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  1. So I have been wondering about a few things lately, maybe some of you guys can help me figure it out. 1. Why hasn’t Britney released another version of her curious perfume? I can’t help by wondering why we only hear about the fantasy versions, I remember Curious was very well received and even got a few awards, so what happened? 2. Does anyone knows all the peak positions of Britney Spears videos in the TRL countdown? 3. What happened to the intimate Britney Spears collection? Did it flopped? or it was just a limited release?
  2. hey guys! I was listening to Slumber Party and I still can’t believe this song didn’t get the success it deserved. It is one of the best songs in the album, and the video is very very good. So it bothers me that the song and video haven’t reach the 100M mark on Spotify and YouTube, respectively. We should do something about it! What do you think?
  3. So I was reading the other day that Britney’s debut album “Baby one more time” is elegible for 15Xplatinum. This got me thinking that Glory is the only studio album by Britney that is not elegible for any certification (even Britney Jean is gold). I know that last year there was a movement #JusticeforGlory, but as far as I know, we are still a few thousand copies behind if we want to get it certified. So I though what if amid this frenetic year where Britney is trying to get free, what a cool thing could be if we can make Glory (one of her favorite albums) gold certified by RIAA. We can start streaming campaigns or if anyone can, buy the album. I’m pretty sure we can achieve this very easily if we all work together. What do you guys think? I see this as an opportunity to maintain Britney’s music legacy, and keep her current, until she decides (if that is what she wants) to return to music.
  4. Hey guys! Does anyone know all of Britney’s video peaks on TRL?, I found in Wikipedia the ones that reach #1, but there are others that enter the countdown but didn’t reach #1 such as Sometimes, Gimme more and others. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I don’t know about you but these last few days with everybody talking about NY times Doc “Framing Britney Spears”, and how people are finally recognizing how bad they treated Britney back in the days, I remembered one amazing unreleased song “Everyday”. I don’t know if is the melody, the lyrics or just Britney’s voice, but I think it fits perfectly in today’s context. Some of the lyrics can be associated with every person or fan who has been fighting for her freedom. I think this song is a gem, and it touches you when you listen to it, Britney should do more ballads, she has such a special voice and you can feel the emotion in her words. Anyways I think you should listen to it again, is really beautiful. I’m new so I hope I did paste the video below🙈: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v0s2VfWR9Ro
  6. Hi guys! This is my first post EVER! So I was thinking why is Britney, after 12 years, finally fighting the conservatorship? And then it just hit me... Bear with me, I'm not saying this is true but it can be a possibility.... Britney wants to have a new family. I remebered that at one point, the conservatorship does not allow Britney to have more children. MAYBE the real reason why Britney put everything on hold was the fact that she wants to get pregnant. This year Britney will turn 39 years old, so maybe she wants the freedom to have a family before she turns 40 next year. Also, that might also be the real reason behind this indefinite hiatus, she just want to be a full time mom, just like she did back in 2005 and 2006. So that's all I have... maybe it's not the best first post ever, but i haven't read anything considering this possibility. What do you guys think?
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