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  1. I mean Side B says hi, that album is way better and came in at the right time. Chromatica is just so-so could’ve done w/o it tbh.
  2. Yeah um based on what proof did he “allegedly” big word there, assault Kesha? Sounds as it always did from the start murky and false. But I mean it’s not like women have lied or exploited this “me too” movement. No, that would just be well silly and horrendous because women don’t do that right.
  3. And yet...Kylie still looks her age and nearly untouched by plastic surgery sooo Um Google Hollywood worst plastic surgery hun 😃
  4. No lies detected there! Kween Kylie, forgot that Jenner trash.
  5. Flopyonce you mean. And she’s been called out so many times by the actual influencers whose work she has stolen. When has anyone called out Brit? I’m waiting 🤔
  6. Lots of people want those brownie points and participation badges ya know. FTR that’s aimed towards disingenuous folks using current movements to appeal to the masses cough cough Gaga. Not an attack towards anyone on this forum.
  7. Must say Chromatica has grown on me, where’s my love of Gaga has faded into oblivion. But that aside, bish delivered an album nearly worthy enough to stand with The Fame/Fame Monster and BTW. Joanne will never.
  8. Can I be offended by how spot on this think piece is? No, I agree wholeheartedly! Good points made sir
  9. That’s a real dangerous statement, yes let’s wipeout all historical black marks. Let’s only display love and rainbows and sunshine and pretend the world is just soooo wonderful. Demolishing cultural wrongs will only ensure history repeats itself. And without any negative representations how will any future generations learn of the dangers and perils of why these representations are wrong?
  10. So are we also going to remove depictions of the Holocaust? World War II? AIDS related, in fact anything relating to something of a deeply offensive/hurtful nature that fee fees might not be able to tolerate. Abolishing the past leaves no room to improve on the future and frankly I don’t care that this is unpopular to say but I’m not bending to the whim of all this of “insensitivity” grow up people and learn some thick skin. Life is about the truth and it’s many ugly sides. Stop being so hurt and grow up, because you won’t last a day further in life being such babies.
  11. Yass Jacksepticeye! Love him and his accent. His RE2R play through are what introduced me to his vids.
  12. Neil and other woke developers are a cancer to the gaming industry. Attacking fans and striking down YouTube channels. These tactics are ways to drive away your loyal customers/ fan base. I’m curious to see how the sales of TLOU P2 hold up after the first week of release. I have a feeling a revolt is coming. Customers are tired of being preached to and told if they don’t like an agenda that makes them bigoted, racist, ****** man babies.
  13. It’s a food establishment Jordan! Not a place to spread political or social views. No one ought to have to listen to or see that garbage whilst dining out. Good for TBell!
  14. Oh Ari, sucha love/hate relationship. Just bring the bops can a ***** do that 👍🏻👌🏼
  15. I mean if the glass slipper fits call that ***** Cinderella 👍🏻
  16. Oh cuz you haven’t done or said or laughed at inappropriate or insensitive things. Don’t lie now. 🙄
  17. Hey I know very little in regards to notes and keys lol. Leave that to you bud. But I mean of course there’s some studio magic. That’s with nearly most artists. In some form or other.
  18. Am I the only one not drinking the Billie Eyelash kool aid? Seriously not being entirely a smart *** I don’t get the hype train behind her. But will say I don’t see any legendary entertainers of this newest generation. Ari is already established and she’s a tough act to follow.
  19. 👎🏼👎🏼

  20. Have to agree with you, Chromata has really grown on me upon each listen. 911 omfg what a song, even Sour Candy(which is still JND 2.0).
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