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  1. I don't really think this was that great on Craig's part... He said he wasn't going to make jokes about her but then went on and on about alcoholism and basically alluded to the fact that Britney was an alcoholic, when we all know there was MUCH more going on than substance abuse issues. The narrative around this time continues to be that she had alcohol / drug problems and I don't believe that was the case at all.
  2. Live means with live studio audience... I don't think X Factor ever premiered live in real time, they filmed the shows in the afternoon. Even if it was filmed "live" they still need to take commercial breaks. And Khloe definitely needed to redo some hosting segments LOL
  3. I was an audience member during one of the live final episodes, I sat right behind the judges table and Britney / Demi. She seemed completely out of it. There was a point where they all cut filming and walked off the stage and she just stood there, looking lost, until her bodyguard came up and offered his hand to direct her. I had also seen the same bodyguard give her some sort of medication before the filming started, I assumed it was probably anti-anxiety medication...
  4. It makes me incredibly angry knowing that Streisand was tossed off the case and at this point, years later, everyone can see that Jaime is not the right person for this role, even without debating the need or not of the conservatorship. I don't understand why he can't file some sort of ethics probe or something... If other lawyers can do that amongst their peers when something doesn't seem right, why is there no accountability for judges? There should be more oversight.
  5. Promote this premiere on your FB & IG y'all and tell your followers to watch... let's get the GP fired up! #ENDTHECON
  6. I find people on this forum aren't so supportive when you put in a lot of time editing, writing, or producing content I tried to write engaging, thoughtful posts here but it seems the majority of the Twitter generation is on here & they can't handle more than a certain amount of characters before they check out I can't believe you told Leber that you knew that the cover leaked! Ha ha. You should've said, "That's what she gets for never singing live, otherwise it would've been a total surprise." HA HA! Commented and subscribed, keep going, your youtube tribe will find you.
  7. Nobody will ever reach the height of Britney's fame because it isn't possible anymore. At that time, celebrities were unreachable, and anything about their lives either had to be captured/reported by the press or written in a statement or given in an interview by the artist. The paparazzi were at their peak of harassment (let's not forget that what happened to Britney spurred a lot of new legislation in terms of the paparazzi) & Britney was the MOST wanted woman on the planet. It's just a different time now, celebrities will never reach that level again... Taylor Swift is the closest in terms of longevity and popularity, but nobody will ever have a pack of wolves following them like Britney did. Everything about her situation was exacerbated by the paparazzi.
  8. Same. There's just something about the production and the BANG that Up N Down provides. Plus who doesn't love that pre-recorded riff from FF tour. Close seconds for me are Gasoline, Scary, and Inside Out - which should've been a single just because the video would've been hot.
  9. Agreed. And she deserves another baby, she didn't even get the experience of really raising a family. Realistically, her sons were basically raised by Kfed, and she's approaching the age where it's going to be a difficult pregnancy over 40. As much as a splashy comeback with radio hits and another Vegas show or world tour would be, I think she deserves to have a family experience... Maybe at 45 she will have married Sam & raised a baby & we will get a super huge comeback Emancipation of MiMi style.
  10. Exactly. Now, I do think when she was younger she forced her voice a lot - I don't think that belt was completely natural and able to maintain as she became a teenager. That's why as she aged it wasn't as strong, but she still had great control during the BOMT / OIDA recordings. It's really during Britney that the shift happens and probably is a combination factor of many things (touring, publicity, smoking, etc, not practicing, focusing more eon dancing). The topic of the thread wasn't meant to drag her, maybe "cries" wasn't the right word... I just meant ... If I had such a beautiful voice that basically got destroyed (to put it simply) it would be emotional to listen back to something you had that you can't get back. I mean, there was a point in her career where she was NOT known for auto-tune, etc... Producers would comment in her early years how great of a vocalist she was, she only needed to do things in a few takes, didn't need a lot of editing, etc. Obviously this all changed.
  11. Do you think Britney listens to her super old material and cries? Honestly. I wonder how she thinks about her voice now in comparison to when she was younger. Diane Sawyer asked her this once, many years ago. We all know there was a major transformation in her voice over the years, the most stark difference between the pop-belt and power of BOMT / OIDA contrasted to the breathier, more fragile voice that evolved around the Britney era. Do you think she misses this voice? Or "it is what it is" in her mind? I believe I'll Never Stop Loving you is an excellent example of Britney's prime vocals. As a young teenager, she was a soaring, high-belted alto who had excellent control of a breathier head voice in the soprano range. She had a smooth, pure tone and beautiful vibrato. Her belts were as controlled as her ad-libs, which greatly began to diminish in variety as she donned her more famous and well-known style of singing. Now what's interesting is that women's voice tend to mature earlier and peak faster, versus men who develop stronger voices as they age, around their 30s. Of course, this is in line with women maturing earlier and men taking awhile to catch up I'm just always curious at how much artists actually listen to their own music. Especially Britney, because she's not only had such an evolution of sound, but pioneered a lot of common pop music. I feel like she doesn't give herself the credit she deserves sometimes. And it would be interesting for her to speak in depth about this herself one day, in terms of her musical catalogue and her vocal transformation. JLO has been very honest in recent years about her voice; how she used to have terrible self-confidence, she knew she never was the strongest singer, but would lip-synch because she didn't want to try - Marc Anthony actually helped her a lot through this and she has improved a lot. I feel like the closest we got in that from Britney was random moments throughout her tours, when she would pick one song to actually sing live. But it's very obvious that for now what's been the majority of her career, Britney has little interest in practicing or improving her vocals, or doing any sort of training to actually feel confident enough to sing live in her shows. Or care to even be able to. Does Britney care about her singing now? Or is it merely a method to sell music, which allows her to dance and perform as a character? (which imo is probably now more fun for her) Because Britney used to care a lot about singing. Somewhere along the way she stopped. The majority of the fan base would blame the label for forcing this voice on her, but I think there's a lack of interest from her side as well. Perhaps Britney was never happy because she wasn't recognized for what she wanted to be - a singer. I feel dance was secondary in the beginning, and then the dancing/performance spectacle became what made her stand out and explode and her team capitalized on that. A final thought; I would love to see her really own her voice, understanding her fanbase would love to hear it even with its current "flaws". I think it would take a lot of practice and dedication for her to do it, but it would be awesome if Britney performed some stripped-down fan-favorite tour WHEN she is free from the CONservatorship. As like a "thank you" to her fans for the support during the #FreeBritney movement. Imagine her singing all of those early 00s pop-ballads with a live band! I think once she sees how much the fans react to this she would actually have a lot of fun digging deep in to her catalogue.
  12. This comment is brain-dead and this is the problem with America and why we are so divided. There is a group of people that chose to not believe facts. We can't ever come together if the way we view the world doesn't have an epicenter of agreed upon principles, ethos, and FACTS. How & why would Democrats stage this? That literally doesn't make any sense. This has been caused because since the election Trump & many people have been fraudulently spreading these claims of voter fraud, getting these people, who often don't have actual news-sources or any sort of logical thinking, to believe him. Shouting words like DOMINION and FRAUD and FAKE NEWS as their rebuffs when presented with actual facts. If you tell people for almost 2 months that the election was RIGGED, FRAUDULENT, AND STOLEN and you are the President, people are going to listen to you. The problem with our democracy is that he should have been censored long ago. Trump has every right to proceed with legal avenues to dispute the election results, but they were all REJECTED or REBUTTED. That means he had no facts about his claims, yet he still went on and on, fueling this fire of people that don't want to believe that Biden actually won. Impeaching Trump isn't a Democratic conspiracy. It's about holding people accountable. Because what happened at the Capital should never happen again, and the amount of ILLEGAL things Trump has done in his Presidency should also never happen again. A clear message needs to be sent that nobody will be above the law. Impeachment is the only way to make that happen, and to make sure he doesn't serve again. Can't you understand that it's literally Trump's dream to have these supporters stage a coup and keep him in office, forever? I can't even believe I wasted so much time in replying. There's no point. RUSSIA COLLUSION - FACT. I'll give you that maybe he didn't willingly collude with Russia, but their interference has been proven in the 2016 election. PRESSURING UKRAINE - FACT PRESSURING GEORGIA SENATORS - FACT SPREADING ELECTION MISINFORMATION - FACT INCITING VIOLENT RHETORIC - FACT ("call to arms") This isn't some conspiracy theory. This is a man that only sought office to raise his own stature and power which is why he is trying so hard to illegally keep that power. He needs to be removed and he should be the last person to ever get away with as much as he did, and that's the message Democrats are sending with this Impeachment since he only has a limited amount of days left.
  13. YES! You beat me to her! Stacie is SO SO talented. Her live album of that concert in Japan is INCREDIBLE. It seems to have been her choice to be a one hit wonder (although I think she had 2 albums, right?). After the huge success of the 2nd I think she didn't like the industry. She's from Seattle, I believe, I think she just went back to being a normal girl and singing in a gospel choir
  14. EXACTLY. She needs a 'Womanizer' type rollout if she is ever going to be strong again in GP and charts. Otherwise, we will love her forever and always and she'll be a Vegas queen and have a career like Paula Abdul.
  15. I loooooove it. The video will be hot. This would've been a great a song for Britney, I think it would've fit her range perfectly (like Glory vibes rather than all pitched on BJ). It would be such a hot comeback song with Britney's iconic twist.
  16. ^ AGREED! Although, I think if she came out with a banger lead single and a new album, Katy would still be able to do Arena tours. No matter how much the GP doesn't care for her now, they are easily swayed by old favorites reviving themselves. Speaking of Vegas... Does anyone think Britney can ever return? After cancelling Domination, will venues take a risk on her (and would she even be insured by the touring companies?) Although I think after the CONservatorship she will need a whole new team, manager, amazing album, tell-all book, interview with Oprah, all then to promote a world tour. I'm getting off topic...
  17. It is our business if we are invested in the Free Britney movement. The whole point of what I wrote is that the conservatorship is making her SICKER, or creating all entirely-different mental health problems based on the environment/situation she's forced to live in. It's important to keep up the public pressure on her case and her mental health or she could continue to deteriorate based on living a life of mostly isolation as an adult!!! She definitely does need mental health / rehabilitation from people that are not interested in anything else but her health and well being. The entire conservatorship is a complete conflict of interest.
  18. YEEEESSSS, exactly. Just like s3 X you want all the foreplay, not just the main event (ha ha ha). But OF COURSE Neve has to come back, they cannot continue this franchise without her!
  19. I'm very concerned about what I heard at the end of the Britney's Gram latest podcast. First of all, I think those women do a great job for being thrown into something they had no clue they were getting into, but really dug into and now have really helped this movement move forward. The last podcast had a ton of great information, but most concerning was the medical professional who spoke as the anonymous interviewer. She had some amazing insight and I truly hope that one day Britney can be placed with someone like her to rehabilitate herself after her conservatorship ends. However, what she spoke about towards the end is very alarming. Perhaps she did have a mental condition from her 20s that caused her breakdown (but I believe it to be blamed mostly only the pressures of her extreme fame) the intense isolation from the conservatorship has only created, or exacerbated this. This woman literally explains that such isolation that Britney has been living in in general, plus living in a state of basically constant solitude during COVID-19, ongoing abuse by having her freedoms stripped away actually eats away at neurons and parts of the brain (she explains it in much better medical terms). People comment that something about Britney is off, and it's true... Her speech, mannerisms, voice, even movements have changed, especially once the pandemic started. And this can happen from not only being on prolonged medication but living the way Britney is. It was really shaking when she explained how Britney's own money is the one being used to strip her of her own freedom. We all knew that before, but when she broke it down the way she did she made a transparent argument towards this actually being an unlawful, abusive situation. The conservatorship is actually creating the environment it is supposed to protect her from - which is people taking advantage of her. And with that, it's causing a serious deterioration of her mental health.
  20. Right! Look, the music industry is shady AF. It's equally as disturbing as real politics when you remove all the smoke and mirrors. Ultimately, you have to accept that misogyny plays a role and at that time especially, old white men were calling all the shots. Sure, talent is important... But sexuality & the 'it' factor are more so. JLO could perform and probably had the ability to take these songs farther than the original singers, in the eyes of the label, producers (who want the song to chart), and A&R Reps (who are paid to select hits). Ultimately, it's all about sales, and they probably made the right decision (under that mindset). Ashanti was cool and all but... she would probably never have lasted as long as JLO, even if this was released as her song. I also don't think JLO back in the day was intentionally stealing ****, she probably didn't have much of a choice or say. You know when she was starting her career she was probably managed and controlled similarly to how Britney was - even if they explode on the scene it takes years for these artists, especially women, to get more creative control and power. It's probably a part of her career that she isn't proud of, and I do think she has made an effort to work on her artistry and vocals over the years, perhaps because she isn't proud of these earlier moments in her singing career.
  21. I had a friend that interned for her show for a season... He said she was not a pleasant person. I think she definitely has another side that the GP doesn't see. And she does seem over it, so why keep going? End on a high note. She has plenty of money.
  22. Oh I misread this, thinking it was single-releases, not unreleased songs. I meant it would've been an epic single. But she should've performed it on DWAD Tour regardless!
  23. Agreed. Joanne was so out of place in her discography. It would've made more sense for her to release Chromatica then, and then Joanne now, after A Star is Born and everything. I think there is a day Britney could reinvent herself with an acoustic album that would allow her to just sit and sing some songs stripped down - after some practice, I think she could really rebrand herself and drop the Queen of playback title... But first, she needs to come back with a bang - after all of this conservatorship drama, when she's free, after a tell-all with Oprah, and a #1 pop album with a smash single - we need 'Womanizer' status again.
  24. Cinderella is my favorite song of hers. Her vocals are fierce and the production is great. It's cheesy pop at its best, but the music video + live performances could've been spectacular. Imagine at the DWAD tour, fog everywhere, her rising from the stage in a massive dress that takes over the entire stage, some arial acrobatic type performance. Would've been soooooo cool.
  25. I am not a fan of her voice or performance style at all... But she is definitely smart, business-minded, and one of the best pop songwriters of this generation. On top of all that, she really makes an effort - despite being a weak singer, she still sings live, and has improved her vocals over the years. Congrats, Taylor - well deserved!
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