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  1. I mean, this is a good post, but, it's not a "strategy" for him to appear at the court, LOL, that's just the way things are normally done. Zoom is only an option because of the pandemic and will now stay since they have the systems & technology in place, but nobody with their own firm and a name as big as his AND. Britney's is going to take a massively public case and not briefly speak about the court proceedings to the media. This is like, standard protocol. To be frank with you I don't really think he's bothered by winning a media war, Rosengart knows shady stuff went down and that this was allegedly all put together unlawfully in the first place, so I'm sure his focus is getting those facts into court, not what the media is saying or doing because ultimately, it's only the court that will make a decision based on the facts.
  2. I actually think if it had a 'Reputation' vibe It would make sense. She's gonna wanna be more raw I'd imagine; probably similar to OD - or she'll do a total 180 and do some like country-pop.
  3. Box office performance is huge for the future of an actor, especially when they are the lead in a high budget, high-salary film. If the film doesn't perform well, even if for a multitude of reasons, the actor will be blamed and it will be harder for them to cast or command another film, because casting and producers on the next film will reference their previous "flop". For Scarlett I don't think it's a big deal since she's already established herself as an uber A-list celebrity. It's probably just annoying for her, to have spent so much time working on a film, for it to (I guess??) "flop" (otherwise there wouldn't be a lawsuit). Some of y'all on this forum need to really start looking at situations from both sides... Lol. This isn't "greedy", plus this isn't just Scarlett, I'm sure it's people on her team as well that pushed for this. Contracts are contracts so... of course they're going to sue if it wasn't released properly. A lot of time goes into these movies, it's not like she showed up on set for a month and the movie was done.
  4. 100% agree with you but I don't agree it's an "act" - it's just how she is. Britney is very smart, she just doesn't articulate herself the way most other celebrities do, or even normal people. Everyone forgets she barely had a regular education (and if she did, it was one from Louisiana for maybe 2 years in high school...) so she probably doesn't have the reading ability or vocabulary she should for her age. It doesn't mean she's dumb, she's just not as formally educated as everyone else, so she often speaks and writes in more of a child like manner. This isn't an 'act', we all know Britney is very smart, but there's different ways to be smart, and she's obviously creative and expresses things through movement. Paris Hilton's voice and "dumb blonde" stuff is definitely an act - she took that character and laughed all the way to the bank with it, good for her.
  5. right. she was so boring with all those other guys. I think she finally got some good ****. plus women her age start to get their actual ***ual peak, much later than men, so her and sam are perfectly age matched haha
  6. WOW she's actually singing again good good GOOD!! Get that voice back Britney! The voice YOU want to be heard! So many bops on this album but I still love Cinderella the most haaaaaa
  7. Yeah I can... That's why it's called critical thinking. And as I prefaced the post with, "justification", or more correctly, your morals and ethics are an entirely different point and conversation than the topic of someone in simple terms, as a judge would look at things impartially and black and white was just fulfilling the duties required to be paid for her job. I completely agree with you and don't condone anyone that participated in this conservatorship's ongoing nature or pertaining to the images and narrative about Britney. But your feelings doesn't change the fact that it's her job.
  8. So... This is just a fun hypothetical scenario for you - especially the Cassie haters. I'm posting this because I exchanged comments on this forum with someone who had so much hate towards her for making Britney look bad per team con's instructions, and while I agree with the ethical side of his opinion, I pointed out that ultimately, at the end of the day, she's doing her job. Whether actioning the instructions of her employer aligns with my values or is ethical is an entirely different discussion. The point is: it's her job to do what Britney's team says. Just like it was someone's job to force Britney to take medication, or to strap her into a gurney during the staged intervention. These sorts of "inhumane" actions exist in companies everywhere. We all know Britney uploaded her media to something that the social media managers controlled. That means, Cassie took her content, but was in control of the editing ultimately (changing it or keeping what Britney wanted, etc). SO... Maybe Cassie actually does support Britney. Maybe she thinks that the whole conservatorship is disgusting but she's not going to quit her job because 1) she needs money like all of us and 2) that just means they will employ someone else. So, perhaps she had good intentions and when she saw the yellow shirt fan comment, she pulled a video of Britney in a yellow shirt and specifically changed the caption to highlight the words to alert fans that we were on the right track and to keep up the pressure... Otherwise, how would've Britney seen that comment since she didn't have access to the app. (Other scenario is Sam did, and told her to do a video in a yellow shirt, but unlikely he's on Instagram 24/7 reading her comments) YOU NEVER KNOW. Just some devil's advocate attempts on here to make you think. ;)
  9. I'm glad he wants to investigate whether the conservatorship was even necessary, he is going to take this to all the places the fanbase has been trying to go the past decade. Don't worry it's in the best hands - only a matter of time. What's going to come out of these investigations and testimonies is going to be very heartbreaking and disgusting... I'm sure this is only the tip of the iceberg. Where is the full transcript of what Britney said in court, has it been leaked?
  10. Her job is to manage Britney’s social media per instructions by her boss which is not Britney, it’s the team that Britney alleges abuse from. so again, it’s like don’t kill the messenger. I’m not saying I condone her position or ethics but at the end of the day it is her JOB, just like it was someone’s JOB to force Britney to take lithium against her will, or someone’s JOB to strap her to a gurney against her will. Are you going to defame those people as well simply bc of the type of job they chose?
  11. I have thought about this but who knows what sort of legal things he signed and at the end of the day, I’m sure they aren’t spending time on his Instagram when they’re trying to enjoy their short time together. What is it going to lead to? Nothing is going to change except from the courthouse so it’s the same way Britney was manipulated into this “voluntary” conservatorship… “fight and rebel if you want but it won’t get you anywhere”
  12. Hmm actually I did not think about it like that so this has shifted my perspective from my last post
  13. Guys come on this is ridiculous. It’s not like this woman has a vendetta against Britney. It’s not like she got into social media management specifically to derail Britney’s image. She’s doing her job at the end of the day. Not everyone that works for someone represents OR AGREES with their employer’s views,l (in fact most people don’t like their boss/company/employer) they’re just there to pay the bills LIKE YOU ARE.
  14. She needs to sue the state of California and the original judge for even granting this sort of conservatorship when there are mental health conservatorships available *if that’s what she even needed*
  15. Y'all, it shouldn't be this hard to understand. Britney Spears has the ability to take photos and videos and upload them either to a shared cloud by her "team" and the social media manager. Obviously, she doesn't have access to the Instagram application herself. Does she even have a smart phone? If she does, they've probably pre-loaded the apps she's "allowed" and then has a parental setting on it so she can't download more. If she had the Instagram app, wouldn't she be allowed to communicate with all these people and outsiders are shielding her from? She doesn't have access to apps or they're restricted. Yes she puts up the background and I'm sure she enjoys doing some of the things she posts, but ultimately at the end of the day she has no control over timing, post, way its edited, etc etc Ugh, so cringe even me typing this.
  16. Hmm interesting caption as she's wearing a choker-style necklace.
  17. I'm glad that Jia on every interview always stresses that even IF Britney has mental health diagnosis, there are other types of conservatorships that deal with those. A PROBATE conservatorship should have NEVER been even considered or passed by the judge, so I think a lot of scrutiny needs to be placed on how this was put into place once Britney is free. An investigation with consequences is the only way reform will happen. I hope she sues the state of California, along with Ingham, and the rest.
  18. see I don't even know how to get twitter to work on this forum I'm like Cher, *****ter and forums confuse me JORDAN I hate you for making the lurkers join lol
  19. The fastest, most efficient way out of this mess is if her father doesn't object to the dissolution of the conservatorship immediately. That's the only way this will happen, and her father typically responds when there's something trending on social media. I wish a reporter would get in his face and ask him his thoughts on how #FREEBRITNEY was a "conspiracy theory". I think we should try to trend this (I don't care about twitter honestly LOL I'm not doing this for anything else bc I only tweet about free Britney). If you are with me tweet #GIVEITUPJAMIE (make sure you spell his name correctly as I was spelling it Jaime for years......) I genuinely think he needs to FEEL the pressure and the EYES of the world ON HIM to give this ******* shenanigan up. He's literally in denial - like how Trump was about actually winning the election - he has warped his mind into thinking he is correct in this permanent hybrid business model conservatorship when it's so GLARINGLY obvious this entire thing is a con. He's dragging out what is already going to be an inevitable slow burn of extremely embarrassing and possibly incriminating things, especially when people begin to come forward, so why would he want that all exposed in court. GIVE IT UP MAN... GIVE IT UP JAMIE <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">GIVE IT UP JAMIE SPEARS! DO NOT OBJECT TO THE DISSOLUTION OF THIS CONSERVATORSHIP -- Let Britney live her own damn life how SHE wants if you TRULY love your daughter. She gave up her *entire life* to the world - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/GiveitupJamie?src=hash&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#GiveitupJamie</a> <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/FreeBritney?src=hash&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#FreeBritney</a></p>&mdash; R. Anthony (@rob__anthony) <a href="https://twitter.com/rob__anthony/status/1412936743033081857?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">July 8, 2021</a></blockquote> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> If you agree let's get this viral PS watch my insta go down next
  20. yes yes agreed 100. and technically he was PAID to be in her music video. I'm sure even maybe their date was set up, but the relationship is real... at this point it's obvious it's genuine.
  21. YASSSS Priyanka is super intelligent - watch any interview where she speaks at length. She probably had no idea and when she heard this she was like hell no. Hopefully she tries to help Britney!
  22. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/britney-spears-list-army-set-24468412 I thought someone had already posted this but couldn't find it. Thoughts? IMO: reaching..... they're just pulling the biggest #FreeBritney celeb voices that showed support. There's no legal fund that would cause any change; the only thing that could possibly happen would be POTUS doing something - but still doubtful. It has to go through the motions of the court...Welcome to the USA, where Justice takes forever. What the celebs should be doing is getting ADAM STREISAND TO HER -- WHEN IS this going to happen!!!
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