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  1. She’s always given me Sarah Michelle Gellar vibes
  2. It’s insanity. People get worse bruises tripping on a rug. She probably just wants money
  3. This is so ******* dramatic. Do you know how many fights and brawls people get into and it doesn’t even get to this level? She struck your arm with no bruise? Boohoo grow up. You’re not gonna work for her moving forward anyway. Loser
  4. For some reason I think this was done as a power move. I don’t think it’s even related to the evidence itself, rather, Penny asserting her power to Rosenghart. It’s a way of saying you don’t control this court. Just my personal opinion.
  5. @Jordan Miller I am once again asking you to start Breatheheavys dating app, #PlayingWithMatches, there is too, I repeat, too much ***ual tension on this page 😂
  6. I think she actually got stuck in the bathroom. But I think her being in there so long made her think while looking at the door. She could see it. With clarity. And it became more vast. I think it made her realize, hey. I’m going to get out of this thing. I think she saw parallels with her situation. Great story telling though. We love you B ❤️
  7. It took me way too long. I was like “what are you guys laughing at”… then
  8. These lawyers make more in a day than some make in an entire year. That’s a pretty big mistake considering your salary and expertise. *me sprinkling bird **** on Sam Ingham's grave*
  9. My favorite thing is that she just tossed her shirt to the ground in the bottom corner. **** shirts girl. Declare your freedom #freethenip & #freebritney
  10. I really think Cher would be a great maternal figure to Britney. No offense to anyone else but Cher radiates strength. She seems like the woman I could pull up to her house at anytime have some tea and have talks about the world and the universe with. ❤️
  11. Remember, at this point the conservatorship is on its way to being dissolved. But intended delays will ensure that anyone who has had wrong doing towards Ms. Spears has time to cover their tracks. That is why this will take longer than necessary.
  12. Mine has to be the Boys music video with Austin powers. Everything about that video screamed artsy fartsy, comedic, ****, and moody. Has to be one of my favorites aesthetic wise.
  13. Lmao stfu just as she’s iconic for her amazing videos we love her just as much for the cringy ones 😂
  14. I think she was taking some kind of jab and JL. JL IG story is her at a ball game. And I think she means she wants to leave the US and be as far away as possible from her sister.
  15. Im absolutely happy for moderating the posts. Sometimes when I’m looking for news on here I’ve stopped because of so many duplicates and the same comments within those posts. It has been getting too repetitive, and less impactful. Thank you moderators for working to keep a higher standard.
  16. I work for a major phone provider, and I know each carrier has specific content blocking filters you can add as an additional feature. Down to even automatic times of the day, or adding different addresses to block. Think of it like blocking a contact, but for a web address instead.
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