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  1. Uuh... What? He was actually a good interviewer (I'm not going to say journalist, because he didn't do a lot of research before and left it to the fans to provide him with the crumbs to follow). But including Perez WAS a smart decision. Sorry, but it's immature to say he shouldn't have included Perez - you are exactly one of the people that Perez addressed. He did a lot of ****ty things but he's taken accountability, he hasn't tried to erase his past, he's tried to learn from it, grow, and move on and become a better person. That's all any of us can do in life. Do you think Britney wants to be remembered forever for shaving her head? Or how she acted that one time in a photo shoot? No. The same applies to Perez. Perez was a huge part of that entire tabloid boom so of COURSE he needed to be included, that would've been poor journalism to not include him.
  2. Yeah. And then attributing her success and 'comeback' with Circus to the tabloids. LMFAOOOO get off of it. She went on a primetime interview and pleaded with the Paparazzi crying to leave her alone when she was pregnant. She didn't want it. MAYBE that strange bit of time when she was just driving around and dated Adnan, that was probably the darkest / dumbest period that he could be referencing, but that was only a few months. GUYS how do I find the contact info or socials for the people that he interviewed? Those 4? The 2 girls and the asian guy. Do they all work together, what's their instagram? I want to link up with Free Britney people in LA, especially for the court hearing!!!
  3. Thank you for summing that up for me, and yes that is embarrassing they're fighting like that... That would be really terrible if the whole voicemail was made up I mean...
  4. I think this is sad and Britney needs to value herself more and ask 100% to start the process to dissolve the case. Isn't that what we were working towards when her doctor that died was supposed to do an entire evaluation?! If this is her first chance to speak to the judge why not just simply END THE WHOLE THING? Obviously it will NOT end overnight - it's going to be a long process. Even if she requests it now, it could take a year. to unravel.. so why not just request it?! She should ask for her father to be removed immediately and then begin the process of ending it while Jodie or whoever she wants is appointed instead. It just doesn't make sense why she would keep it going ESPECIALLY if what has been uncovered about it being put into place is true. If it was started with fraudulent claims, the judge should begin the process immediately. There is plenty of services and coaching and mentors Britney can be placed with to transition out of the conservatorship smoothly, it's not just going to be a cold turkey. There's companies and people that assist with such things, but the process should be started NOW.
  5. OMG Thank you thank youuuu!!!! wow I'm already sucked in, I'm glad in the first like 10 minutes he covered the biggest issue which was that it w as filed unjustly, Britney didn't have access to hire her own counsel, and that the probate conservatorship you can make money off of when the mental health one you cannot... This has gotta get picked up by the America media outlets. and does anyone know the asian dude that was interviewed on zoom... any insta.... haha
  6. Can someone plz quote me and then summarize who these people are? I thought they were revealing good info from court documents. Who cares if they're using actors to protect their identity? But what is the point of these people, it seems pro-britney and anti team-con, correct?
  7. that's exactly what I said in my last sentence LOL... However, I disagree with the inference you make about the judge. I think getting pregnant, wanting to get married to her partner of years, having both families support this, shows the judge she is capable of running her own life and caring for anothers (doctors advices would be written, etc) and I think it could help her get this thing eliminated. Her life isn't ended because of the conservatorship, she's young, and it needs to get dissolved so she can do all the above mentioned without so much drama and consequences. IF she were to get pregnant (which she deserves to be any time she wants) THEY would get married IT would be messy with the conservatorship SO that's why I said they are waiting until she has more freedom to DELIBERATELY do this. Still could happen unintentionally.
  8. Only BOMT & OIDIA featured Britney's true voice without a lot of alteration. Producers then were even quoted in magazines saying how talented she was, how she could do everything in one take, the control she had over her voice, etc etc. OIDIA was the last we heard of her powerhouse belt, Britney was the pivot to the voice we are used to today. However, certain eras are unnecessarily auto-tuned, layered, pitched, and smoothed to dullness in terms of her vocals (and often include songs not even fit for her voice range, such as 3, literally my least fav single, hence what you guys are referring to when you say her voice is "pitched high"). The worst we see of this sound and production: Britney Jean, Femme Fatale, Circus Glory, ITZ, Blackout are similar vocals OIDA & Britney were the last of her transition from her true voice but in a controlled pop way (and pretty much the last of her attempts to sing live outside of ITZ; she lost a lot of control over her voice after these eras) BOMT the voice that got signed to Jive
  9. That's not what the documentary states, and Wade explains Michael had a huge fascination with Britney's ***uality during the height of her career...
  10. I don't agree. She should be able to do whatever she wants, she's almost 40, and she probably wants a family with Sam. If they were to be married now I'm sure they'd make him part of her personal conservator, and he probably doesn't want that drama (like the Jason situation) so I'm sure they are waiting until she has more freedom. It's going to happen... And she deserves to be happy.
  11. Ooh wow this is the day before my bday I'm gonna be in LA anyway, who else is there?? Are we able to sit inside the court house or do they usually close it? Don't the Britney's Gram girls get in? Altho if Britney is coming I'm sure it's closed right? I hope she can clearly explain what she WANTS, and I really hope that's to dissolve the personal part of her conservatorship, let her keep the business side on if that makes her feel comfortable while she gets back on her feet as an autonomous adult...
  12. I don't think any of the negative comments blaming Wade here are helpful, and let's take a step back and try to see what's the bigger picture here. What is Wade's MO? Is it money? Or is it justice for what happened? I 100% believe in all of the alleged claims about Jackson, especially after the documentary. However, Wade had his time to come clean, and he didn't. People can argue he was still being manipulated at that time and couldn't come to terms with it - I agree with this as well. However, it can't be discounted that he already went on trial and said none of that happened to him, so it is going to make it more difficult for him. If he's chasing money, it's a losing battle. But if he just wants this to keep going and get justice, I say more power to him. I don't really think he needs the money, although maybe he does, his career seems to have disappeared after the DWAD (or maybe only because I knew him due to Britney). He has accomplished a lot in terms of getting the truth out, and I think the Netflix documentary should be a huge success for him. I just don't know if chasing this machine of a huge brand is actually worth everything he is going through to do it. And nobody on here should even comment about what Wade was "chasing" as a young child - if you watch the documentary it's clear they were not money hungry and this was a very long, coerced, manipulation that set in over many years... He wasn't chasing money. He was a talented kid. He was garnering international attention. His biggest idol wanted to help him and his parents let that happen. It can be dissected in many ways but most people would have done the same thing. It's very easy to say, "Oh well his parents should've known better". Come on. If you have MJ, who at the time is the biggest celeb in the world, telling you your child is talented and he can help him, I'm sure 90% of parents would've chosen the same path. It would be interesting to hear Britney's thoughts on the whole matter... Did he ever say anything to Britney? They were allegedly sleeping together so... So much tea to uncover. MJ was also a huge inspiration for Britney... Or do you think she knew what had happened in the past when she gave him that cake? I hope one day she writes a book that blows Jessica Simpson's out of the water, lol...
  13. Phenomenal. Didn't appreciate it as much at the time as I do now. Like someone said, I didn't enjoy that her vocals on this song (and most of the album) felt so processed and emotionless, but the song is a bop, and the video is edited sooooo well. Did it win a VMA? It should have. I have a feeling it didn't... Didn't Britney only ever actually win for POM? Which is a shame because I hate that video and she had SO MANY AMAZING ONES that deserve the true recognition of that award, not a sympathy award...
  14. Haha I like this theory. Original Doll is like PROJECT RED. Some random creative idea in her head that's not a real thing...... UNLESS Project Red really is about her escaping the C-Ship ;)
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