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    Long time reader (since 2006!) and only now have had the courage to join (2020)
    You know what I love as I just said what I have been reading for the last 16 years haha!

    PS Jordan Miller if your reading this thank you for these last 16 years I feel as if we dated I’ve known you so long 😂
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  1. If that amazing coincidence happens (because I don’t pay to meet people) I would ask if she wanted to get ice cream and chat about space. Why you may ask? Because that would be my best party story for life lol While singing man on the moon
  2. I can’t even believe it’s been 10 years!!! I remember having my first bf and rejecting anything gaga just to stan this lol I know super lame but inside out and hiagm mv were what saved my super fandom from the mortals ...
  3. They prob have an agreement to talk about each other in the news to keep names up hahahahaha people believe in everything but the truth
  4. I think just like Britney I have grown OVER this fan base and I am over it. Cancel me threatened? It’s MUSIC not war lmao stop taking the **** so seriously cause at the end of the day behind closed doors you are ALL PAYCHECKS TO THEM
  5. Say what you want about Kanye but he is an artist and artists are not always fully understood because he thinks out loud via his art forms and can be hard to keep control over that process while not being an artist. taylor has most def always pissed him off as she is a puppet in the sense that she enjoys to be whatever is needed of her at the time. Point A: Taylor wanted to be Britney so she created the silent pop star just like Britney during those years B: flips to politics when the world stops caring about rich white girls and who they are dating.... C: gets huge accolades and respect however nothing of her music has ever pushed any boundries or said anything new ... just markets things that amass to audiences whereas Kanye releases things and you go “**** that’s weird but I love it” Taylor Swift is the equivalent to white proveldge in the music industry. Everything hard for her is 10,000x harder for a black artist which PISSES HIM OFF and honestly rightfully so. Best songwriter of my lifetime my ***
  6. Jordan Jordan Jordan....... it’s not about marketing it’s about being cool! lol only true Britney fans know this
  7. And another thing, jog course she sells the **** out of albums she’s made her fan base off of middle America and slowly moved into pop.... she could have gone metal and they still would have followed. Her privilege has given her the ability to write beautiful songs that only appeal to those whose life works out lol.... for the rest of us losers like Britney we give our all and get **** on forever. She can still be the most popular whilst still being the most hated, it’s kinda how the pop machine works dontchya know
  8. CRY ME A RIVER!!!! So terrible that not every citizen of the planet bows and kisses her feet and ***! Like really people love the artist you love and that’s it, who cares about how the “public” see your favourite things, there your favs for a reason. Does anybody else think if we all agreed the world would be a boring place!? Lol
  9. Going to get hated on soooo much however as Much as I love blackout it didn’t leave her room to grow as an artist. Biggest loss was UMBRELLA... PERIOD! britney could have transcended into a different category with that song which she could have continued through the last decade to now. IF this would have happened I honestly believe that most songs given to Selena and Ariana at their height (my everything and revival) would have been given to Britney first ... meaning today would be very different music landscape wise.
  10. Only got views because Katy shading Taylor and Nicki shading Cardi / remy ma
  11. “Gretchen stop trying to make Katy Perry happen, it’s not going to happen!” lol! katy never switched it up and that is why ... the song would have been fine from someone who achieved less as a boost up who song but after her statements of woke pop and following chained to the rhythm there was no chance in hell the song was going anywhere. katy always had a rock edge hindering beneath the surface just like Britney had the *** appeal always hidden beneath at the start... the difference is where Britney transferred into that hidden tone under previous albums Katy did not. missed an opportunity to do something different in my opinion as Gaga was always the most compared to her and Gaga had not been as strong from 2013-2018... 5 whole years Katy coulda taken shine and moved forward. she is a legacy artist now and there’s nothing bad with that she will live an amazing privileged life and we should focus on new talent more
  12. I am currently listening to it in Canada on Apple Music soooo weird not even Marc Anthony or pitbull features listed just Brittany Jean lol? Is she trying to control under the guards like 2006-2007? Is rebellion coming?????? Omg Britney break the ice and come through lol so corny and I love it ... there’s a song called famous under her unreleased tracks on YouTube and I always wondered who else was on that or suppose to be as it’s really good
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