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  1. EXACTLY Britney will ALWAYS BE MY #1 But I Stan others. I know Britney is never going to comeback to us like we want her to. and honestly , I want her to retire after this is all done. She deserves it. She has given the WORLD 20 plus years of her life... it’s time we give her the space/freedom she so desperately wants
  2. No I truly don’t think so. Unless she is free and wants to. if they make her to go out and perform again... it would flop miserably. There is too much damage. No one would support it unless she is free. I think Glory will be Britney’s last album though. She’s had enough - look what the industry got her in. I do hope one day she will tell her story though. Britney and ONLY BRITNEY. Not Jamie, not team con- BRITNEY.
  3. exactly. At this point - I want Britney to retire and enjoy her life. all of this has become to much. her career will never the be the same after this. The only way she would thrive and be successful again is if she got out of this and i just don’t see it happening any time soon. as a fan who grew up with Britney... who watched her on Nick’s All That to her Making The Videos to her ABC specials ... 2 years of fighting for her freedom non stop and getting little results is tiring. Her team is never going to give up... it’s too much money.
  4. THIS if Britney had control of her Instagram... you know she would be going live or posting to her story.
  5. I truly don’t think it’s her. I think it’s her team trying to paint that Britney is crazy. They want her in this conservatorship because she still generates money for them. As a HARDCORE Stan- I’m very worried.
  6. I’m so tired of her wicked team. This is just utterly exhausting. They won’t give up. No matter what- they aren’t going to give up. This battle to Free Britney has become so draining. Britney is surrounded by evil .. evil people .
  7. slave 4 u - Britney gimme more - Britney dirrty - Christina Aguilera
  8. And to continue this Miley Cyrus - Dead Petz. It killed a lot of hype Miley had with Bangerz. I get she was 23 etc and experimenting but honestly everything after that (Younger Now, Plastic Hearts ) flopped. Christina Aguilera - Lotus. The lotus era and album were BAD.
  9. Britney - Britney Jean. I think if there was a wait between Femme Fatale and Glory.. Glory would have done a lot better. I think they should’ve released Work B with a greatest hits or a deluxe Femme Fatale etc. Taylor - evermore. With Folklore still being the main talk of the town... it feels like evermore came and left. I honestly don’t listen to it as much and Taylor should’ve held off on it or released it as a “folklore “ deluxe etc.
  10. Never “ran” into a celebrity but have met Selena Gomez and Jamie Lynn Spears. Selena was an absolute sweetheart and Jamie Lynn was lowkey pissed that I wore Britney shirt to her meet and greet
  11. folklore is one of my favorite albums of all time. To say she doesn’t deserve it... is a huge lie.
  12. WOW THE FAMOS SURPRISE. A true mystery in the history of the Britney stardom. I wonder what it was... probably same 5 second video of Britney speaking lol
  13. It would be a complete disaster...... if she isn’t free and she starts to tour again etc.... her team would for sure forcing her to. I think the idea of Britney “the pop star “ CANT be a reality until Britney “the person” is free.
  14. I think after Prisoner not taking off in the US like they planned ... they were going to pull the era. Angels Like You deserved to be a single tho :( I think she should just release a greatest hits album and take a little break. I think this trend of genre hoping is just going to hurt her in the long run. I love Miley so much and I think Plastic Hearts not taking off like planned probably for sure bummed her out etc
  15. We are never getting new music again unless they keep releasing unreleased stuff? I can see RCA doing a Greatest Hits Volume 2 with Blackout - Glory music. we will get tons of new merch I think from her team to keep the paychecks coming in. expect another edition of fantasy or something?? I could see Urban doing something special thing for her singles ala single collection or whatever. she will still be in the conservatorship but with things being exposed. Her team will do all kind of “special edition “ stuff for the 20 year anniversary of Britney the album. it’s just going to be 2020/2019 all over again
  16. I’m going to go with Glory. there just wasn’t ENOUGH singles.... it really could’ve been a huge era for her if they didn’t do her so dirty.....
  17. I have accepted the fact this would be happening. Britney has given us almost 23 years of hits, memories , and iconic/show stopping moments that will cement her legacy forever. Though I would love a tenth album, it’s time Britney gets to live life on her terms and not others.
  18. Okie I was thinking of adding it but like maybe if she did like a deluxe greatest hits !?
  19. I have been rediscovering Miley’s discography after Plastic Hearts and I forgot about how many hits she actually has! From See You Again to Malibu ... she truly is one of the most underrated artist of our time! So I thought it would be fun to create a greatest hits record!!! here’s my mine!! 1. See You Again 2. 7 Things 3. The Climb 4. Party In The USA 5. When I Look At You 6. Can’t Be Tamed 7. Who Owns My Heart? 8. We Can’t Stop 9. Wrecking Ball 10. Adore You 11. BB Talk (yes I included it because I wanted to include something from each album even Dead Petz LOL) 12. Malibu 13. Mother’s Daughter 14. Midnight Sky 15. Prisoner (with Dua Lipa) alright go! And feel free to name your greatest hits record too!
  20. Soooo at first, I was not sold on the song HOWEVER this weekend I blasted it in my car and it really is a BOP. And the response from the locals has been good! I think rca would be stupid to not send it to radio? Obviously we won’t get a video but I have a good feeling this could be a cute little hit for Britney (even though it feels wrong supporting it during Free Britney but )
  21. 1. folklore- Taylor swift 2. Future Nostalgia- Dua Lipa 3. Plastic Hearts - Miley 4. After Hours - Weekend 5. Rare - Selena Gomez
  22. I’m excited to have a couple days off...
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