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  1. I'm in shock reading racist statements here dressed up as "opinions", the black people still faces harder issues than white people, in my country black people use to die really much younger than white people, 80% of prisoners are black and there are other problems related to prejudice. Some white people just can't recognize their privileges. All of our lifes we used to see white people in everything, now we have one black artist doing that work and it's "insulting". Really strange.
  2. She did what she wanted to do because she's a free artist and it's able to make art in the real meaning of it, haters gonna hate, but the truth is that she's one of the best singers of the world and a multiple Grammy Award winner and her work do has quality, feel free to have your opinion, but don't spread hatred, some people in this forum are saying terrible things. It's such a shame to read that in Exhale. I don't compreehend why people celebrate when artists flop, it happens to everybody including Britney and others. Why don't this people try to have half of the Beyoncé's success? The human kind is lost. Just for the record, numbers aren't everything. Many people watched it illegally, including me, mainly because the platform still doesn't work in their countries. Edit: I really don't feel bad at all if I'm downvoted, ok? Feel free to show your envy and hatred. I'm proud for not being by your side.
  3. Me too!!! I believe that David Lachapelle is a #FreeBritney supporter and that originated the fight inside her team, the cage in the MM mv plus the chains in the scrapped album cover can point it. Besides that, I really can't imagine Britney fighting with any director because he's asking her to do a sensual shoot, no, no, no. The best thing that happens in the official video it's it ending, it's horrible, the scrapped one is bad edited and G-Eazy part could never happen if it depended on my point of view, but it's a million times better than the official, she could've release it with the dancing parts only...
  4. I've just seen the visual album and of course she is exalting black culture and I guess that's why she is receiveing so mixed reviews. It bothers some people to see black people in a place that "doesn't suit them" and we all know why. Some people can't deal about it. Of course the African society is facing tough problems and this is not something that we figured out yesterday and Beyoncé is not crazy. Exalting black people and black culture was the way Beyoncé used to show how we still are racist. I had to watch it until the end to understand the message and surely she delivered it to everybody. In the name of human kind: THANK YOU QUEEN! This work is awesome and its a must-see, if you feel strange about it, you should rethink your mindset, there's always time to evolve yourself.
  5. Perfume, the Sia hype and stuff, the demanded ballad that fans were asking for... I really don't understand why it didn't become a hit.
  6. I'm trying to put a photo of the ones I had, but I don't know how.
  7. Both of them smells like coffee? So I'll wait for your opinion on Rave and later for Ego. Coffee makes me have a headache sometimes.
  8. See this review: I think I will buy the My Prerogative and the Private Show in my next purchase. I don't like coffee, but love vanilla and if it isn't that good I will give it to my mother because she loves coffee more than anyone.
  9. When you receive it, come back here to tell us if it's good, please.
  10. I totally forgot the smell of Rocker Femme, butI remember that I liked it. Midnight Fantasy is good, but it lingers too much. I wore it in one day and in the day after I still could feel its smell.
  11. People say that the My Prerogative Perfume smells more feminine, but truely I don't think the fragrances should've been marked as for men/for women/unisex, this has nothing to do with personal taste or ****** orientation, as my father is a perfume seller, he uses to tell me that he sells a lot of men fragrances for women and vice versa. It's up to you to decide what you're going to wear, the flowers have both sexes in it, do you remember? That sounds too much like "boys wear blue and the girls wear pink". We have to stop labeling the fragrances by genre.
  12. Gasoline (by demand) would be a great name for a male fragrance.
  13. I'm not going to buy them right now, because I still have at least more 4 fragrances to use, I have Beyoncé's NYC Pulse and Wild Orchid Heat, and I'm not even at the half of my Hidden Fantasy right now. I love the idea of boycotting her, but the streamings, royalties and the perfumes are things that will keep making her handlers profit over her, unfortunately. I guess she is boycottin herself not making anything work related, she doesn't sing anymore in her videos. I think if she acomplished to release a new album finishing her obligations with RCA, nothing would stop her dad to sign other contract and keep on draining her. I really don't know what to think, this make me really upset.
  14. Curious Heart is the same fragrance of Curious, it's just a limited edition, I guess. Circus Fantasy was my first. As my father is a perfume seller it was very quick to have all the others.
  15. I think its the best too, Fantasy is good, but I think is overrated and Believe is underrated, she never released rebottles or added other products in this line. She could definitely release a Believe in Fantasy By Demand Edition, I would restart buying the fragrances asap, if she did that.
  16. Believe would be the perfect choice, it's wooden and refreshing. Really good one.
  17. What are you doing in this topic? Get out of here! lol Just kidding. You could start with Believe if you like wooden fragrances and suits both genres.
  18. Fantasy is too sweet and it reminds me watermelon. It's funny in my nose, I wish I liked it more. Radiance is great, it has the same smell of a flower called Bulgarí in my country (I don't know how they call it there). But its really good, the Cosmic Radiance is even better. Try it, you won't regret.
  19. Hi, everyone. I need an opinion, lots of opinions tbh, so you can choose more than one option, ok? I had at least almost all Britney's fragrances released until 2016, I guess the last one I've bought was Island Fantasy. After that, I stopped buying her perfumes, I'm thinking about to try the ones I haven't bought yet, so... What are the good ones between this following list: Private Show, Vip Private Show, Fantasy in Bloom, Glitter Fantasy (I'm not sure if it's the same as Fantasy), My Prerogative, My Prerogative Rave, Sunset Fantasy. I really love almost all of her perfumes. I use to say there's a b *tch living inside my nose! lol. I really like Believe, Cosmic Radiance, Radiance, Fantasy The Nice and The Naughty Remixes. The ones that I dislike are Fantasy, Curious and Island Fantasy. The others are just good, in my opinion. Which are the ones you recommend?
  20. Friends, this is getting weirder and weirder everyday, I'm thinking about unfollowing her until we have a statement about what is going on, her brother suggested that she tells someone what to post on her IG, her mother suggested that the fans invent stories, her father is really doing quarentine, her sister asks for privacy, her boyfriend gave some hints and Britney didn't say a single word, no pictures of her with her sons and now she came out with this "writing story". We are in 2020, everybody talks about mental deseases, she has talked about smoking weed a few years ago. What is the reason of this silence? If her family, the fans, the media, everyone acknowleges that she had problems, why she can't even post something like "I know you are worried with me, but I'm feeling good, I wish I could be out of the conservatorship and my family is evaluating this, I hate what is going on, but I'm ok"? The posts and the way she acts is very strange, it's uncomfortable to watch this. Can someone tell me if she still have to release a new album until the end of this year? I'm thinking that she will release it and they will free her, the movement is gettin bigger.
  21. You know what? I already removed her track, I don't wanna be canceled in my first month in Exhale lol.
  22. Just a joke. Don't take it serious, I love her!
  23. Hey, the LMFAO album is full of bops. Rhythm is a dancer is awasome too. And I was just kidding about Lady Gaga. I acknowlege all of her success. Don't take it serious. I really like her first two albums entirely, after Born This Way her sound has changed too much and I guess I have lost part of my interest in her music. Lately, I'm listening to some good tracks from Chromatica, Replay is the one I like the most. I'm going to listen to your picks, maybe they're old, but gold, right?
  24. Work out. I wish I could fix my own hair, but I'm afraid to have it in my hands after what I was going to do with it. Patience.
  25. This is called anxiety, try to live one day at a time. Think about how many times something bad you thought it could happen and it didn't concretized and don't use any kind of drugs because they will harm you as the time goes by. Accept that suffering is part of human nature and don't punish yourself for feeling like that.
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