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  1. It's not "super obvious". Fans on here have a HUGE problem jumping from A to Z and creating false connections. You have observed maybe 15% of her actual life and you can make this connection? She was "drugged up" for reasons we will never know. Maybe she didn't want to work per say but she wanted that $15million so, like the guy said, for that much money, you'll do whatever it takes. The point is we DONT KNOW and you shouldn't speculate and make such gross exaggerations because it lowers the credibility of the fanbase when actual facts do come out that are important for the public to understand. Nobody can PHYSICALLY FORCE Britney to work. We know that from her protesting now. I'm not going to open Pandora's box and get into a gazillion "what if" scenarios - of course there are tons of nasty things happening from this conservatorship that are unethical but the only thing FORCING Britney to work would be to complete any sort of legal obligations (i.e. record deal) which she could always buy out of if she really wanted to. Does she feel pressured? Do other people depend on her? These of course are the "what if's" that we could snowball and talk about forever. Britney may have not wanted to work at certain times (as in, waking up happy and whistling a showtune because she's so excited about her day) but done so because she is an adult with a JOB & taken whatever necessary to get her through completing that job. I'm 95% certain nobody has been physically forcing her to work... Have people manipulated her? Of course. But ultimately if she didn't want to work, the gig wouldn't have happened.
  2. Circus she was excited for a distraction and thought the conservatorship was going to end after her successful "comeback tour". This was what was promised to her - I know people that worked on Circus & they said the tour wouldn't have been insured without the conservatorship in place at the time so of course she agreed to go along with the temporary conservatorship. We all know what happened after. Femme Fatale was her most checked-out era. TBH I don't think it was any sort of direction she wanted to go, that album was very much to please the fans and have some club bops. I posted previously about how I attended a filming of the X factor finale shows and I sat right behind Britney and Demi - she was totally checked out. Her bodyguard came and gave her some medication right before they started filming... And then at one point, she was on stage with everyone, they broke for a commercial, and she literally stood there frozen as everyone else left, smiling, until a guard came up and offered his hand to help es***t her away from the stage. The whole thing was totally cringe... I think it was good for her to work at the time, we all know Britney likes to work, but it's not good if she needed to take that much medication in order to function for work. But like the article said, for 15 million ... LOL Whatever she was on wasn't great for her and obviously they swapped her meds sometime during POM because she slowly became more like her old self.
  3. We can all agree her IG is very bizarre and let's hope when she's free she will want to comment on this... Maybe there is some message and tie within everything she's done since the movement began. Or perhaps it's as simple as her saying "**** U" to everyone and her doing whatever she wants 'cause she's bored AF locked up in her life how it is. More importantly can we talk about how she has 30 million followers now? I think she was around 26 when the rumors began surfacing of her being in a treatment facility against her will. So as they say... Any publicity is good publicity. She's not working, not posting thirst-traps, and added 4 million + followers to her account during the biggest break in her career. QUEEN.
  4. I've been on fan sites since WOB... heh heh heh. but I never posted in forums until I was forced to :p
  5. I love him, but I think people need to stop using PTSD so lightly. I'm sure it's something that bothered him and made him uncomfortable and "haunted" him for a long time, but PTSD is not the term for that. It's for serious events / assaults ... Not an uncomfortable question about your ***uality.
  6. totally they did and they would be SO HOT TOGETHER I wanna know why they didn't pursue anything ughhhhh ...
  7. Britney would need major coaching... She was very natural when she was younger, and great in Crossroads IMO. As she aged her acting is just very forced. The comedy was OK but still didn't feel natural... Amber Louise skit was probably the closest best thing, and that probably felt most comfortable for her as a role which is why
  8. But it's been written and worked long before the FB movement became big or even aware to the GP... Very unlikely they're going to go through a series of re-writes and all the approvals that would need just to fit a character arc closer to Britney's current state now... Anyone doing a Broadway show has hopes that the show will be continue to be performed for years, so the overall inspiration of Britney is what this was created on, not having anything to do with resonating with similarities of her conservatorship. I think everything to do with this musical is a great thing to happen for her brand, I just hope she can get her legal things sorted out before 2022 so she actually gets the money from it when it goes to Broadway. It's obvious she gave it her personal stamp of approval.
  9. Love her live vocals but some parts she looks uncomfortable... kind of like she's thinking about something going on in her real life and totally on autopilot. but her dancing is on point, but something is off about her mood in this performance for me. I also don't love her top and perhaps maybe she felt uncomfortable... if I'm not mistaken this was around all the **** job rumors, and that's not exactly the best top to be dancing around in LOL... wearing things like this for magazine covers is one thing but it just seems uncomfortable for her for a live performance... It also seems like her mic feed was cutting in and out, so she could've been having some audio issues and was frustrated with the sound guy that was mixing the mic feed and playback. But this is just me as a super observant fan. For the GP, this performance is a great showcase of her early days. Strong live vocals, great dancing, body on point, the performance was perfect pop magic for the time.
  10. I would love if she did a tour of fan selects, like Janet did, and get songs that were never even singles performed.
  11. She can't. She doesn't have access to even things like her passport in order to make an airline booking to leave the country. Not possible. That's why this CON is ridiculous.
  12. I would like to ask her when the shift PERSONALLY came from her that her focus became more on dancing/performing than being a vocal artist/singer; when did this pivot occur, and was it calculated, spoken about between her and her team, or something that just naturally occurred over time? Like, when did you actually stop practicing your vocals? As in, practicing at home, going to coaching, and warming up your vocals before a show? Background to the question: It's evident from promotional materials and tours that she tried to sing and dance live with playback from BOMT/OIDIA and this sort of shift happened around BRITNEY/ITZ era's. Cuz... we would all love a stripped down era at some point, focused on her voice. But BRIT... You been in lockdown for over a year and we only got some chipmunk-pitched recordings on Insta of you singing like... girl you could've been practicing this entire pandemic to blow all the haters out of the water with some vocals we haven't heard in years. Why not do an hour of vocal lessons along with all the dancing in front of the phone?
  13. I thought so. Well, she is pretty outspoken and not known to have a filter, so if she's defending her now then I don't hold grudges against people that have changed their bad ways
  14. 'Till the World Ends. The production was a hit but I never liked her pitched vocals... So much chipmunk in that song, can't stand it anymore. And watching her "perform" that snippet one time with Nicki Minaj was just... so sad.
  15. LOVE her going off on this reporter AND THEN standing her ground when she pushed back! Looking forward to listening to the Podcast BUT I have to ask: Is she just jumping on this for ratings? I thought Nancy Grace talked poorly of Britney back in the day (perhaps even using the term 'crazy' herself?)... although I could be totally wrong and making that up -- am too lazy to search it.
  16. I'm so interested to watch this! JC was ALWAYS supposed to be the breakout star of NSYNC. His vocals and dancing - way better than Justin's. He was the lead singer. Justin only took a front seat because his relationship with Britney elevated his status - But JC was the lead heartthrob of Nsync. He definitely deserved an amazing solo career, although "Some Girls" was a questionable single choice... Justin definitely had the smarter team creating songs and a sound for him (does it address that in the documentary? his album solo album was good but I just think that single killed the album!)
  17. I think they're just laughing because she's done many documentaries before... so the question is kind of silly, and obviously a "documentary" was done for this era
  18. Uuh... What? He was actually a good interviewer (I'm not going to say journalist, because he didn't do a lot of research before and left it to the fans to provide him with the crumbs to follow). But including Perez WAS a smart decision. Sorry, but it's immature to say he shouldn't have included Perez - you are exactly one of the people that Perez addressed. He did a lot of ****ty things but he's taken accountability, he hasn't tried to erase his past, he's tried to learn from it, grow, and move on and become a better person. That's all any of us can do in life. Do you think Britney wants to be remembered forever for shaving her head? Or how she acted that one time in a photo shoot? No. The same applies to Perez. Perez was a huge part of that entire tabloid boom so of COURSE he needed to be included, that would've been poor journalism to not include him.
  19. Yeah. And then attributing her success and 'comeback' with Circus to the tabloids. LMFAOOOO get off of it. She went on a primetime interview and pleaded with the Paparazzi crying to leave her alone when she was pregnant. She didn't want it. MAYBE that strange bit of time when she was just driving around and dated Adnan, that was probably the darkest / dumbest period that he could be referencing, but that was only a few months. GUYS how do I find the contact info or socials for the people that he interviewed? Those 4? The 2 girls and the asian guy. Do they all work together, what's their instagram? I want to link up with Free Britney people in LA, especially for the court hearing!!!
  20. Thank you for summing that up for me, and yes that is embarrassing they're fighting like that... That would be really terrible if the whole voicemail was made up I mean...
  21. I think this is sad and Britney needs to value herself more and ask 100% to start the process to dissolve the case. Isn't that what we were working towards when her doctor that died was supposed to do an entire evaluation?! If this is her first chance to speak to the judge why not just simply END THE WHOLE THING? Obviously it will NOT end overnight - it's going to be a long process. Even if she requests it now, it could take a year. to unravel.. so why not just request it?! She should ask for her father to be removed immediately and then begin the process of ending it while Jodie or whoever she wants is appointed instead. It just doesn't make sense why she would keep it going ESPECIALLY if what has been uncovered about it being put into place is true. If it was started with fraudulent claims, the judge should begin the process immediately. There is plenty of services and coaching and mentors Britney can be placed with to transition out of the conservatorship smoothly, it's not just going to be a cold turkey. There's companies and people that assist with such things, but the process should be started NOW.
  22. OMG Thank you thank youuuu!!!! wow I'm already sucked in, I'm glad in the first like 10 minutes he covered the biggest issue which was that it w as filed unjustly, Britney didn't have access to hire her own counsel, and that the probate conservatorship you can make money off of when the mental health one you cannot... This has gotta get picked up by the America media outlets. and does anyone know the asian dude that was interviewed on zoom... any insta.... haha
  23. Can someone plz quote me and then summarize who these people are? I thought they were revealing good info from court documents. Who cares if they're using actors to protect their identity? But what is the point of these people, it seems pro-britney and anti team-con, correct?
  24. that's exactly what I said in my last sentence LOL... However, I disagree with the inference you make about the judge. I think getting pregnant, wanting to get married to her partner of years, having both families support this, shows the judge she is capable of running her own life and caring for anothers (doctors advices would be written, etc) and I think it could help her get this thing eliminated. Her life isn't ended because of the conservatorship, she's young, and it needs to get dissolved so she can do all the above mentioned without so much drama and consequences. IF she were to get pregnant (which she deserves to be any time she wants) THEY would get married IT would be messy with the conservatorship SO that's why I said they are waiting until she has more freedom to DELIBERATELY do this. Still could happen unintentionally.
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