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  1. Thank you so much for all of your questions everyone. I am so sorry I didn't have time to answer them all though... thank you for being kind to me as well. I was definitely afraid to come on here considering all of the negativity that has been thrown my way from Britney fans. As a Creator and Choreographer the work we do for artists is as much ours as it is theirs. To say that we are using them for fame is just untrue. I am proud of all of the work that I did with Britney and it is my right to share it and shout it from the rooftops if I want to. I hope to see you all LIVE on Saturday at 12pm PST when I teach I'm A Slave 4 U from my home! It will be up for 72 hours so don't worry if you can't tune it on time. I'll be sharing more stories and will teach it slowly. What better place to learn than at home where you can make mistakes Get tickets on https://brianfriedman.veeps.com and I will see you there! Also, a portion of ticket sales are going to Unicef USA to support our healthcare workers x Thanks for having me BREATHE HEAVY!
  2. I will be posting it tomorrow The chair was brought in for the promo tour. I was the creative director for the promo tour and the chair was my idea. That took the place of the breakdown choreography for Britney.
  3. Wade Robson called me in to do the Grammys but TJ Espinosa invited me to Britney's hotel to meet her prior to that. After the Grammy's I was dancing on the Oops tour for the opening act LFO. We were all hanging out at a hotel in Orlando and I basically told Britney that I wanted to be one of her tour dancers and when the next leg of tour started she made sure I was hired. After that she is the one who asked me to start choreographing for her and the rest is history.
  4. I am married I'm hoping I can get my husband to learn Slave 4 U this Saturday at my LIVE event!
  5. SO many questions here and I don't have time to answer them all but I will answer a few Stand ins are definitely used on set for many music videos of Britney's caliber. Many times there are multiple camera teams capturing shots on multiple sets etc. Due to this reason, we use stand ins for some shots. It has nothing to do with the ability of the artist. It is simply to be able to capture all of the shots and not go into overtime. As I have said before, Britney is the one to answer questions about her motives, her team etc. Not me. She never spoke to me about the conservatorship. I wasn't bothered by Britney's "I'm a mother now" statement AT ALL. I am only upset that I repeated it. Had I known it would literally turn thousands of fans against me I would have never shared it. That statement was so misconstrued... It was harmless and from the heart. We altered choreography because of how she felt and there was nothing wrong with that. Funniest moment on stage was when her hair pieces would fall out and we would pick them up and sing into them on stage.
  6. I was not involved on the Femme Fatale tour. I only did the promo tour. Not sure who was in charge of teaching my choreography once I wasn't working with Brit anymore but it definitely has changed over time.
  7. So many questions here so I am only gonna answer a few. Fun Opps tour story... we were in Barcelona eating at a restaurant by the sea and after some drinks we all decided too go skinny dipping in the Mediterranean Sea. It was hella cold and probably a terrible idea but it was amazing! My favorite Britney dancers of all time are TJ Espinosa (the OG), Nick Florez, Andre Fuentes, Gabe Paige, Brooke Lipton and Aminah Abdul-Jillil
  8. Brittany Murphy and I were best friends as teenagers. We met at age 14 doing a show called Kids Incorporated and then started our singing group. She was the most incredible human being. The funniest person in the world... her laugh was infectious. It was crazy that she actually bought Britney Spears house. The same house I used to hang out in with Brit I was then with Brittany in. It was very odd. I miss Brittany so much x
  9. I was working with Britney on the Blackout album before stepping away and I absolutely love what I created for Gimme More. That song was an immediate obsession for me when she first played it and I am sad the world couldn't see what we created. I never videoed anything from rehearsals since it was just workshopping movement at that stage.
  10. Unless Brit is answering the question it's all speculation and opinion. One thing I can say loud and clear is that in my 20 years of history with Britney I have never sold out and spoken about her personal life. I have been there through every single thing you can imagine with her but it's not my place to say. We may not be in contact now but we once were close friends and I would never betray a friends trust and talk publicly about their personal life. What I can say is that I treasure all of the versions we see of Britney.
  11. The request from management, Britney and entire team was to GO BIG! The song was super aggressive and rigid and the video treatment was already created. Due to that I went super edgy on the hard hitting moments of the song and created some gestural etherial moments on the more melodic breaks. I loved what I came up with regardless of what fans think. The dancers on the tour still to date say it is the hardest thing they have ever done. Britney was able to change any choreography at any given time during our working history together which she did during HIAM. What we ended up with was choreography that we were both happy with. She was not forced to do choreography that she didn't like contrary to speculation. Yes I would work with Brit again if it was right for both of us. Thank you so much for your kind words xx
  12. Not sure which comeback you're talking about but for me during Femme Fatale era she had some moments that were better in rehearsal for sure. I don't know why that is but I can definitely say that she was much more nervous that I had ever seen in the past. Britney back in the day was fearless but during Femme Fatale she definitely was more hesitant. I don't know what caused it... only she can answer.
  13. Mayte Garcia was most definitely part of the Slave 4 U process which I have said publicly in the past. Wade and I brought Mayte in to work with Britney on making sure that the dancing was authentic. The choreography was created by Wade and I based on authentic moves she taught us.
  14. Our story is long and personal. I stepped away from Britney for a moment during the Blackout era for reasons that her and I only need to know. We reconnected for the Femme Fatale era and due to death threats from fans, constant hate messages and a loss of love for the music industry in general I decided to walk away from the Femme Fatale tour. It was a difficult decision to make but my sanity and happiness were more important. Fans loved to ridicule me for comments I made in an MTV interview and then blame me whenever they didn't like a Britney performance which is ridiculous to me. Luckily Britney and I were able to reconnect on X factor US. Who knows if we will ever work together again. That is up to Brit... we would need to sit down and talk and make sure we're on the same page though.
  15. Great questions! I was called in to dance on the Grammy Awards in 1999 and never left LOL! The next time I danced for her was the Oops tour and then I began choreographing and the rest is history. The changes are generally due to the creative breakdown for each performance, the stage layout or the treatment. We rehearsed for the VMA's and video at the same time so we just picked sections to go into the video. She had ZERO difficulty learning Slave 4 U. One thing that we did as a choreography team was let Britney and each of the dancers shine and make the material their own. They were "artists behind the artist". That is why you see different takes on the choreography. Britney did it was a **** effortlessness while I am over her shoulder hitting hard. It's all about seasoning... we all taste different. there is no right or wrong, only preference. She could pull it off if she wanted to I see her on IG... she's gettin it in with that fitness
  16. The snake was Wade Robson's idea. When we were creating the performance the idea was the bring the jungle inside. All we had to do was convince Britney to hold it which took a lot of work! So glad she did though... history was made!
  17. Obviously this is a question and an answer that I believe everyone knows. Hold it against me was definitely the most difficult. The request was that the choreography be difficult. I had been quoted saying that Britney was killing it in rehearsals which she was. If you've ever done my choreography you know that it is very hard and with so many details and full bodied movements, you have good runs and you have bad runs of the choreography. Britney was killing it at times and other times were a struggle. That doesn't take away from her capabilities as a dancer. She is an incredible dancer as we have all seen that
  18. The free Britney movement is something I am on the sidelines for. I am not in Britney's life right now and haven't been for some time. I can't really comment on what's going on behind closed doors when I don't know the facts. What I can say is that if Britney wants and is ready to take control of her life then I support that fully. I only and have ever only wanted the best for her and for her to be happy.
  19. Every time I worked with Britney was a different experience. They would all have different ratings. Her team was always professional though. I never had any issues with them at all.
  20. Honestly my favorite moments were spent touring. Being young and seeing the world through impressionable eyes was incredible! We were so naive and had so much to learn but being wild and free was totally ok then!
  21. Hello Exhale! This is director, producer, and choreographer Brian Friedman. I choreographed a bunch of iconic routines for Britney (Overprotected, Toxic, Hold It Against Me, Till The World Ends, Slave 4 U). On Thursday, May 14 at 1:30 pm PST I'm going to host an AMA - which stands for ask me anything - here on Exhale. Go ahead and start leaving your questions now and I'll be back to answer them live on Thursday. Also, I'd like to send you a special invite to a livestream class I'm personally hosting this Saturday where I'll be teaching the Slave 4 U choreo. I'd love to have you guys. This choreography has been treasured by many for nearly two decades since Wade Robson and I created it. For the first time ever, I will be stepping into your homes to show you how it’s done! A portion of the proceeds for this event will be donated to Unicef USA to help our healthcare workers who are putting their lives in jeopardy to save the lives of so many. They are truly our superheroes. Get your tickets here! Looking forward to talking with you all. Leave your questions now and I'll be back soon to respond. --------------------------- Update: Brian Friedman's AMA responses below. Click the arrow in the top right corner of the comments below to be taken to Brian's post to see the full reply. Additionally, @bitbitboi put together a transcript which you can read here. @Blaze @Ember @Fire @Flame @Inferno @Phoenix @Solar Flare @Spark @Plus
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