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  1. I mean might as well. New strains are popping up everywhere. By the way it's looking they're saying no full concerts or festivals til 2024. Hope everyone doesn't mind only seeing their favorite artist in concert on your computer for the next 3 years.
  2. Meh. Ready for a paramore album. Glad she is doing her own thing but her solo songs have been painfully boring and just not great.
  3. So this is pretty dark and not smart on my part. Been with my boyfriend for 11 years, we haven't had *** since june and i have cheated in him multiple times in the past few years. But the worst part is pretty sure this guy that I got with 4 weeks ago is hiv+ and it was unprotected. I still havent had *** with my boyfriend and dont plan on it anytime soon until I get tested. I know you get flu like symptoms a couple weeks after exposure but I never felt even remotely sick at all so idk. Kinda scared right now.
  4. After SITS I was really worried cause she is autotuned to death on it, but I'm loving this. It's cute, fun and catchy but I can see why it wasnt on glory (just wouldnt have fit the sound of the album). Hopefully this is added to streaming apps soon so I can add it to my playlists.
  5. Omg my body is on ******* fire right now 😍😍😍 best song off glory 😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤❤😍❤😍❤😍
  6. Half of this song is not even her. Its a pretty song but let's not kid ourselves, this is barely britney. I don't have high Hope's for matches after hearing this.
  7. Its more like a chill dance floor anthem. Maybe the remixes will be more club. I like it. Still my favorite single in the past years after AKA was Us. That was a banging track.
  8. Britney is the star of a music video. Jamie Lynn is the girl 2 people down from the star of the video. Nuff said.
  9. Honestly I've never cared much for paris hilton but I do like her new song and she has never looked better. She always looked awkward when she first came out but she has really grown into herself in her later years (or its surgery 😅)
  10. Baby one more time was my first song obsession and it still is. I listen to it multiple times a week and is ussually my #1 played song on spotify for the end of the year round up they do 😅 and I'm 35, not ashamed at all....
  11. I've only used grindr for a few days... when visiting vegas... to find some meat... and I did.... a few times... and than deleted it when I left 😅 nuff said.
  12. I live in arizona. Other than no concerts or big events it feels normal. Restaurants are supposed to be at 50% occupancy but most fill up even the one I work at, especially weekends. Most people wear masks in stores etc. But scottsdale (wear I work) got rid of the mask mandate so alot of people come in without one on, so that's fun. I've gone to the movies and out to eat multiple times. I don't feel too nervous about it honestly. I'm just more worried about how long things will be on hold for. How long can the music industry be on hold for with no touring (a huge way to make $ for artists). I just hope concerts don't die like they say movie theaters will.
  13. Yes. But I wear contacts cause I work in a kitchen. Makes life easier since I have to wear a mask all day at work
  14. Riiightttt ... cause he didnt buy this stuff just for this photo.... I lOvE tHaT MaLuMa LoVeS tO Be HeAlThY aNd FiT
  15. Remember the good ole days when no one cared about you and you werent trying to take your older more famous sisters money, Pepperidge farm remembers.
  16. There are plenty of people with money that are mentally unfit but arent in a conservatorships. When someone that is on it says it could be forever, that's the biggest red flag. It's all about controlling her and her money. I wonder how its gonna be forever if she refuses to do anything and the money isnt there anymore to pay them all.
  17. Even indie films will be sparce. If they don't recover it will all be streaming app originals and we all know those are more miss than hit than movies put in theaters.
  18. Glad harkins is still open. Finally gonna go see Tenet on thursday.
  19. Yah but she was still able to be out there and promote the heck out of it with multiple performances. It might have bombed but she is still worth tens of millions of dollars and still has a record company willing to shell out money to do promo.
  20. It's not suprising. They can't go out and tour or perform like they used to. All that money is dried up and recording music still costs money. What's a music artist supposed to do these days if they arent Taylor swift or katy perry
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