crazy come on use your brain... At least they thought to pre-record her vocals realistically. She was on FIRE, I wish they filmed this... Is it in HD somewhere?! I remember she played at the Gorge in Washington for this which was huge huge huge outdoor space... it's crazy how many tickets she sold
  4. I love every time I see this on national coverage. This was started by the fans and it's just craaaaaaaazy what is going to be uncovered. I still don't understand why Adam is not in there ASAP. He should have some legal thing that says he should immediately be hired based on the fact she wanted him in 2008 so there's no delay and he can actually reach her. He's obviously the best one and most skilled for this case no doubt, I mean he nailed exactly what Britney's adult life has become. Free her Adam!!!
  5. Imagine you’re a server at a restaurant and you find out it’s him when you run his credit card for the bill… what do you do?? 😏
  6. So, I was actually at the rally but it was really difficult to hear because we were all listening from people’s speakerphones. I never heard the full leak. (38:22) Lynnes lawyer at the end - kudos to him. It is INEXCUSABLE Britney said these things in 2019 and nothing was done so GOOD ON HIM for calling Pennys *** out oh and I thought ingham looked like a one of us 👀 but now that I heard his voice I confirm he is an old queen — what a TW@T — I hope he gets investing for criminal actions
  7. If you are in the US it is still important to file the complaint TODAY against Ingham, even if he resigns he still should be investigated and she should sue him back for her money. https://inghamenditnow.com WHERE IS ADAM STREISAND?!?!?!?!!!
  8. Yeah sorry you all but this isn't that complicated. Take away the whole Britney element and just imagine this situation as a typical divorced family. Parents divorce, father gets sole custody. Both children are male, living with their father, using his last name. That parent always paints a certain image of the other parent, that usually defines their perception, especially if they are on good terms with that main parent and live with them more frequently. Unless you're from a divorced family you probably don't understand. My point is, Britney isn't going to share the nitty-gritty of her conservatorship issues with them, and they probably feel more 'comfortable' talking about it with their father, who most likely has a very skewed perception of the situation that he shares his opinion through...
  9. All I care is that Britney has an ALL - FEMALE (or gay male only) team. No more straight men need to be managing her image and coming up with brand and endorsement ideas. ALL FEMALE POWER OR FEMININE ENERGY. The patriarchy put her in this conservatorship, she should make a stand coming out.
  10. WE DONT NEED KIM K (I mean, I don't hate her, so we'll take it) but we need INGHAM OUT and ADAM STREISAND IN. WTF I going on with her representation she said she wanted to pick why is this not happening! WHERE IS ADAM STREISAND?!
  11. What a *****. What I got from skimming that was, he thinks we are pushing falsities (which isn't an incorrect statement, a lot of fans jump to conclusions on many things and we still don't know many of the specifics) but he seems annoyed we are trying to claim this "conservatorship abuse" platform as ours VS the civil unions who have been working so hard for so long... Well, I'm sorry, but America is conditioned to only care about celebrities. IF you have a problem with that, take on the big media. At least now a celebrity has given your civil unions an extreme velocity and pressure now to create change, along with NATIONAL SUPPORT NOT ONLY FROM PEOPLE BUT FROM LEGISLATORS AND THOSE POLITICS AND LAW. What a stupid assignment. The editor should be ashamed (and yes I don't think it's the author's fault, sounds like an assigned piece).
  12. The fact that she's getting coverage on Fox, the disgusting Trump Network, just shows Brit's power... MEND THE NATION BRITNEY! Ok, but in seriousness, at least more people will hear her case. If this topic is on Tucker, she's getting her story sold to some Republicans that aren't the Meghan McCain type (who I love) but more the Trumpers... BUT the more eyes, the better, the more outrage, the faster the change.
  13. It's pathetic this guy is a member of Congress and would go on television saying this. When she literally said she is trapped and controlled. Oh sure, they'll let her go out to Congress but not down to her girlfriends to gossip. SUUUUURE. How about you focus on helping legislation or pushing for ethical investigations and the calling of the immediate dismissal of her conservatorship and HELP FREE HER first before you worry about having her story told in order to change legislation.
  14. Andy Cohen is not a late night talk show host, he's the owner and host of his own network. PRIMETIME talk slots have a format, these are formulas that have been used for decades... The opening monologue is going to have jokes. There was literally nothing they could or should have done differently and they were 100% of Britney. You're upset about a cat picture when they literally spent so much time creatively coming up with a way to work ALL HER SONGS INTO AN ENDING THAT WAS SUPPORTIVE OF HER? The picture of the cat is just in reference to how she's being milked out of both sides and that this whole thing is about money. Please elaborate exactly how she was "deflated" and not to be taken seriously by this opening sketch? It's completely supportive of her. You are truly reaching.
  15. Here we go with the sensitive generation... Please stop finding issues that aren't relevant. This is not a news show. It's a comedy late night talk-show. It's gossip based. The fact that they brought her transcript into it and managed to make a light-hearted sketch out of it and still give people the FACTS and BRITNEY'S WORDS is amazing, and whoever wrote the bit at the end with all the singles deserves an Emmy. That was brilliant and poignant. For that sort of genre of television, that was really well done.
  16. Of course not... she knows what happens in these conservatorship cases, even if she is the farthest removed and impartial, I'm sure she enjoys her salary and isn't donating it all to legal aid foundations or something so...
  17. Yup. There was that insider that leaked what she spoke about was just like .001% of everything that's happened and that her tell-all will be explosive.
  18. It's going to be very interesting if the evilest villain out of this entire thing ends up either being Larry Rudolph or that new white semi-pudgy guy (Adam Leber ?) that's her co-manager... If they were manipulating Britney's medical team the whole time. There is just so many 'what-if' scenario's...
  19. This is strange. Britney has been 100% clear for over a decade she didn't want her father involved -- that coupled with her testimony, would mean all this is false. If that is the case... What is James' end game? His best strategy at this point would have been to defend the conservatorship and object their petition to dissolve. Why would he INITIATE an investigation that would without a doubt bring to light evidence against him? I'm very concerned about his lawyer's angle. Either there's so much we don't know or it's just a delay tactic and to save face. Ultimately, he should just agree to his daughter's wishes and not object to the dissolution - that would mean this would be over much faster than how it will be if they object...
  20. He can't keep the secret any longer? Oh, coincidental timing now. So what was he doing 13 years ago... He could've leaked info easily without it getting back to him.
  21. He is such trash. Come on man, have a spine, at one point you said you LOVED this woman. ******* show some respect just based on that. FFS he knows nothing is wrong with her and obviously they put her on lithium to control her. He knows in his heart she doesn't need any of this. The boys are teenagers? How old are they - seriously, what is he so concerned about? Worst things are happening to them at the house parties they're going to. The only silver lining in that conservatorship is Jaime was probably way more cheap and greedy than Britney would've been dealing with his child support. I think it's so sad her custody arrangements got reduced but at the very least, the boys are older now and probably in that teenage phase when they don't want to be around their parents anyway, and it wasn't when they were much younger.
  22. Wow never saw her before and love her. She is 100% right and that athlete comparison is a great parallel for the GP. And yes everyone is HELLA LATE this and Meghan McCain’s reaction have been the best supportive statements
  23. Ingham needs to be sued for reimbursements of legal fees and disbarred, but he will definitely retire I don't imagine he would want to face an ethics investigation. This was definitely David L. I think it's sad he spoke about a "baby girl" -- that will be really sad if she ends up having a boy again, he could've just said another baby lol... Let's all manifest a girl for her! It does seem like they became stricter ever since the Vegas show ended, but this is still all too creepy. He's 100% right, it should've helped straighten her out and then been done. Britney actually DOES need to sue her family so there IS an investigation into Taylor, Tri-Star, otherwise, if people aren't looking for evidence, there will never be justice.
  24. Totally. I PRAY one day she addresses the topic of her voice *in depth* but I don't think there's any journalist that would do a good job. I wish she would do the old days like MTV and have a fan interview her. As a fan, and a singer, I've dissected her voice sooooo much I have so many things to ask her. I would love to do a deep dive WITH her about the evolution and change of her voice if she would be willing to talk about it candidly, it would be so dope.
  25. thank you! I will take that into consideration as an idea for my channel! it's mostly flight attendant stuff but I have some Britney sprinkled here and there lol
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