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  1. It's literally ridiculous how people on this forum automatically assume Sam is untrustworthy and unlikeable simply because he was in entertainment... Nobody had issues about K-Fed who was obviously using Britney to become a rapper and is still using Britney to this day, and is part of the reason the CSHIP was even considered. Gross. Nobody will understand the relationship her & Sam have and that is theirs to have! They are clearly ready to get married and start a life together and deserve to do so! This is her longest boyfriend yet, her hottest boyfriend yet, and he's going to give her some hot *** babies and the family of her dreams. Let the woman live her dream life out!! Edit: And I'm sure she wants to actually retire for the most part and be a mom, and she WANTS him to be a successful actor and bring some money in! He's hustled his way from personal training to a Hollywood actor, like tons of people go to LA to do, so why do y'all hold that against him? SMH...
  2. He will find someone just as experienced DONT worry… I’m more excited about this new add-on experienced in money laundering
  3. I agree with you, however, I don't think it's so black and white. I do think there's a gray area, like Britney clearly liked Passenger, even though obviously that whole album she was checked out. So I don't think any album was ever totally forced for her, although we can all agree Femme Fatale is probably that era, if there ever was one. At the end of the day, Britney innately is an artist; she will always need creativity and freedom of expression and put out art, so we will see in the future what she choses to select to perform from her old music... It will be all her choice and that will probably be the way she lets us know.
  4. Chelsea Handler is topless all the time on her Insta, and nobody cares. Britney posts a picture like this, and it gets dissected, and her mental health is brought into play, because the GP has been conditioned to always be critical of Britney. It's unfair. Nothing has changed since 2007, I think that's why she's doing these photos to say, "Why does it matter for me?" This reminds me of her topless photoshoot with the beads around her ****. She was so free in that shoot!
  5. Everything you just wrote has nothing to do with "corruption". If you would like to have a discussion about a politician's ability to govern and their accomplishments and failures, sure, but not dealing with homelessness doesn't mean California is corrupt. High cost of living doesn't mean California is corrupt. We can continue... Everything you said, and continue to say, is a generalization. You are giving 1 or 2 examples of your opinion and then summarizing that California is corrupt. I'm just reacting like a teacher would, in those things we went to called school, where people take what you say and then respond and provide reasons why they disagree - you know? And then you have to respond? Kind of like, debate, or educated discussion... Shouldn't be so upsetting for you to be disagreed with. How old are you? Another problem with the sensitive generation; "Someone disagreed with me, so I'm going to cry or cancel them or say **** off instead of have a discussion". This is a forum, you know, not your personal diary to write out feelings. People will agree and disagree with you. You can respond maturely or... the way you did. In summation, I believe this conservatorship and probate system is corrupt, yet I disagree that all of CALIFORNIA is corrupt, and I think you need to grow up with that sort of response. Have a nice weekend.
  6. I love her AUTHENTICITY! The real Britney is BACK. I did think for awhile she forgot the ICONIC performances she did and how she was truly the definition of X FACTOR. She's going to slay once this **** is over and when she's ready and genuinely is creative, motivated, and hungry to comeback. She's an artist, she would never be able to live without expression. I hope she goes has the family of her dreams first though.
  7. lmaoooo this is the most uneducated statement I've read so far. Do you live in Cali? Or are you just making an observation from... somewhere else? Probate court is definitely corrupt. I'll give you that. LA has a lot of shady **** going on since it's the capital of entertainment industry, that's a given. However, Gavin Newsom has nothing to do with this. He's facing a recall because Republicans aren't happy with how strict he was with the lockdown during Covid (yet Democrats defend him and are trying to fight this recall). Nothing to do with "corruption". That's (obviously) mask and lockdown politics ... So... why you even trying with this statement? Can everyone on this forum take a minute to read what they write before pressing enter and ask themselves, "Is this actually a logical statement that I can defend?" I think will help us all interact with each other better. ASSUMPTIONS & GENERALIZATIONS LEAD TO THE SPREAD OF INCORRECT FACTUAL INFORMATION. Or do you believe the election was rigged too?
  8. yes slumber party best visuals ... she never gets nominated or wins for her videos that are so good. slumber party work ***** circus my top 3
  9. I agree with you BUT... I think Britney keeps it simple, to be happy. She slays a lot of the WB performances and she looks like she enjoys performing that song (you can tell when she's bored in others) so idk... Maybe she just detaches her self from it and performs it because she likes to dance to it. The same argument could be applied to Slave 4 U but she always performs that still... But I agree with the sentiment, it's true about a lot of her songs. Very tragically applied to her real life, often predicting it.
  10. I hope she focuses mores on how and why the conservatorship began and let's Britney explain her side, to hopefully shows that it wasn't even the right option at the time (YES, she needed help, but again, probate conservatorship was unnecessary and she could've even been placed under a different type of conservatorship). I also hope she does her research. Oprah is great at putting people at ease, but this story is very complex and if she as the journalist is uneducated, she won't ask the right questions to help Britney tell her story. And I want her to ask about her vocal evolution, and moreso the beginnings of her career that are a mystery to us, and how the label forced her to do things unlike her pop contemporaries...
  11. Omg... This fanbase. Sometimes I can't. Why do you guys make connections that are so unnecessary? Drew has been very successful since her "prime", if anything she has aged gracefully into her career and different career pivots, similar to Britney. I mean, many people would say the same thing about Britney over the past few years, "What else has she done? Besides Vegas?" Drew doesn't need to "gain" anything. She's the host of a talk show, every talk show is talking about #FREEBRITNEY. You do realize talk shows cover... pop culture, right? So it's not about gain, it's about... covering the current climate of the world. Please stop making ridiculous connections thinking everyone is trying to "gain" something unless you have proof. The only person trying to gain something right now is everyone behind Team Con. This is a PSA for everyone on this forum. Stop the baseless accusations. Use your logical mind. Think big picture before you attack someone - what she said was very respectful, and this is your reaction... SMH.
  12. 100%. It's very strange to be engaged to someone and then have NO contact, not even words towards each other, unless it was a really really bad divorce. It's very strange he was basically in charge of her life and health and then... Just vanished. Hopefully it's what Britney wanted, and not because he tried to help her... I wonder what his take on this CONservatorship was, since he was placed in charge of her. Did he do that because he thought it would be better than her father? Or did he do it because he was in cahoots with his father? Probably won't know until her book is out.
  13. I agree with you, we don't know the full story. But I disagree Jamie shouldn't be suspended, see my comment about how police officers are suspended while an investigation is under way even if they are "innocent"
  14. Racism means you intentionally or unintentionally are deeming someone less than you because of the color of their skin. I don't care if Penny is black, purple, or brown. Unless there's some monster secret, which I'm sure we'd all have discovered by now, we only care about how she handles the case. Has nothing to do with race. If someone alleges abuse, that person should be removed or suspended IMMEDIATELY. Even when police officers are being investigated for their actions, they are put on a suspension until the investigation is cleared. I'm sure Mr. Netflix agrees that's the most fair and neutral step if there's a potential incorrect actions in the context of white officers and black civilians. So why is it any different for Jamie? Riddle me this, Netflix. Nobody cares you or your mom is black. We want her to do the right thing and it's CLEARLY not keeping Jamie involved.
  15. Omg I never even heard about this movie. WOW! The song is like the whole trailer, I hope Britney gets some nice royalties from that and not TEAM CON.
  16. #FREEBRITNEY officially a pop-culture moment, solidified in music video history. LoL. Y'all are complaining people don't speak up, this is ALL WILL I AM. That's nice of him to go out of his way to show support - also don't ever think I saw him in a tank top or shorts... So they just replace Fergie with this girl? LoL. Was Fergie ever supposed to be part of Black Eyed Peas or was it a stunt from the label to get a hot girl so the music would get noticed?
  17. This is like my 3rd post, I'm shocked, disgusted, and appalled. I really thought Penny would do the right thing here which would be to AT LEAST suspend him. This man has NO QUALIFICATIONS for his position aside from his paternity. It's a real shame this alcoholic, greedy ******* had a good medical team to help him recover from his exploding colon... I'm sure that would've been the fastest and easiest way to end this whole thing. Maybe the stress will do Daddy Spears in, or hopefully he's back to drinking and will just drink too many beers one night with sleeping pills... What a ******* ****head. I've tried to be PC but this is ridiculous. Give it up Jamie Spears you are torturing your daughter. I'm sure she would rather keep paying you whatever money you want for the rest of your life as long as you just leave her the **** alone.
  18. As with anything in USA law, it's extremely easy to be put into something, and much harder to come out. I'm not disagreeing with you that they should be able to temporarily suspend Jaime OR move up the hearing - this should definitely be happening - my only point is the things like revoking her license, etc etc, it doesn't happen... Maybe this situation will change the court system and America will realize we need an ethics oversight even above Judges... But I doubt it.
  19. She won't be silenced anymore! She has a story to tell, and she will not hold back. Rally the lit agent, alert Oprah, let's go. If Penny won't even remove her father maybe Britney should start doing the TRUTH publicity tour... project Rose!
  20. I agree with you 100%, but it's a stretch and unlikely to happen, because unfortunately this is America, where everything is painfully slow and difficult. What should happen is major media attention such as after the June 23 testimony to get more of the unions fired up and involved again and make the GP question again, "Why"? Only a social movement I think would help this along, like a march. I wish we could fill the streets of LA for a huge march like when Trump won was stupidly elected president by the minority of the USA.
  21. This, I am surprised at. When you have the whole world watching, a high-powered attorney, and MULTIPLE declarations from professionals including medical ones saying Jamie's mere PRESENCE in the conservatorship is toxic, get him TFO!!! All Team Con has is VIVIAN'S defense. They've shown: - personal distress - alleged abuse - alleged financial mismanagement This is fkn ridiculous.
  22. Y'all TRUST it's going to be OK. We did the work, now let's let it unfold. FEAR is such a low vibrational energy, imagine all of us fans resonating all of this FEAR about Britney's case, it's going to change the energy... Focus on the good, what we WANT to have happen; at the end of the day, worrying about "what-if" scenario's is just a negative spiral, and pulls focus and positive energy from the outcome we are all waiting for. Trust Rosengart knows what to do. Trust Britney's instincts, she asked Jodi to stay on, so she doesn't want her out. And y'all forget that Britney has Sam, it's not like they don't talk about this, I am sure they strategize a lot about what to do. BREATHE and stop worrying so much... put out positive energy and hopes, not negative.
  23. RIGHT. Larry Rudolph is such a lying scum bag. He hyped it up it up so much "she's going to be at 90% live vocals" -- ****kkk offffff broooo -- at least give us good pre-recordings if you're going to make statements like that, not the album vocals. They didn't even try. I wonder if it came down to a time-constraint (in terms of getting pre-recorded ones done, but they had so much opportunity after the show started). TO BE CLEAR: I don't care if Britney sings live anymore. I think we are past that point of her artistry. Who knows - maybe she will surprise us and do a pivot when she returns to music, it's all going to be dependent upon what type of songs she records. I think at this point Britney enjoys dancing more than singing so her artistry will always be more studio-singing and performance-based, but you never know what can happen... I still think her voice is heavily damaged and it will take a lot of work for her to repair to get it back to her natural technique and sound. She would have to unlearn a lot of bad habits that she picked up from JIVE's push for her new sound and from straining while singing in her early days when she used to sing live. FANS need to realize though that while Britney did used to sing live and dance for promo, most of her tours once OIDA album was released were pre-recorded tours where they kept her mic on and adjusted it during strategized parts. They did a fantastic job with the OOPS tour, many people still think she sang live, but it's obviously playback BUT she did have her mic on and was singing alive and "woo-ing" (really miss those woo's!) and she had communication with her sound team when to turn the volume on her mic up and down. Then once we came to DWAD I do think she sang along some time with the understanding that her mic volume was kept very, very low (often times you could hear them turning her mic level down as she was 'woo-ing' and the songs were changing). Ever since Britney album it was pretty much just playback, I would say that's when we saw the final shift in her 'former' voice, and she made little effort to sing live except during some promo appearances when she would get some heat and then they would go on the "she always sings live with playback!" media spin. For instance, during S4U on Letterman they'd turn her mic up more during the talk-singing parts. In terms of ITZ era, Remember her MATM performance at the AMAs? That was pre-recorded because she was getting heat. And her NFL performance (my favorite ever) was totally pre-recorded but it sounded AWESOME! Again, who cares if she sings live, it's just nice to hear something different than what we've already streamed, so I super-appreciate those performances where they made a real effort to create pre-recorded vocals and mix the songs differently. Here's a great Youtube video that perfectly sums up the destroy Britney's voice went through:
  24. She doesn't have the stamina or technique to sing live anymore. Whether that's her choice or a byproduct of all the artistic control she lost through the years, we'll never know until her book comes out. Those performances were probably recorded quickly, and she sings more poorly so it "sounds" live. She doesn't sing live and doesn't sing with the track, even the OIDA tour was pre-recorded (But back then she really gave her best effort to dance & sing live as much as possible). I still really believe she damaged her voice and either got vocal nodes or was pre-nodal ... This is very damaging to your vocal chords and is caused by strain/improper singing technique. Surgery is very risky. Some people can never sing again. At this point, her voice is quite fragile and she's really just a studio singer, but it works in her favor because Britney's voice just has that it factor that's one of a kind unique.
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