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  1. I agree. Pop was how I got away from the stresses of my real world, but now a lot of it stresses me out. The rest of the world still loves its escapist pop. Look at Eurovision and if you haven’t checked them out yet, please watch some videos by Little Big! So fun
  2. The way I see it is the majority of true rejection is coming from the far left. Out of ANY of the groups you listed, “LGBT, muslims, jews, POC, immigrants, fat people etc” you’re literally rejecting any of those people if they have conservative or Republican beliefs. You literally just admitted “IDK what you are” and you’re TELLING me that if I am a gay Jewish immigrant who is conservative, I am unaccepting of my own people, and I am elitist, picky and demanding. You are really generalizing a lot and it would probably help to force yourself to surround yourself with some people who are not so likeminded. There are a LOT of people out there in the world, but the way you talk makes it seem like you will never get to know half of them because as soon as you find out someone is conservative you don’t talk to them anymore or you talk to them like you have been talking on here. it’s so odd to me that you would use the word “reject” referencing what conservatives do to people who are different from them. We need to get smarter as a people and realize that conservatives are just as accepting in truth and there are just as many unaccepting liberals, it’s just spread over a multitude of categories in which their average acceptance varies. The reason this thread exists in the first place is because people with more conservative views think Cardi B’s performance was too much for the Grammys at 8pm on CBS... and people with more liberal views seem to be saying “no, you not only need to watch it, but you need to accept it, and furthermore celebrate it.” What’s done is done, it aired. It’s on YouTube, I personally enjoyed the performance, but the idea here is that we need to realize we are in our teens, twenties and thirties here... do you really want culture to keep moving in that direction for the rest of our lives? At this rate the Best New Artist 2040 will be having a threesome with their aunt and a turtle on stage. But they’ll all have tons of filler and work done so they’ll look good! And I’ll just have to accept it and not intervene when my kid wants to become Aunt&Turtle ***ual? Because the far left is telling me that I have to support that, celebrate it, and stand by if my kid wants to get Turto-***ual procedures. Please realize I’m NOT making fun here... I’m legitimately giving an example to try to place us where we will feasibly be in 20 years if this continues the way it is right now.
  3. Haha. These responses. Wow. Why am I trying to reason? ”-I’m not watching.” “-I hate Republicans.” ”-Real snowflake behavior.” I was trying to start a discussion about how society is slipping and this is just proof. @dr34mc0r3 Why is is this a MAGA thing with you? Why are you saying “y’all conservative gays...”? because I am talking about morals?
  4. Let’s see if the REAL story gets main-paged! This thread was main-paged based on a tweet by Twitter account PopCrave that is several days old and contains a photoshopped tweet as a “resource” This is the order of events with the full story: Before you go off, you don’t have to like or agree with Ben Shapiro to see the timeline laid out appropriately in this video. (Includes all tweets in the exchange) So Cardi, who has huge pull, is publicly slandering and spreading misinformation about two (indirectly 3) people. You guys, her trashy self DUG UP doctored tweets and posted them to share with the world and LOLed about it because she was pissed that someone didn’t think her performance was tasteful when it was being shoved down the throats of anyone who watched the Grammys. come on. I’d like to start a conversation if we can about how much of what we digest is twisted like this. And for people who are both writing threads that become articles like this, (or any for that matter,) you should do your research before taking to the keyboards and spouting off a story you didn’t bother to finish researching. You don’t end a story at the point that is most pleasing to you, you end it at the end. No matter what you think of either of these two women, at least educate yourself before screaming your opinion for neighbors to hear. Times are a-changing but we need to be more transparent and also more understanding of how rapidly our culture is deteriorating and being pushed into this over-***ualized market. Kids are getting procedures done like crazy now. You think it’s because they’re NOT being influenced by pop culture? Kids are dancing like this now. I’m not being a stick in the mud, I’m saying LITERAL 7 year olds are doing the crybaby. You think they’re NOT being influenced by pop culture? My opinion is that THAT performance took it too far for a program broadcast on CBS at 8PM, that is expected to be more family friendly than this. If that was on the VMAs or the BET Awards, you think it would be such a thing? And Candace made it about what she thinks her acts of women empowerment are, which don’t include the performance choreo... or the lyrics of the song. I know none of you can do anything about it, but just look how far we have fallen morally. That’s the root of this. And to circle it back, we can’t accept inaccurate reporting. It’s connected. TLDR: watch the Ben Shapiro video and then see what you think. and I believe this original thread needs to be removed from the main page because many readers get their music news from reading the headlines and the article was written to incorrectly celebrate Cardi B and it makes Candace look bad. It’s just. A lie. edit: thank you Jordan, I see the story is no longer featured.
  5. SOOOO uniquely MAGA to want to be able to watch the Grammys with your 14 year old without having to change the channel. you’re right the hard left is the only group that would let their kids watch this ****. and to your other comment, “She is such a JOKE. The way she tries sooooo fkn hard to get validation from white conservatives. She greatly overestimates her value to those people , they will drop her when they don't need her anymore. She reeks of self-hatred. It's actually sad, i feel sad for her.” you’re wrong in every way. Conservatives love and respect her because her values align with theirs. Shame on you for furthering the race narratives... as if black conservatives will act differently than white conservatives regarding Candace. It’s the message she promotes (not everything she says all conservatives agree with) You wanna Google some people conservatives have dropped or canceled? Nah, that’s liberal people ****.
  6. This thread is embarrassing. Misleading title. If you follow what happened, Cardi got owned, dragged, and all she brought to the table was more illiteracy and homophobia. You’re brainwashed if you think Cardi won this or is in the right... Like you really need to change the title.
  7. Good luck! And congrats on stopping. It’s hard to do, especially with lockdown and less to do.
  8. YES! Been here since 2006. That’s visiting your site EVERY DAY (give or take maybe a handful of days) for 15 years and instead of figuring out ways we can all celebrate in fun ways together, something (as always) is put into play to get our hopes up that will disappoint us, that is used for self-gain. This is almost always avoidable. You think we’d be as mad if it was a genuine mistake? No. But we aren’t blind, and the truth here just hurts. No matter how many years go by, more of this will be introduced in a poorly executed way. First, website banners, meeting her in Vegas in 2007 and not telling us what happened until 2020, then more ad-space, then craaaazy pop-up ads that interfere with the entire site and Exhale, the failed launch of an involvement with her team around the Circus era (which in his defense I’m sure was her team’s fault not his) the desert performance, attending the I Am the Femme Fatale performance and not really reporting on it, the listening sessions for BJ and not reporting on it (though I’m sure there were NDAs, we were all watching YOU) the conversion from a Britney forum to a pop music forum, the obvious one-sidedness of your political opinion during the election cycle, then introducing a paid subscription tier for the site, and even the constant YouTube vids... we have all been pretty accepting and supportive of whatever you decide to do with the site, it’s yours after all and we are for the most part understanding, but this, as small as it was in your eyes, is really a PUNCH IN THE GUT for many longtime readers.
  9. So he places all the blame on the system and the industry but nothing about being a total a-hole? HE was an opportunist, using Britney and Janet who were both bigger than him to advance his own career. To say the system is set up to benefit WHITE MEN and he was just a part of it is bullshh. Michael, who he also used as “inspiration” by using his unused tracks and mimicking his image, was a black man who was bigger than any white musician probably ever will be. This “apology” is so full of placing blame elsewhere for how short it is. all he did was take what the US and the world is going through and apply it to his situation, there was little to no actual ownership there. how about “I’m sorry for a lot of things, Sorry for not being there for Britney when I knew she was alone and struggling Sorry my ego was too big to actually check in on her Sorry the only times I checked in on her I had to make sure I told the public about to make myself look good. Sorry for placing all of the blame for the end of my relationship with Britney on Britney. Sorry for using a blatant lookalike in my first music video and styling her to be exactly Britney. Sorry for making the video hurtful to Britney by filming myself making out with someone else in our home. Sorry for telling radio hosts about our *** life that you were very careful to keep private. Sorry for calling you a B-itch on stage for A DECADE after during my concerts. Sorry I’m not a good enough actor to sell my facial expression when I ripped Janet’s removable **** cover that time we were both trying to do something shocking during the super bowl and it backfired so we both lied about it and continue to lie about it to this day. THOSE are apologies. like how Jordan has the opportunity to REALLY apologize for the “~NEW~ Britney song, “Satisfying” “ by saying, “I’m sorry for using you guys. I’m sorry for piggybacked on the success of Framing Britney Spears and really want to be a YouTuber now, so I’ve been trying everything to make my channel more successful. I’m sorry I made you guys wait 14 hours while you all flooded Exhale and obviously expressed disdain for the idea it might be a remix. Sorry I watched from the shadows while you guys got excited. I obviously didn’t make it clear till after the premiere because it would have hurt the numbers.” In my opinion, people need to start by being honest, apologize genuinely and not make excuses, and then maybe people will be happier to support whatever their future endeavors may be.
  10. Option #1: it’s real and we freak Option #2: it’s a remix of the IG vid and this will backfire as hard as the desert performance. it would be acceptable to be the remix if he only made people wait an hour, but with over 15 hours of hype, this is going to make the rounds and has the potential to be really bad. No one is going to appreciate a remix and being the same day as her court hearing and the same week as the documentary, it’s just going to scream opportunist. I hope this is real. For everyone’s sake.
  11. What isss it?? Assuming you and her have spoken or now that the court ruled what it did this can be released? I assume Jordan would only write 2021 if it was meant to come out now and not with another album. wAT IS GOING ONney
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