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  1. WOW. This is huge. Some people may look at this like "Wow jumping on the bandwagon" but this is a MAJOR NEWS NETWORK. Investigative journalism. This is going to bring the illegitimacy of this from a legal standpoint to the general public. This is great, plus you know Lisa M. has been speaking truth since day 1, I hope she drags Ingham in this special (as she's already one in the past!!)
  2. It's totally Britney -- LOL you can even tell by the way she clears her throat -- but wtf is this and why do I know nothing about it? Tiny chat? I feel like I just missed a huge moment of culture in 2011..
  3. Seems like this is going to all be PRO BRITNEY for everyone that was worried that it'd help team CON. I think it's great they had to re-strategize the storyline, the GP needed to see NYT's doc first to get the context of the culture that created this conservatorship in the first place, and seems Netflix will pick up and explain how it was unethical from the START!!!
  4. I am surprised as well, I thought it was a total flop. I always like Katy's work, and a lot it isn't commercially successful. What's the difference between an album and EP in today's standards exactly? I thought Smile was a whole album... even though those singles were released way before it was an even an album, which was confusing.
  5. Good to hear! I think in the USA they're not marketed as like, real perfume... it's like... for kids. IDK. Just whenever I see the packaging and stuff at Macy's it seems like, it's for people 20 and under, not adults, as if the Britney brand is still being marketed to kids when we all have grown up with her. I feel Brit hasn't been involved in the perfumes personally in a long time so it'll be cool to see what / if she does something different when she has full control again...
  6. He was hot. Still is. Shame his solo career didn't take off, he had the nicest voice out of them all. What is he promoting exactly? It's probably tiresome for all these celebs to be continually compared and asked about Britney because they started at the same time, and she's the most successful, so I think he handled the questions like a pro, because I'm sure that's not what the interview was meant to focus on, lol
  7. Yes ROSEZaddy get her free and then sue the ******* state, he's gonna bring this to the federal level bc he knows it was corrupt from the START!
  8. Is that Gaga's manager? Omggggggggg, he'd probably help Britney so much when she wants to do an authentic comeback and he would let her tale her own narrative and probably produce some epic documentary
  9. I don't know the specifics of this situation but, It makes sense that perhaps the Gram girls didn't like the direction Netflix was going since the title is Britney VS Spears, implying, Britney VS her FATHER. So it's going to have both sides equally, I'm sure (unfortunately...)
  10. I feel like Britney loves her sons so much and who knows how they feel. I think KFED is trash and I'm sure he talks **** about Britney and skews their perception -- this is standard in most divorced parents in America. UNFORTUNATELY. I hope they don't view their mother only as a money tree or something. She literally gave up her life for them, her freedom,...
  11. Yes, I do agree with this. If he really wanted to move on and leave that life behind, he could have done so many other things - maybe become a journalism teacher, etc etc, something that contributes positively to the world, more "redeemable"
  12. I really hope that once Britney is freed, it's not the end, and Rosengart gets EVERYONE involved in this investigated. It's important for the evolution of law history, accountability, and justice.
  13. How is he trying to be victim, exactly? Please elaborate. He is actually doing the opposite -- taking accountability for his words and choices and responding to a journalist's questions and acknowledging that most people won't ever forgive him, and he doesn't expect them to. I think a lot of y'all on this forum need to understand what forgiveness means. It doesn't mean justifying what was done, but it means moving on from it. In the grand scheme of things, Perez really didn't do much different than many comedians at the time. This was a time in pop culture when attacking people was how things operated. Doesn't make it right, but that's how it was. You know there are people that can forgive a murderer or a drunk driver for killing their child, friend, etc, ... I think the world can move on from tabloid fodder and sensationalism that was designed to create a brand and job for someone. He was smart and capitalized on that and was able to make a career out of it -- your values and ethics may be different than his but at the end of the day that's what it boils down to. They're just words. He didn't kill anyone. He didn't do anything illegal. He just participated in a system that we ALL participated in. Because nobody can say they didn't read what he wrote, or visit his site, so ...
  14. But there's already Apple Music & Soundcloud premium lol jk I agree with you, but man I love Spotify they just always get it right, I am happy to give them $10/monthly for their algorithms ... curious what would be different with this platform. I am sure if artists are investing it's going to have some sort of artist to consumer concept
  15. hmm perhaps I stand corrected. So has it ever been confirmed? I just have an image of The Rolling Stones photoshoot she did, naked in the water, and her **** looked so big and fake, I remember always thinking "Nobody is talking about Christina's **** but we are still talking about Britney's?"
  16. The VMAs will soon stop airing, and then resurrect themselves a la American Idol for Britney's (far in the future) comeback, whenever that is, and they'll hype it and make up a new award for her. I hate the VMAs ever since Toxic didn't win and really any of her videos. I mean... I feel like all the POM ones were sympathy, and let's be honest, she should've won for SO MANY OTHERS ... that one...
  17. Paris is super smart, I really hope they can start to hang out again, I thinks he would be a good influence helping Britney reintegrate into life and owning her power and not letting the media tear her down again.
  18. 100% agree Nicole should accept she's not going to have the same success as a solo act, and PCD is NOTHING without Nicole (and she should continue to be main singer).
  19. dude no way... they were small in genie in a bottle. lol this isn't even a discussion. check the naked photos she did for press during DIRRTY era. her **** are like mountain rocks on her chest. she didn't massage them properly so they didn't settle and look more natural until many years later (and after her kids, your **** always grow once pregnant). but during dirty era they were freshhh
  20. No, I don't; the sarcasm doesn't come through my words. I meant, it's annoying - Christina's implants were so obviously shocking she went from flat chest to this and nobody batted an eye, Britney's you could make an argument for either way but at the end of the day, I just mean it's stupid how much attention was paid to Britney's chest.
  21. She looks great. Queen of implants though, I love how she got barely any criticism when those mountains appeared on her chest during the Dirty era, yet the fascination with Britney's **** followed her for years.
  22. I am sooooo relieved, it seems like the end is near, I think PROJECT ROSE is almost complete. Smoke signals, ROSEngart, engagement announcement, ending the conservatorship... This era is almost done. I'm sure this is strategic as well, they have been insanely careful with what they both post on social media so they wouldn't post this without heavy consideration. I'm sure they've spoken to Rosengart and I think the ACLU helped Britney get some autonomy back on social media after her June 23 hearing which is why her posts became more authentic. Now Rosengart can cite the engagement another example that Britney is not only of sound mind, but it is IMPERATIVE that this conservatorship removes Jamie and is dissolved expeditiously so she can go about planning her wedding and her LIFE.
  23. HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah he's all" that hot beast nice, uh... sweet guy..." (lol it actually just seemed like he couldn't remember his name though)
  24. Hmm... Good point. I would guess that, for whatever reason it was canceled, Britney was pissed, and DID NOT want to perform if it wasn't the original concept. Someone above was talking bout her handlers and it's probably true -- instead of just canceling the whole thing they convinced her it'd be better to still perform rather than cancel, and they didn't care if it wasn't going to be her best.
  25. YAYYYYYYY I hope he proposed in a romantic way for her!!!
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