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  1. Yah I know he is gay. And his type of a getup is a thirst trap depending on your kinks
  2. The remix isn't bad. I love it and I like the new take on it. But the video is very underwhelming, even in this covid world we live in amazing videos have been made (miley cyrus, kylie minogue). I would like to know why madonna couldnt film anything for her verse.
  3. Agreed, his voice is your basic male country voice. Hence the getup to attract the gays, drag queens etc. Cause let's face it, if there was no getup he wouldn't be where he is right now.
  4. Her only good single recently was Harley's in hawaii. This song is so mediocre and typical Katy Perry trying to get back in the game formula.
  5. P.s. she was in the roast of rob Lowe in comedy central years back and she was great and a good sport when they joking on her.
  6. I love this album. Still listen to certain songs sometimes. Since she was forced down the path I think she was trying to prove a point in her mind that you can make a sugary pop album that had a message instead of what was coming out back at the time. I was here for it and still am. Love her early stuff before that too but not a big fan that she went more country folk. Gotta take a hour drive today. I think I found what I'm listening too 😎
  7. So its wednesday but can't find this song on spotify or anything
  8. I'll bite. I'm not thrilled. I'd rather go to the movies but none are open and I really wanna see this. I'd be surprised if tenet wasnt 35 or 40 when it goes to vod. Anything with a budget over 200 million will never be cheaper than $30 to rent.
  9. Did a few arts and craft things with a side of nothing haha now searching for some temp job til my real job comes back whenever that is 😓 I'm so over this, it's been a haze. Was in Florida for 5 weeks visiting family but it didnt even feel like I was there. I think I've been mentally disconnected from reality for a while.
  10. I did work out alot but I never liked it. I liked the results but everyday was a struggle in my head to go. I wish I could have hired a personal trainer but that was too much for what I make unfortunantly. Now I've gained alot of weight cause I have no motivation to work out at home and with all the gyms closed I don't see me working out much anytime soon 😭😓.
  11. I guess it will be safer when there is a vaccine. But what if it's not a mandatory vaccine and not everyone gets it. Are concerts and large events canceled for good? I won't go to a "socially distant" concert right now but when there is a vaccine expect things need to return to some normality even if it's not mandatory (which I doubt it will be in america).
  12. I mean its they're opinion and they can have it. For me her new album just isnt my thing. She sounds good but all the songs I listened to just kinda blended together. I honestly didn't realize songs changed at one point.
  13. Not in love. She already released all the good bops and the rest unheard songs on this album just sound like filler.
  14. All 3 were pretty bad. But no one was gonna send ongina home first lol drag race would have been cancelled 😂. Unfortunantly it's too late for Derrick to be looked at as anything else other than a Britney Spears impersonator. Even with other wigs or different make up people would still think Britney. But he has Nebraska now, that's his other drag persona without being seen as britney lol
  15. Didn't realize I was in the minority of people who dislike Britneys 911 song
  16. I'd say I like 4 or 5 songs are really great. The rest are quite boring tbh. I prefer the uptempo synth songs (blinding lights, in your eyes, save your tears) but the rest just meld together and sound all the same.
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